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September 29, 2012

Yet more anecdotals.

There is something I want to try to get across to you all…

  • I have travelled the world
  • I have seen and fucked a thousand girls
  • I have heard every single story ever told by a wimminz

If that sounds like a parody of Fritz the Cat you’re showing your age… 

but, the fact is it’s true…. nevertheless, despite all this experience, I still find it not so much hard to accept certain things, but hard to accept the LEVEL at which certain things are prevalent.

Fact is me being an ideal bachelor / marriage material is all grist to the mill in the PoF free cunt game, it’s a card I don’t even have to play, it is obvious that it is on the table.

And yet, and yet instead of any RATIONAL actions where some wimminz will say OK, this guy is one to work at getting and keeping, instead we get the usual “he is so obviously wise to my bullshit, so I’m not even going to make any effort to pretend to be a human being” which quickly evolves into them being obsessed with their own fucking lives and shit.

And frankly being fucking delusional… last night a buddy sent me a pic, 23 year old chick, head and shoulders shot but even from that you could see she was a blimp, and not a pretty blimp, but a duelling banjos blimp….

So I read her fucking profile and she is only interested in men between 20 and 30, and safe sex….  and read further down and there are actually guys who have taken a blowjob or handjob from this freak and verified her as being real…

… and I look at her picture again and think to myself “Bitch, if you weren’t so fucking delusional you’d be flattered when the local junkyard dog offered to hump you.“…

… and this is the thing I see all the time, and I just find it really, really, really difficult to accept the levels of self delusion that the wimminz are working under.

I have, a very few times, met guys who were just as delusional, and when I say that the image that pops into my head were the two fruitcakes in the (original) Mini broke down in the motorway services during the rain… told them to buy some duck oil and spray all the electrics, and block off half the rad with some cardboard to stop the spray getting to the dizzy… or alternatively just use your fucking superpowers and fly the thing there.

I was so rude because when they asked for help it wasn’t as Joe and Fred or whatever the fuck their given names were, but as their made up superhero identities and yes they were still wearing their costumes on the way HOME from the con/fest, and you could see from their eyes and peculiar manner of speaking they were not all there.

Hey, I did enough acid to supply a Dead tour, so I’m no stranger (see top of page) to weirdness, but that kinda weird you were into the trip and oblivious to reality… these fuckers were both actors and stars and directors and audience in their own little reality TV shows.. and it was disturbing weird, not weird weird or wacky weird or funny weird…

But the thing is, these dweebs are the closest I can come to give an example of the sort of and level of delusional stupidity that I see every day from wimminz.

I see wimminz with clearly retarded kids, and I mean medically, not being insulting, but medically / physically / intellectually retarded kids, who sit there and proclaim that “Joey is just like other kids his age” except other kids his age can speak in sentences, don’t wear nappies, and can feed themselves….

I see wimminz with rolls of fat cascading down their torso talking about how this guy and that guy and the other guy (all of whom are well known TV stars and sex symbols) are fine and dandy but they’d better stop x bad habit if they were going to be suitable mates for these fat bitches.

I see wimminz IN THEIR FUCKING FORTIES sitting there all alone with delusional lists of requirements for potential mates, but god help anyone who has even the most minimal requirements of them in return.

I see wimminz who in their day job class gazing at your soon to be ex-wife’s tits as she walks out of the bathroom in the morning as sexual harassment and visual rape, and who then class their own night time activities of threesomes and foursomes and blowing lines of guys as “not sex” because nobody actually shot a load inside her cunt, well at least she don’t remember it as she was too drunk.

I see wimminz CONSTANTLY lying about everything, even trivial shit, not just to other people but to themselves, it’s almost like they should be declared mentally infirm.

skank19854 on PoF “time for me to hit the sack, night babe, speak soon

me “cya
90 minutes later I get a message from PoF from some skank19815 so log in to PoF to read it and see skank19854 on line, 90 minutes after she was going to bed, so time for some fun

me “couldn’t sleep then

skank19854 “oh it’s not me its just my phone keeps me logged in

me “that would be the new iphone5 feature then, that composes these replies while you are asleep

skank19854 “huh?



  1. As long as niggerz are banging all these blimps thus reinforcing their delusions, the wimminz will hold onto them. And deservedly, each other.

    The little troll in me finds this totally hilarious. The real me is just rolling my eyes.
    And that was schizophrenic hour with hans. 😉

    Comment by hans — September 30, 2012 @ 6:56 am

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