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September 22, 2012

Dildos in messages


Today I want to continue the subject of addiction.


I’m sure most of you have some experience of this, something you’ve gone cold turkey on, smoking is a common one.


If you have experience of this, you’ll know exactly what I mean, you suddenly noticing, entirely by accident, the tobacco packet in the bin, that just might contain enough for one smoke, noticing entirely by accident the bit part player in that film smoking, noticing entirely by accident the sound of the zippo as the bit part player lights up, noticing entirely by accident that according to google maps it is 0.2 miles or 4 minutes walk from here to the nearest shop that sells tobacco…..


What I am describing here is the addictive pathways in the brain that crave nicotine taking every possible opportunity to ensure that not only are other addictive pathways and superhighways taken, but that your concious mind is aware of this fact, aware that you are cruising down the Marlboro Interstate, but you have no smokes, and here and here and here you could get some, and it would be so easy, and so satisfying, and anyways it’s not like ONE fucking cigarette, which is going to make you feel so goooood anyway, is gonna do you any harm…. not like you can’t still give up smoking, but maybe why try to do it all at once and fail, maybe better to cut down  and quit slowly, so maybe better to have just one smoke now, just have to swing by the shop, hey whaddaya know, I’m right outside the shop, ok, just one packet…


… and there you go.


It doesn’t matter if we are talking about tobacco or booze or heroin or cunt, it is the addictive process and pathways that are at work and that are of interest to us.


It is the addictive pathways and processes that almost act like independent intelligent agents, so clever and subtle and pervasive are their ways.


Me as a smoker is one thing, me as an ex smoker who hasn’t touched a cigarette for months is another thing, me in the transition stage from being a smoker to being an ex smoker is yet another thing entirely…


You might be able to trust me in either the smoker or non smoker stage to be an independent person capable of rational thought, but in the transition stage? Am I the sort of person you want watching your nuclear reactors or your bread ovens when all I can think about is how far it is to the nearest tobacconist and oh look a no smoking sign that has a picture of a cigarette, a cigarette that sounds nice about now, just the one, so relaxing, so calming so good for me, BOOM… the fucking reactor / bread over / whatever went tits up.


OK, OK, you get the fucking point, AfOR’s been banging on about this shit for three days now, and it still don’t make any sense, you giving up smoking again dude and having a hard time?


Substitute “smoker” with “blue piller” and “ex smoker” with “red piller


Again, the problems for each of these individuals are minimal, the individual with the problems is the one attempting to transition from one state to the other, the one trying to quit the blue pill, cold turkey, AWALT motherfucker, AWALT, and then some mangina or their daughter or current squeeze walks up and NAWALT…. and NAWALT is just that one smoke, because cutting down slowly and eventually quitting is so much easier and nicer and better than cold turkey, even though we all know nobody ever actually quit that way….


NAWALT is the smoker, every time you say or think NAWALT you get that hit of calmness and tranquillity, and while NAWALT / smoking may eventually fuck your life up or end it in FRA / Cancer or whatever, at the individual level, no such thing, there are no consequences, short term or otherwise, for having that one puff….


AWALT is the ex smoker (gotta be an ex smoker, lol, not a smoking virgin) who can actually stand being around smokers, provided they stop trying to offer me fucking smokes and blowing smoke rings at me, provided they stop denying that I told them so when they start dying of cancer / FRA, provided they stop being jealous of me for spending my “tobacco allowance” on rock’n’roll.


It’s the motherfuckers trying to transition…..Addiction


bad enough without all those blue piller smokers saying you won’t enjoy being a non smoker son, and you won’t get to take smoke breaks at work, and you won’t ever see marlboro country, come on down here and spark one up with us, cos NAWALT mofo, NAWALT…


Then after a while you start to notice that the transition phase is itself a third phase between the addictive phase and the denial phase, because the truth is everyone is a potential addict, that’s how it works jack, and then you start to see just how much of vehemently defended free will and individuality really might just as well be addictive phase, because that nearest tobacco store is still only a 4 minute walk from my home….



  1. “every time you say or think NAWALT ”

    At least you are saying and thinking. The real danger is when it goes under your radar; then you don’t even think about it. We have a special mechanism to make that happen, I think.

    Comment by Ted — September 22, 2012 @ 2:31 pm

    • Exactly, that special mechanism to let things fly under the radar is the part of our brain landscape ready for the addiction superhighway to be built.

      Comment by wimminz — September 22, 2012 @ 2:34 pm

  2. I was phrasing this to a friend slightly differently the other day. Using Jewish tradition as my example, before the Feast of Unleavened Bread they would sweep their houses clean, and sweep, and sweep again, making sure they got any leavening agent out (such as yeast) of their houses. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. That is what we have to do with bad paradigms, sweep, check, sweep again. Evaluate and reevaluate every idea that we’ve let take up residence in our world view and hold them up to objective truth and burn out anything that doesn’t measure up.

    Good read.

    Comment by I Art Laughing — September 23, 2012 @ 10:13 am

  3. Comment by podblanc — September 23, 2012 @ 10:58 am

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  5. One of the points I disagree with you is your insistence on AWALT, because NAWALT not only is true, but must be true, if only because of genetic variation.

    There are women with 6 fingers per hand, some have two vaginas, there are hermaphrodites, etc., there must be some such that NAWALT. But these seem to be very rare, and then Team Wimminz tries hard — and usually succeeds — to normalize them.

    So NAWALT. Even if AWALT for practical purposes, as it is pretty sad to find some few NAWALT women and discover that they feel bad about being abnormal and try to become a wimminz and follow AWALT. Anyhow the chances to have a story with one of the very few NAWALT are reduced by their feeling out of kilter.

    BTW by NAWALT I don’t mean saintly angels… Just bad/good mixes but without the usual sociopathic amoral attitude to men.

    Comment by sometimes — September 24, 2012 @ 6:21 pm

    • You can disagree all you like, doesn’t make it so, even if “she” has 3 vaginas and 27 fingers “she” is still a “she” in every court and law in the land and you are still a scum male rapist paedo deadbeat dad… and “she” hasn’t even raised a finger yet or opened her mouth yet…

      AWALT motherfucker, AWALT

      Comment by wimminz — September 24, 2012 @ 6:49 pm

    • All women are like that given the proper circumstances.

      Go marry a woman and refuse to do what she demands. See what happens.

      Comment by Jerefukkinmiah — September 27, 2012 @ 6:44 am

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