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September 19, 2012

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That’s what it says NOW under the article at


They had, as usual, no problem accepting comments for legal reasons until it became apparent that all the comments were totally negative and calling for the psycho skank ho to get three consecutive 21 year sentences…

Is there anyone left who is so fucking stupid they still do not realise that the MSM is anything but a “news” or “reporting” machine, and nothing but a “propaganda” and “brainwashing” machine?

Which brings me to wogs… specifically wogs in Africa.

Now before anyone starts, which they always do, I have not merely been to Africa on a 10 days safari package holiday, I lived there, had a home there, so unless you can lay at least that much on the table, good luck telling me I am wrong, based upon some MSM inspired beliefs about what Africa and the wogs are all about.

The white man basically built Africa, the roads, railways, farms, mines, power stations, you name it, if it was more advanced than mud huts and rough hewn lumber the white man built it.

Then we got all touchy feely and liberal and some white man educated wogs, and a few million other people who have never been to Africa and will never go, but were “educated” by the MSM started getting all liberal and touchy feely, give Africa back to the wogs, so we did, and it has at best stagnated and at worst descended into tribal hell and the total collapse of infrastructure.

See any parallels to giving Africa back to the wogs and giving the western world to the wimminz and niggerz? You should, it is the same shit at work, and the same thing getting sidelined, the white man with his tools in hand.

While we have adverts locally for city bus drivers, saying that with overtime they can earn up to 18k a year, wimminz working on the DV / wimminz refuge industry in this same city are pulling down 37k a year with no overtime… more than fucking double… of yeah and the wimminz in question’s lives are nothing more than tales of skank ho sluts threesome and foursome and moresome-ing it up every weekend.

While the city will without a doubt grind to a halt without bus drivers and refuse collectors and suchlike, while the city council is fat enough to employ one wimminz for the same money as they could hire two working men to do an infrastructure job, you should take ALL their claims about being broke and having to go to Poland to find people willing to drive buses or collect trash with the large dose of shit they deserve.

I’ve been trawling PoF for free skank ho cunt for around three years now, I have read tens of thousands of wimminz profiles, I have not yet seen one with a proper fucking trade, the bitches are all self employed (hairdresser who rents a chair somewhere) or fucking managers in an office or some such shit… the literal handful who claimed a trade such as engineering that I contacted simply because of this to find out what they actually did, were not doing anything even remotely resembling engineering…. assembling fucking wheelchairs from bits imported from China (I shit you not) does not make you an engineer, bitch.

Now, I haven’t been back to Africa for years, but I know people who have, and they have all told me the exact same thing…. the Chinese are there and they are as hard headed and practical as the white man was 100 years ago, and they are fucking transforming everything they touch, except, of course, the wogs and the bleeding heart liberals back home here, who paint the Chinese as filthy yellow slanty eyes exploiters.

Which makes for an interesting conjecture, will they come into the west and do the same thing when we slide further down the shitter.

The thing everyone forgets about the Chinese is they are at heart a practical and ruthless people, no race that has a recipe for everything from dead dog to snake and lizard is soft and fluffy.

We used to be that way here in the west, but somewhere along the line we got fat and lazy and let the wimminz and niggerz take a seat at the table and have a say in shit, and while I am not claiming that feminazism and liberalism are the same thing by any means, they do inhabit the same socio-politico-economic culture, and a fair analogy is to say that they are two (of several) distinct diseases that all produce similar symptoms and ultimately the demise of the host / patient.

Meanwhile in the USA prezident niggerz has signed into law the right for the military to grab an american citizen and incarcerate, interrogate and anything else they like, for as long as they like, with no due process or recourse to law….  not even the sham of justice that is recourse to law when the law is David v Goliath… fuck it, no need to even pretend any more.

Gearing up for war in the middle east and $200 a barrel oil, and when I say “barrel of oil” it is just another way of saying 1,900 kWh, so a big spike in energy costs.

Again, I will draw the analogy that nobody gets, that the various levels of technological society and like the stall speeds of various types of aircraft, so lets take a 747…

A 747 normally cruises at around 550 mph but stall speed is 160 mph, your 3000 mile flight at 575 mph = 5.21 hours, cut back to 400 mph (which may consume considerably more fuel than cruise speed at higher altitude) and that same journey will take 7.5 hours, and cost a lot more in fuel, cut back to stall speed of 160 mph and the same journey will take 18.75 hours, but you’ll never make it in one hop because fuel consumption will be so high, but back to 150 mph and you fall out of the sky and crash and burn and die.

This analogy holds true with a technological society, there are certain stall speeds below which certain things stop becoming merely slower or more inefficient, they just cease to work at all….

So to continue the analogy we have the wimminz and niggerz mandating ever lower flying speeds to make sure the most inefficient and crap airlines can “keep up” and be “equal“, and one day all the jets fall out of the sky, and all that is left is “Air Labia” with the old Dakota that can actually fly at 140 mph (but can’t fly London – LA or LA – Sydney at all) meanwhile the passenger complaints about the atrocities committed by Niggerz Air et al are, like the Daily Fail comments above, simply expunged if at all negative…. for legal reasons y’all understand.

And we are right back to Carl Sagan and a society based upon science and technology (daily kWh per capita to maintain a modern technological society) being run by people who haven’t got a fucking clue about science and technology, and the massed kept sheeple like and fed on pap….

By any standard applied at Nuremberg Tony Blair and Dubya Bush are war criminals who should be rotting in Dachau for the next 40 years, not because the war that was not a war was right or wrong or good or bad or necessary or not, but because it was started without proper legal authority…. “dodgy dossier” indeed.

One of the biggest demonstrations in modern UK history, over a million people turned up in London to protest that the about to be launched war against Iraq was illegal and should not be started…. this is in a country with only 50 million people on the mainland, yet 1 in 50 of all PEOPLE, not just adults or just men or just lefties, but 2% of the entire fucking population got off their asses and travelled to the capital city to protest.

Their “comments” were not accepted for legal reasons, and the war went ahead.

Right there, that should have been all the proof anyone needed that we are not living in anything even remotely approaching a democracy… so stop doffing your cap to the cunts and stop paying them royally to lie to you and fuck you up the ass.

We live in interesting times, to be sure…




  1. Update – the Daily Fail story in question now has the comments back, but after advance moderation…..

    Everyone who hates jews in this line, everyone else on that train….

    Comment by wimminz — September 19, 2012 @ 1:44 pm

  2. Afor, there is a short book online (26 pgs) by an Englishman named Gubb on the rise and fall of civilisations.

    Ever read it? Your thoughts expand on his.

    As for society, if things go on this way, the elite will live in compounds staffed by servants, machinery, and skilled labour with everyone else outside.

    Comment by marlon — September 19, 2012 @ 3:16 pm

    • Know it well…. a clever man….200 year cycles

      Comment by wimminz — September 19, 2012 @ 3:18 pm

  3. starting wars without proper legal authority is part of the rise and fall of civilisation. Leadership gets arrogant and the citizens get stupid. What happens to daily kWh per capita when all of Asia is zipping around in a private automobile?

    Comment by Lex Luthor — September 19, 2012 @ 4:49 pm

    • Heh, exactly. What could possibly go wrong.

      BTW something you also never hear from the eco-wimminz and their niggerz: Oxygen is NOT an endless indestructible resource either.

      For instance just burning the current known oil reserves would slide the global oxygen level down to 0%.
      Peak Oil will be indeed the end of all of us.

      Comment by hans — September 20, 2012 @ 1:16 am

  4. If you have ever traveled extensively, you notice one thing – in areas of the world where you can “live” without civilization or conquering nature, man tends to be lazy, they enjoy being told what to do since they can get their food from a tree without having to worry about freezing to death, or have someone else steal it from you… Of course they want to live better – but they don’t want to work for it… Easier to steal it, if they can….

    Civilization came from Northern Europeans – why? Because if you don’t plan you die… So you plan… But then someone that didn’t plan, can kill you and take your food, so you learn to be smart, cunning, to work hard for what is yours and protect it. You want to see something for your work… So to you, government should protect what is yours from others that are too lazy to work…

    It seems those in warmer areas of the world never had to learn to survive, and didn’t need civilization, so tend to see no reason for government unless it gives them something. So they act to destroy civilization – you see it everywhere where Northern Europeans have given things over the indigenous population, you see everything destroyed…. Because they steal from the producers to give to the leeches…

    Obama is a perfect example – he thinks government is to steal from the producers and give it to the lazy dead-beats… He is the PERFECT poster-child for the leeches…

    The result is inevitable… Of course, at some point things will break down, then the guns will come out and people will start protecting what is theirs, from those that will steal it, whether they say that they have authority to do so or not…

    Comment by Just sayin — September 19, 2012 @ 6:51 pm

    • Try again. South America and the Pacific Islands may be “paradises”, but Africa is 2/3 desert and 1/4 man-eating jungle/treacherous mountain. The few parts of the continent that are amenable to an “easy life” (whether through excess fertility or abundant mineral deposits) account for the bulk of Africa’s war-torn reputation.

      Zimbabwe-excess fertility-war zone/starvation pit as people fight over who gets to grow food
      Congo-diamonds-war zone
      Angola-gold/oil-war zone
      Sudan-oil-genocide by Muslim
      Nigeria-oil-terrorism by Muslim
      Somalia/Ethiopia/Eritrea-drought and famine(desert)
      Chad-drought and famine(desert)
      Namibia-drought and famine+oil

      Bottom line (and im saying this as a black man), Africa is fucked. It’s always been fucked. As long as its more “profitable” for men to mine than hunt-grow their own food, its always going to be fucked. Prior to colonization, families farmed 6 days a week and mined one day a week (in the gold-bearing areas) and became solvent. Now, men mine for peanuts women either grow food (even a strong woman can’t match a weaker man’s strength and stamina) or become prostitutes. Most of the man’s wages are spent on food and medicine (irony writ large, seeing as how a farming/herding man *could* earn more money through that job), the women worry about the pros and the children grow up without guidance (and become soldiers/gang members/prostitutes due to lack of parental guidance.) But Americans can buy wedding bands for less than $200 from Wal-Mart and Europeans can buy uranium for dirt cheap for their power plants. Then those same people complain that groups of uneducated/ineducable Africans show up on their shores with the faint belief that they can get rich “over here” because they think that money grows on trees in white countries. Funnily enough (at least in America) African immigrants and West Indian immigrants (and their children) make up 40% of all university applicants and 50% of all university graduates (even when the students’ parents were nannies and cab drivers.) Win?

      Comment by MaMu1977 — September 20, 2012 @ 9:18 pm

    • The only thing Obama is a perfect example for is an Uncle Tom/House Nigger to the elites.

      AFAIK he hasn´t rolled back even one of (the)Bushes insane policies ( http://i.imgur.com/olQxJ.jpg ), is nicely paralyzing any dissent on the left while simultaneously making the right whine like babies.
      For your own good, don´t buy into this Donkey/Elephant WWF Fight. Especially during this ridiculous marathon realityshow that everybody stupidly calls “The Election”.

      I´ll reserve my smartypants westerner judgment on Africa, but even to me it´s obvious that the whole continent is a major global hotspot for theft of raw resources.
      Either through odd Wars that constantly crop up or even more suspicious “development help” from the major western/eastern world powers.

      Comment by hans — September 21, 2012 @ 2:32 am

  5. It’s the proverbial mental pussies who can’t handle the truth or at least a different opinion even if it is a lie. So what do they do. They shut down the arguement when they are losing a fight they quite often but not always started. they also attack those who disagree with them or “insulted” them with much more vigor up to and including using violence.

    Comment by doclove — September 20, 2012 @ 5:16 am

  6. It’s true,ball busting is a good paying job,and the wiminz love it so much due to penis envy.
    The coppers love the false DV issue because it gives them unlimited power to enter homes unlawfully.
    This will not end well.

    Comment by English — September 21, 2012 @ 12:11 pm

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