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September 16, 2012

That dog won’t hunt.


There are lots of words for the same thing, feminism, equality, affirmative action, as usual with words that are actually written in lowercase but uttered in uppercase, their true meaning and intent is usually the direct opposite of their written intent and meaning.

Operation Iraqi Freedom” to give just one example…

So, let us look at the picture here on the right…

One of these is a retriever, one is a hunter turned gamekeeper.

One is trained to be a guide dog for the blind, one is trained to be a police / military attack dog.

They are not the same, they are not equal, they are not fungible, and speaking as someone who has always owned Alsatians, THEY know this, you only have to watch an Alsatian swagger through a crowd of other dogs of other breeds, to see this fact.

The ONLY times I have ever seen anything other than swagger from an Alsatian around other dogs is when they meet Doberman, then they both swagger, in an entirely different way, and then you see some real “equal but different“… “uh huh, you think you can run and hunt motherfucker, you’re “it”….” zoooom…

Of course when I am speaking of the nature of Alsatians I speak of their true nature, when they live with a minimum of two others of their kind, the mini pack, not the solitary hound at home.

A friend of mine used to keep a dozen of them, go out in the field / long grass / woods and see the two frolicking in front of you and wagging their tails at you, then, if you were smart, notice the other ten at all points of the compass around you, either stalking you or guarding your perimeter, depending on how they saw you….

Feminazi society will and does mandate, and enforce by law, not just Labrador as police dogs and Alsatians as guide dogs for the blind, at a push you could sorta squint and get away with that one, but terriers as guide dogs, sausage dogs as sheep herders, chihuahuas as police attack dogs, danes as varmint / rabbit hounds, pugs as trackers…

Not only this, but it is off to the vets for anyone who dare criticise this.

Comment that the pug makes a better police attack dog than the chihuahua, and off to the vets with the pug, to remove whatever “unfair” advantage it may be “enjoying“.

Wimminz are the soft and fluffy nurturing ones, while the evil men are all nasty and creepy and evil and must be kept awy from kids….

Just sayin’……




  1. Pathetic indeed.
    It gets downright life threatening though when these bitches get admitted as firefighters or cops.
    For now they´re having a hard time fucking up the firefighters (at least over here) as the fitness standards aren´t lowered just because you´re a cunt.
    But damn, almost every cop car has a bitch sitting in it.

    And guess what a wimminz does when a stupidly drunk guy starts loud-mouthing, yeah go for the fucking gun.
    And guess what the male cop constantly does when facing a dicey situation, worry about the female like our damn genes have programmed us to.
    Ergo, another gun comes out.

    I´m not drinking much in Germany.

    Comment by hans — September 16, 2012 @ 2:32 pm

    • In the past, I’ve had my brushes with bitches with guns (at least, some of them claimed they had guns). Such bitches are delusional.

      When I was in college, I was returning to my dorm late one night (no, I had not been partying my brains out, I was in the lab). It was around 3am. As I was walking on a pedestrian path, a university police woman turned ahead of me from an intersecting path. I saw she had a .38 special holstered on her right side. She clearly was tense with me about 15ft behind her and made gestures as if she was reaching for her gun. I had not planned it, but there was I at 3am with an armed bitch walking ahead of me with nobody else around. I decided that just as the bitches in that university (just about any university in the US, really) screamed about “taking back the night,” I had not done and was not planning doing anything wrong, so it was MY freaking right to be were I was, walking to my dorm. (Not to mention that I was paying full out-of-state tuition to that fucking university, only to see the orientals getting a free ride. One of the professors in the physics dept. EXCLUSIVELY did NOT work with American students. I guess I was getting a taste, albeit not from the books, for what was coming in the real world.) So, I decided to stand my ground. I did not change my speed nor my intended course, but at the same time I kept a watchful eye on the armed bitch ahead of me. I had made the decision to jump on her if she even touched her gun. The bitch must have sensed that I was standing my ground because she adjusted (increased) HER speed as she was a lot shorter than I was and her pace a lot slower than mine. You never know, though, because such bitches are usually delusional. She finally veered off onto another path.

      A few years after I had graduated from college, I was at a party. There was that bitch who was obnoxious and thought she was somebody because she allegedly was working as a security guard, which allowed her access to a firearm. There were several mangina niggerz around her who were silent. Finally, I decided that I had enough shit from the bitch, so I asked her, “Have you ever been shot?” She was taken aback and her jaw litterally dropped. After that, the bitch behaved.

      Last year, I ran into that skank ho online on one of those meatmarket sites. She told me she was in her fifties and a cougar looking for young(er) cats. She came across downright threatening, or at least, that was my impression. She told me she had a government position, which provided her with a 9mm. I told her that I had guns that would put her 9mm to shame and took no shit or threats, covert or overt, from anybody, much less so from bitches in government positions. She immediately changed her attitude.

      What I am trying to point out with these examples is that armed bitches who work for the state are delusional and downright DANGEROUS, and think that power and authority are to be abused, much more so than men in similar positions (not that the latter should be ignored).

      In 1992, after the Tailhook “scandal” broke out, the US Navy lost hundreds of experienced aviators by purges, witchhunts, and aviators deciding they had enough and “voting with their feet.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tailhook_scandal Note, however, that the wikipedia article does not explicitly state that Paula Coughlin, the bitch who started all that, was later PROVEN NOT to be have been where she had claimed she had been assaulted and that many women participated in behavior with sexual overtones and LOVED it.)

      Comment by Tim — September 16, 2012 @ 11:39 pm

  2. I know there’s a stifling cascade effect,but damn,man,don’t let them take your beer away.
    I’ve developed a method where I take the beer into the woods on a long walk,and inevitably run out of beer at the greatest distance from home or transpo,works well for being sober at the possible human conflict points.

    Comment by captainmorgan — September 16, 2012 @ 4:12 pm

  3. Apropos of nothing, after yet another round of $100 bills being donated, I see The Dickhead is down again….

    Comment by wimminz — September 17, 2012 @ 12:09 am

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