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September 13, 2012

A lucky bastard, how to be one…

One of your aims in life should be to create situations where the wimminz expose their own inability to tell the truth, while simultaneously creating a situation where the wimminz realise you are not for them.Lose weight FAST with Dr Mengele's slimming pills

When I say “realise you are not for them” I mean that in EXACTLY the same fucking was as walking down a city street late and night and seeing and making eye contact with the potential mugger BEFORE they see you, so the mugger decides you aren’t easy meat just waiting to be separated from your wallet.

If you think the wimminz you encounter have any more altruistic and pure motives than the mugger down the dark city street at 3 am, then you just need to travel some more…..

I have found that the following four simple personal attributes, when laid out in front of a wimminz, have the same effect as holy water on a vampire, so if you are just out for a fuck, don’t deploy them BEFORE you get your dick wet;

  1. Have a clean and ordered kitchen and be able to demonstrate an ability to do laundry and keep things clean, a pile of clean fluffy towels could after all have come from the laundromat / linen service.
  2. Demonstrate an equal affinity for the expensive things (giant TV if a viewable thing, horsehair mattress if not a viewable thing) you purchased for cash, simply because they are self evidently pure quality (not crapple products here, I mean genuine quality) and you wanted them so you bought them for cash, and the second hand and cheap but serviceable things in your home, such as the perfectly comfy sofa and perfectly serviceable dining / kitchen table.
  3. State that you have no credit of any kind whatsoever, you have a credit card that you use for some purchases for the additional security, but you clear the balance immediately, no car finance, no mortgage, no bank loan, no overdraft, no store credit cards.
  4. State that you work only as many hours as you have to to maintain all of the above, by choice, and that you refuse to work any harder, by choice….

These simple 4 steps, and like the potential city mugger, the wimminz in question will walk out of your life, never to return, never to call you again, never to text you again, and never to contact you again (or respond to your attempts to contact her, were you so stupid as to try)

Again, the reasons are FUCKING IDENTICAL to the city mugger, you are clearly anything but easy prey, fuck it, another loser will be along in a minute.

There are no wimminz who are immune to this.

Now, while you could use this shit as part of your getting free cunt game plan, in fact you SHOULD use it as part of any plan you have that involves fucking, that isn’t the real point for mentioning it.

The real point is the wider picture.

To any man, the 4 steps above make a good start for the ideal partner, to every wimminz out there, they forever cross you off the list, so far off the list you literally drop off their radar and become invisible…. why?

Well, what are the chances of convincing a man like me that we really need the 4 piece black leather sofa on £0 down, 0% finance and just 60 low low easy monthly payments?

Or the new dining table and 6 chairs, the new wallpaper and sconce lamps, the new shag pile carpets, the new rustic oak kitchen, the 2013 model convertible.

It doesn’t matter to these bitches that everything I have from car on up is ALREADY better than what they have now, so would be a trade UP…  this is where the mantra about wimminz being “hypergamous” falls flat on its face.

All that matters to these bitches is that they know they are 100% unable to hitch me to a live now pay later (and she gets to choose what “we” buy), wagon.




That is not, by any definition of the term, hypergamy, this is the predatory mugger preying on the weak, stupid and docile, maximum compensation for minimum effort and risk, bottom feeding.

Turn up at a wimminz house to fuck her, note the broken car, and say “I could fix that” and you are fucking history….. so you better already have had your cock sucked dry

Turn up at a wimminz house to fuck her, note the broken car, and say “You know you’d look good in a Audi A5 convertible, what’s your favourite colour?” and when she objects about the price say “Baby, they are only £500 down, and 0% finance, I could get one this afternoon!” and she will be chomping on your cock before you can finish speaking…

This is NOT hypergamy, it doesn’t exist.

This is making your own luck by avoiding courses of action that may make you look like easy prey that will co-operate with the mugger’s demands and won’t fight back.


  1. this is where the mantra about wimminz being “hypergamous” falls flat on its face.

    That is not, by any definition of the term, hypergamy, this is the predatory mugger preying on the weak, stupid and docile, maximum compensation for minimum effort and risk, bottom feeding.

    Ohi AfOR, I can follow most of your stories, but here I think you misunderstand the “hypergamy” story.

    Wimminz have /two/ different attitudes to men:

    * They fancy him rotten because he is a real bad boy (sociopath/psychopath): hypergamy kicks in and they will “lend” him money, they will buy him stuff, they will go into debt for him, they will turn tricks for him, they will hook him up with their sister, … all to make him come back and make them drip and fuck them for his pleasure alone.

    * When they instead feel that he is a sweet piece of romantic loser: they will do exactly the opposite and milk him for all that he can borrow and then some, and make impossible demands of him, and treat him like shit for never measuring up, and sometimes with annoyance give him a hand job and if he is lucky and the wimminz has nothing better around, let him lick them.

    Wimminz prey on the “weak, stupid and docile” which they identify with the suckers who “love” them, who need her more than she needs him, but are very very eager to to be preyed upon by the bastard bad boys, it gives them a dripping thrill.

    The wimminz who do the vanish act do so because they had you down as a sucker, and once they see that you have character and independence, they realize they can’t play you; but they don’t buy you a new car, or come over to do your laundry, or hook you up with their sister, etc.because don’t have you down as a bad boy.

    This will disappoint you perhaps 🙂 but to wimminz a bad boy makes them drip is someone more of a sociopath than they are, and some wimminz are themselves so sociopathic that they would drip only for Tamurlane or Manson, and you don’t make the cut. Sorry about that.

    So they go away, because you fall into a crack in their attitudes: a) you obviously have got your stuff together and they can’t easily play *you*, b) you are not sociopathic enough for them to be thrilled by being played *by you*.

    Hypergamy nearly always works, but for some women hypergamy is triggered only by mass murderers or at least someone who has dealt in blood and misery, and they regard more sensitive and sentimental men like you 🙂 as tools.

    Comment by WhatsNew — September 13, 2012 @ 7:10 pm

    • To summarize, alpha fucks and beta bucks don’t have to be mutually exclusive and usually aren’t.

      Comment by Tim — September 14, 2012 @ 6:12 am

      • Saying [don’t have to be mutually exclusive] is imprecise because for a given wimminz they are mutually exclusive: either you are more of a sociopath than she is, and that triggers her hypergamyous attraction, or you are less sociopathic than she is, and then you are prey.

        It is rather that the same person that can be hypergamously attractive to some women who are less sociopathic than he is, while being considered a soft wuss by other wimminz who are more sociopathic than he is.

        In other words I think that wimminz are not attracted necessarily to all bad boys, but only to those badder than they are. Which explains why only a small minority of men make wimminz wet: most wimminz seem to me more sociopathic than most men (a point that AfOR often illustrates).

        My point here is that hypergamy is thus relative (to a particular wimminz’s own level of badness), not absolute.

        I also think that there is an upper limit to hypergamy: that while a wimminz will drip for a man who is somewhat more (in a fairly wide band) of a sociopath than she is, she will not drip for a man who is way way more of a sociopath than she is, because that makes her scared.

        Thus the eternal quest by wimminz to find The One: the man who is more of an uncaring jerk than she is, but not much more so, at least to her, but just at the right level. It is the quest for fried ice that is so well illustrated in the vast number of “romance” novels.

        Comment by WhatsNew — September 14, 2012 @ 12:48 pm

        • Very good points here (and below). But why can’t a particular wimminz have her beta niggerz providing for her AND the alpha bad boy satisfying her twisted sociopathic desires, BOTH AT THE SAME TIME?

          Comment by Tim — September 14, 2012 @ 8:16 pm

          • Because of the Disney Monogamy fantasy in their heads…and people would call them sluts.

            Comment by JustSomePerson — October 7, 2012 @ 11:35 pm

  2. BTW the distinction between the two women attitudes plus hypergamy and bad boys etc. is amply and crystal-clear described in a classic “humour” novel pair, “Gentlemen prefer blondes” “But gentlemen marry brunettes” by Anita Loos. The “blonde” represents the predatory attitude towards the less sociopathic men, the men who need her more than she needs them, the “brunette” represents the will-do-anything one towards the more sociopathic men, those who need her less than she needs them.

    It is not really “humour”, it is a fiction documentary.

    Please please read *both* if you haven’t already, the wimminz story is almost all there. I read both as a teenager, and my life was changed… Well before PUAs or Heartiste.

    Comment by WhatsNew — September 13, 2012 @ 7:19 pm

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