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September 11, 2012

Panhandling motherfuckers

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It appears that Bill has the fucking begging bowl out again, less than 24 hours after the site crashed for 18 hours, and this is the niggerz who talks about the manosphere “growing up”… my hairy ass.

Contrast Bill with Plenty of Fish, also as it happens a website with one employee and owner.

But PoF gets >30 million hits PER DAY, 500,000 registered users logging in PER DAY, and it achieves this with just TWO web servers, THREE database servers, and the usual CD/akamai back-end for images etc.

It’s also free, like the spearhead.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have been on the internet since long before there was a fucking internet, it was BBS‘s and fucking Fidonet, and amongst things back in the day I was a host, back when any individual could be, before it got corporate and crap and a race to the bottom offering unlimited everything for 2.99 a month.

I used to cater to all the special interest groups, initially at least, the warez groups, the hacking groups, the anti-spammer groups, you fucking name it, and I very soon learned my lesson.

For every believer who walked the walk and talked the talk in each group, there were a thousand wannabe mother-fuckers who just wanted to monetise and exploit it.

And so I drifted into web hosting when the WWW came of age, a very small pile of Cobalt RAQ2‘s that cost an appreciable portion of the value of the house they sat in, and a 2 mbit leased line that cost more than the fucking mortgage payments, and a UPS that weighed as much as a forklift that produced a staggering kilowatt (enough for all the raqs and my PC / laptop but not the big sony monitor) and ran off surplus deep cycle traction cells, and which cost as much as a small car.

And guess what, same old shit, a handful of believers who walked the walk, and for every one of them a thousand motherfuckers who just wanted to monetise everything some how, so they didn’t have to work for a fucking living.

Websites either sold something, goods or services, that paid for their upkeep, or they were “hobby” sites that were simply paid for by the owners, in the way that people pay for a monthly club membership.

The RAQ2 would in theory handle 200 domains/websites per box, all on 32 meg of EDO RAM and a 64 bit MIPS CPU with no heatsink, and a single soggy EIDE HD, this was JUST http calling static htm/html files, with the odd bit of cgi if you were leet… php/mysql didn’t exist.

In reality much past 100 domains/websites per box and things started to slow down.

And so it was, that one day I found that I had migrated all the wannabe panhandling motherfuckers to boxes #2, #3, #4 and #5, and all the “genuine” customers were on box#1

I talked later that day (no names and no pack drill, but if you were around back then you ABSOLUTELY knew this guy) to a guy who had been where I was with the BBS’s, and he said yeah, been there, done that, same shit, one hard core of real people, the rest a bunch of panhandling motherfuckers.

Box#1 had websites entirely coded in notepad, or later in Netscape/mosaic editor, and what they all had in common was while those domains might have http hyperlinks out;

  1. NONE of them contained, called or embedded anything not stored locally within that domain on the box
  2. NONE of them used frames
  3. NONE of them had any kind of advertising whatsoever, for anything not intrinsic to the domain itself.

By contrast, everything on the other 4 boxes started calling banner ads, animated gifs, external links, embedding external content, bloated http code, bloated images, then frames, interstitials, you name it, all of which didn’t just hit the boxes hard, it hit the router and backbone connection hard too… all panhandling motherfuckers trying to make money by nickel and diming world & dog & me.

Literally within a week I shut down 4 boxes, there wasn’t an ebay so I ended up keeping them, and selling them on privately to new ISPs etc, and returned to 1 box of genuine users.

Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth, but my workload went from 18 hours a day to an hour or less a day, and bandwidth went from saturating the 2mbit line to fitting within 128k, and nothing of value was lost to the internet.

You wanna run a website, shut the fuck up and open your wallet, or sell some product or service on the website and shut the fuck up and open your wallet.

Do ANYTHING else, and I will suspect you of being a panhandling motherfucker, and chances are I am right, and for all his talk about the manosphere growing up and men’s this and men’s that, I gotta tell ya;

  1. a MAN can’t be a panhandling motherfucker
  2. a MAN doesn’t put the begging bowl out
  3. a MAN doesn’t act like a whiny little bitch and plead poverty
  4. a MAN doesn’t expect to be paid to do something he wanted to do

Asking for money to run a poxy website (eg server / hosting / domain package) that you REPEATEDLY prove you can’t keep up…. BOGUS motherfucker, totally bogus.

Tank of motherfucking gas a year.

Asking for money so you can sit on your ass and fucking WRITE, nothing less fucking manly on the planet… if it’s in you, write to get it out, if you the one in a billion that is the next Plato you’ll get some respect in the afterlife, but you still need a fucking day job.

Telling it like it is with injustices is something a man does, always at a personal cost, it ain’t a fucking JOB or source of revenue.



  1. Wimminz vs Spearhead. Buy your tickets now !

    POF is run by one guy? Does that mean if something happens to POF then Wimminz is out of business? I am still waiting for the economy to roll over so more wimminz drift from marriage / long term to intimate encounter.

    Comment by Lex Luthor — September 11, 2012 @ 12:40 pm

    • Nope, not a pissing contest with the spearhead

      Has to be said, PoF is a valuable free and endless supply of cunt, can’t see something happening to it.

      But yes, owned and operated by one guy who is also the sole employee, and he earns 10 million a year from google adwords alone, doing 3 hours work a day at it.

      the economy is rolling over, for the first time EVER I saw an advert in the employment offered section of the local rag for escorts… >;*)

      Comment by wimminz — September 11, 2012 @ 12:44 pm

  2. Speaking of panhandling motherfuckers.

    Comment by Digger Nick — September 12, 2012 @ 1:12 pm

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