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September 7, 2012

I’ve only slept with 4 guys (but I’ve blown around 60)


And other fucking lies and hamster wheel rationalisations.

You know the old saying about the ideal age for a wife being half your age plus seven years, well I have another one.

For older wimminz the number of cocks they have ridden = their age in years, for younger wimminz the number of cocks they have ridden – their age in months – 150.

So, for a 45 year old wimminz assume 45 cocks, for a 25 year old wimminz assume 225.

A bit like the slut (skank A) above, 29 years old and initially claimed only 4 guys, then the 60 guys who got blowjobs comes out, then I meet her skank ho slut friend (skank B) who regularly has foursomes and threesomes and fucks anything that moves, who lets it slip that at least one threesome and one foursome that skank B had was with skank A… so the numbers go up from 64 to around 84
84, 84, do I hear any raise on 84, going once, going twice…..

But it does rather focus the spotlight on the subject and wimminz and their fucking lies, it isn’t a case of the bitches lying now and again, or quite a lot, it is however a case of pretty much everything they fucking say being a lie, with the odd exceptions of the unguarded comment.

The secret with the unguarded comment is they usually come out in a sentence, and it goes like this, “comment about this, comment about that, unguarded comment, comment about the other

Quite often, in hindsight, if you have a good memory and actually give a shit enough to remember, it is that unguarded comment that rings the bell, yeah, that is the one that fit in with the skank’s subsequent actions, or subsequent disclosures about her previous actions.

Thing is, wimminz aren’t even aware they are uttering the unguarded comment, and if you repeat it to them, they go into denial and hit the turbo boost button on the hamster wheel.

So how big a thing is this?

If we take the last 50 wimminz that I have fucked, and the last 500 that I have talked to, from PoF, pick the one who lied the absolute LEAST, she told me more lies that I told all 550 wimminz PUT TOGETHER.

What I am getting at here is another facet of the AWALT object, and it is the one skimmed over the most, the sheer extent of wimminz lies just doesn’t cover it, the total paucity of wimminz honesty is much, much, much, closer to the mark.

I would rather face the challenge of finding a water hole in the Gobi desert, than the challenge of finding a woman whose utterances were ONLY 95% bullshit and lies.

I have LITERALLY seen wimminz who have had skank ho friends confess to deliberately and with extreme malice aforethought fucking up her relationships by fucking the first wimminz boyfriends, then listen to the very next thing the psycho skank ho “friend” says, which I know for a fact is a total and absolute fucking lie, because it concerns me, and believe the psycho skank ho “friend”.

In short, wimminz lie so habitually, so regularly, so fucking profoundly, that not only do they not know the fucking truth when they hear it, but the truth is such a rare thing that they find it scary and frightening and repulsive.

Wimminz “I may be 45 but I feel 21! Why can’t I get a man?

AfOR “Yeah, but you LOOK 60, bitch. That’s why you can’t get a man.

Wimminz “Fuck off you nasty homo bastard, I bet you have a small penis and live with your parents, you are a nasty angry man who obviously hates wimminz!





  1. 37 dicks! In a row?

    Comment by JFP — September 7, 2012 @ 10:49 pm

  2. I was laying in bed recovering from one of several sessions with a sweet young thing and she comes up with, “Well, you know that I am still technically a virgin?”. Now I’ve had her six ways to Sunday, bareback, anal, oral, you name it and we’ve done it over the last few weeks, so I just responded with, “Oh?” So she says, “Well, I’m Catholic, and the Catholic church defines sex as only intercourse in the Missionary position, and I’ve never done it in the Missionary position. So, sure, I’ve sinned but that can be forgiven and doesn’t count. So technically, I’m still a virgin.”

    And I had to admit, every time I’ve had her it’s been legs over the shoulder, standing, cow-girl, reverse-cowgirl, doggy, you name it but Missionary doesn’t let me get as deep as I like when I have a bed. Now over the years I’ve had sex with some women the night before their wedding – that’s the real reason the groom can’t see the bride the night before the wedding, she’s pulling a train. Maybe that is how they justify it to themselves. But that one was new to me. I’ll have to remember it that next time I’m with a reluctant Catholic girl… “It won’t count as sex, so you’ll still be a virgin.” Hehehehe….

    Comment by Doc — September 8, 2012 @ 11:46 pm

  3. “My kids mean everything to me”… uh-huh, but she still kisses the kiddies with that busy skank-ho oral depravity cavity, LOL!

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — September 10, 2012 @ 5:10 pm

  4. Sad as it is to say, I’ve actually met women who only count the guys who have slept beside them in a bed. Sure, they’d averaged about 100 dicks each, but their number of boyfriends is <10 so they're practically virgins!

    Comment by MaMu1977 — September 12, 2012 @ 4:33 am

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    • Not always, I can introduce you to one chick, 21 years old, so 21 x 12 = 252, 252 – 150 = 102 cocks

      She’d get through that in 4 low rent porn shoots, so one month…. four friday nights…. her actual number was somewhere unknown but well north of 5/600, so it would be a serious mistake to state “PROBABLY” an over-estimate (102)…

      POSSIBLY maybe, but even then I wouldn’t bet much on it.

      Comment by wimminz — September 24, 2012 @ 1:10 pm

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