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August 31, 2012

Ship of fools

Apart from being a rather good Robert Plant song, as well as an increasingly relevant and poignant sixties film, originally it was a 15th century oil painting by Bosch.

Thing is, the great thing about classics and art is that the more you absorb, the more you realise that nothing, not the microchip, modern warfare, screw thread, plastics, nano-materials, agriculture, transport, space flight, NOTHING changes basic human nature.

You could invent a time machine, pluck Machiavelli from the past and air drop him into modern western politics and a week later he would be calling the fucking shots and defining the spin / propaganda of today… same goes for all the sycophants and hangers on.

The jaded and weak will look at all this, shake their heads, and mourn that there is no hope for humanity, and maybe we need another dinosaur killer impact.

I disagree, I see this and see instead a dynamic system, a natural system, that is evolved not only to ensure that all possible avenues are always explored and niches populated, but also a system that is by design inherently unstable and therefore subject to regular radical change, and therefore stimulus.

Of course, this is the macro view from 1,000 miles up, with a time frame where years = seconds, and in the micro view it sucks donkey balls if you are one of the individuals that gets to take it up the ass, so that some other individual has someone who they can fuck up the ass.

Given that what is good for the whole on the macro scale is of necessity bad for certain individuals within that whole on the micro / individual scale, it follows that the programming and design of each individual that makes up the whole is going to be compliant with the process.

This means that while there may be individual exceptions (which again serve the purposes of the macro) such as Michaelangelo and Tesla, on the whole the sheeple should be, well, sheeple, not cursed with the ability or disposition to think things through too much.

You see, too many individual and informed and thinking players will screw the game up as a whole, and we see this in every single area of human endeavour, artificial man made rules are put in place to ensure that the game as a whole does not suffer.

It can be a sports team, or a company making widgets, or an army, or a socio-econo-political system, always, without exception, all the individuals are penalised by rules for limiting the scope of individual informed thinking and choice.

For every Ghostrider who can actually ride like a motherfucker, there are a million like me, who are merely adequate in our ability to control our vehicles…

Just 50 Ghostriders a day using the 118 mile stretch of the M4 motorway to commute between Bristol and London would leave it looking like fucking Beirut in the 80’s, THEY would be fine and get to their destinations every day on schedule, doing the trip in 45 minutes, everyone else would be either in a pile up, or negotiating one, and the two hour nominal journey would take four or five hours, assuming you actually made it in one piece.

So we put in place rules, rules which don’t really affect the sheeple that much, maybe we are limited to 70 when our actual driving ability would top out at 90, and we simply don’t have the balls or skill to do any of the other stunts involved in sustained high speed riding, but these rules totally cripple the informed and thinking and truly able players from using their abilities.

Sometimes, when the shit hits the fan and the wheels fall off the wagon and the rules and structures disappear without a trace, sometimes, along comes someone with that exceptional ability, and suddenly you have an Audie Murphy.

Pick HIM up from the past and drop him into the 2012 US Army in afdiggastan and it is only a question of time before he gets shitcanned straight out of the stockade.

There is no room for a Wozniac or Gates in today’s IBM, any more than there was 30 years ago.

By now, my regular readers, who will know how I think, will be if not one step ahead of me but at least prepared for me to draw parallels between those who mourn the state of humanity today and consider a dino killer to be no great loss to the planet, and those who morn the state of the beta provider male and consider a total societal reset to be no great loss to the planet.

They both miss the point.

The point is that if you are an individual with the ability to inform themselves and have independent thought and reason to guide your actions, you have one of three choices;

  1. Stick your head above the parapet and get it shot off.
  2. Keep your head below the parapet and wait in hope for a SHTF moment when control ends so you can shine.
  3. Devise your own third path.

As we can see from the above observations about the Ghostrider et al, taking the third way entails the following restrictions…

  1. It is NOT an answer for the sheeple majority, it can only ever be an answer for the minority.
  2. It is only good if you studiously avoid BOTH scenarios #1 and #2 above, in EVERY aspect of your life.
  3. It is only good if you do not pine for the camaraderie of #1 above, or the glory of #2 above.

It’s a bit like the pic on the right… (from a pay per porn site teaser)

Yes, Mr Black Stud has a monster cock that is 11″ long…

Well, provided you stick the end of the tape in his asshole, if you notice that the root of the TOP of his cock is at the 4″ mark on the tape, then 11 – 4 = 7″, which ain’t bad, but it certainly ain’t huge or worthy of note.

The first way is be one of the sheeple who pays for that site, despite the fact that the promo pic is a lie, so everything else inside is gonna be a lie too.

The second way is to try to be the guy in the pic, the porn star.

The third way is to neither patronise the site with your money, nor the porn sluts with your cock, but to sign up to PoF and fuck up the ass the wives of all the guys who are taking the first way while dreaming of being the second.

While ensuring that at no point do you either find yourself sharing a parapet with types #1 and #2


  1. This is excellent advice. There will be at minimum a societal reset, and it won’t be pretty in the begining as there will be much wailing and grinding of teeth. The system as it is now can not continue indefinitely as there is too much wrong with it. I don’t have all the right, correct and good answers, but I know I have more of them than most other people. So does the owner of this blog, the writer of this article and most of the comentators here up to this point in time. The only question is when will the reset happen? The answer is who knows. It’s best to go the 3rd option then which is make your own way. Remember that most of the time most people are sheeple which is how they were in the past, how they are now and how they will be in the forseeable future. Once a large enough minority of people are no longer sheeple and this minority is riled up enough, the system will be reset but we don’t know if that will be for better or worse or something different which is neither better nor worse. I hope it resets for the better and will do what little I can to make this happen. I hope the Ragnorak, Apocalypse or the End of Days as we know it doesn’t happen as I’d rather have peaceful reform than violent revolution, but every day violent revolution or at least a violent revolt mercilessly put down looks more likely though I pray and try to avoid that. We may also have the growing tyrrany with a whimper from the sheeple as their lives grow worse and less free too. Remember, all things in this world sooner or later pass no matter what we do. Therefore, I advise you to live your life for you and noone else especially not the community at large although there may be some rare exceptions to this advice.

    Comment by doclove — August 31, 2012 @ 5:55 pm

  2. Was talking to a woman who made the comment that she hated this society and couldn’t wait for the collapse. I thought to myself, what an idiot, she isn’t smart enough to realize that she is going to be wasted. Instead she thinks somehow a paradise is going to magically appear. Women really are that stupid.

    Comment by Pete — August 31, 2012 @ 10:43 pm

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