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August 26, 2012

Jurassic Instinct


Fact is, you CAN tell, but like the assholes in a horror film, you just ignore that instinctive feeling most of the time.

When you get to be a jaded pump and dump asshole like me, you don’t ignore that feeling so much as not give a shit one way or another.

That feeling being “she ain’t gonna call / don’t want to fuck me no more

It’s not rejection, it’s progress, and the secret is to make getting in the club so personally effortless that when management ask you to leave you could not care less.

Let’s face it, when you go from initial message on PoF to fucking the slut to leaving in 12 hours you haven’t lost anything of value.

So there I am, for whatever reason, watching Jurassic Park 1 last night, the power is cut, T Rex breaks through the fence, the girl turns on the torch, attracts barney the dino dildo’s  attention and starts screaming, it cuts back to the two guys in the other vehicle and I am all MSTK on that shit

Fuck em, we sit here nice and quiet while barney munches on spoilt brat

But oh no, mangina men must wescue pwincess, and of course she starts screaming again, I mean, she isn’t even old enough to fuck, just throw the bitch to the wolves and GTFO.

I dunno, take away mangina white knightism and you don’t have a film any more, a few dino’s get out, fat boy gets eaten, and the men get out unscathed.

We can say “don’t go into the haunted house asshole” and no problem, but for some reason we are not allowed to say “let the stupid bitch die” I mean WTF?

Instinct tells me to let the stupid bitch die… “what? You want me to fight a horde of dinosaurs and alien invaders, get shot to shit, and my “prize” is I get to fuck you?… well… fuck you…. cya

Instinct is RIGHT motherfucker.

I have been in and seen some weird shit, and I was always the snake eyed motherfucker who sat as still as a statue while barney the dino rogered everything that moved with his giant butt plug, and it was me the wimminz sidled up to with dripping cunts, not Bruce Willis.

Fuck, I can even remember one time a Willis character asking me to get his darling hot wife safe and outta there, cos he knew I would make it, and so did she, and let me tell you there was an entire Chekhov play in the glances that passed between all three of us, we all knew I was going to fuck all her holes, and the asshole thanks me for taking care of the love of his life….

Love, I have no fucking idea what that is, if I had to point at something and say it is love I’d have to point at what I feel for my male progeny, but there is pride and camaraderie and pack and tribe loyalty there too.

Love from a wimminz, it’s just a fucking word, it has no utility for me.

Absolute fucking worship from a wimminz, yeah, that I have some use for, and again the Willis character was not worshipped either by the wife character in the films or the daughter character.

While AWALT, finding a wimminz who will worship the ground you walk on is doable, you just gotta watch real close for that worship to start waning, which it will do the instant you stop saying “lick my ring clean bitch” and start acting like Willis or asking some asshole like me to save a ho from barney the butt plug dino…

As we head into more troubled waters socio-econo-politically, you might want to consider starting work now on your casting couch characterisation of yourself, you wanna be Willis, or you wanna be that ends the film (or rather your participation in it) act 1 scene 1 by saying “fuckem” and letting barney do what ever he likes with his butt plug to every single attention whore that skweems her widdle pwincess skweem and points a torch at him, and every niggerz that leaps to her defence.

Maybe it’s time to let the old reptilian hind brain out to play now and again




  1. Just a few short years ago an article like this would´ve made me put the “fuck him” stamp on you.
    By now I´m more in the, “yep he´s got a point” camp.

    There´s just been too much of this wherever I look: http://imgur.com/sYsna.jpg

    Sometimes I slip and try to educate the pajama people to the (to me) obvious shit going down.
    But it´s almost always for naught.
    I guess anybody who on his own is still not noticing the bumps making the water glass shake is destined to be the “scream-track” in the background.

    Do your job well suckers. I paid good money for the show. 😉

    Comment by hans — August 26, 2012 @ 2:14 pm

  2. “Let’s face it, when you go from initial message on PoF to fucking the slut to leaving in 12 hours you haven’t lost anything of value.”

    Epitaph of Western Civ. right there… the Jewish-Marxist viral infection is almost to da bone.

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — August 27, 2012 @ 7:05 am

  3. Heh, #32 was an internet sensation with that track n’ field pic. I remember her daddy whining to the media about all the dudes on the net drooling over her.

    I had a gal the other day claiming that it was “just wrong” to be attracted to some starlet I’d never heard of who was 25 but looked 15.

    Comment by JFP — August 27, 2012 @ 11:22 am

    • Yeah. Immediately noticed that chick too and wrecked my brain and google what her damn name was again.
      Allison Stokke. Judging from the couple of links I found, she seems on the rebound again from her little budding double chin.

      Though we all know where the journey on that jojo will soon head again.
      Fuck, at least the chicks from “my GenX” usually needed more than half a decade to degrade this quickly.

      It´s like they don´t think they need to hide their inner beastly natures anymore. Heh, somehow I have a suspicion that that smart plan will backfire mightily.

      Comment by hans — August 28, 2012 @ 12:24 am

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