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August 21, 2012



You’ll read about lots of guys who get depressed with dating sites, how the wimminz string you along, how the wimminz all think they are a 10, how the wimminz….. you get the idea.

I’ve even read about guys who put up fake wimminz profiles to “prove” that wimminz have to do nothing to get 14 million replies.

Thing is, wimminz are like chemical ali, they will happily deny shit way past the very end of things, and never ever ever admit it, not even to themselves.

So what the fuck is the truth?

Now, I have been hitting PoF hard for two to three years now, and frankly 2 years isn’t enough time to make much difference in any individual wimminz looks, fuckability or SMV (sexual market value)… it’s not like any of these wimminz were beautiful 18 year old virgins to start with…

IN my region, this means there are lots of wimminz who have been on PoF the same amount of time, either solidly or swinging in and out like a pendulum, you get to recognise faces, profiles and even writing styles, in the case of those repeat new profile pendulum types.

It’s a meat marketplace and you get to recognise many of the other regular attendees.

So, given that MY status on PoF hasn’t changed much in the past 2/3 years, how about the wimminz, because according to the common knowledge they are all in denial, which they get away with because they are constantly bombarded with interest from thousands of niggerz, so they won’t have changed much either.




I could sit down here with you and show you wimminz after wimminz that I met and fucked off PoF, thanks to Google and the cloud, and the trends and facts are absolutely indisputable.

When I first met and fucked them their PoF profile said they were looking for long term, or dating, or friends, and even those three categories are a progression, in that order, downwards… can’t tell you how many profiles I have seen that say “long term” so I send a quick message saying “FWB?” and 50% of the time I get a reply saying “yeah why not

But now it has gotten to the point where almost every page of results for “intimate encounter” contains one wimminz that I have fucked, back when she was looking for long term, and then dating, and then friends… as her SMV declined.

Their looks haven’t changed, because the psycho skank ho’s are using the same fucking profile pics and profiles as they were using two years ago.. you know, they can only access PoF via their smart-phone, but they have no way to take an up to date pic…. lol

So with the influx of downgraded “long term” relationship seekers to “intimate encounter” section, who come in along with their profile and profile photos, a funny thing happens, all the no public photo profiles on intimate encounter start sprouting photos to keep up.

Some of these are frankly fucking hideous, you’d almost think they profiles were made by a bunch of drunken MRA’s having a fucking laugh, first, we kidnap an orang utan, then we shave the fucker, then we dress it in walmart clothing and take a pic and use that for the profile photo….

Some of them are not bad looking early twenties whores, will fuck for cash.

But the rest of them are, you guessed it, wimminz who fell off the radar in the long term, dating and friends categories, went away, and came back with a new profile looking for intimate encounters, and then thanks to the influx mentioned previously start getting zero actions, so they have to out themselves with a public profile pic, and it is aha, it’s YOU, I remember you on here before….

So, if all the statements about how easy wimminz have it on dating sites are TRUE, how do you explain this race to the bottom, public profile pic, intimate encounter section, from wimminz who were looking for long term only with a list of other entitlements only a year or two ago?

Simply, you cannot, ergo the statements about how easy wimminz have it on dating sites ARE NOT TRUE, like chemical ali, the wimminz will never admit this… those that do realise this simply delete their PoF profile and stay at home with their cats.

You guys have to realise one thing, every wimminz out there who is the wrong side of 30, and most of the rest, send you a pic privately or via MMS, and they are expecting you to send a compliment back, ooh sexy baby, when you DON’T, because lets face it that shit is reserved for the teen flesh that ain’t ridden the cock carousel to the horizon and back, they fucking flake and drop out and seek another man who will pay them a compliment.

And then the shoe drops, I wasn’t the first fucker they tried, so lots of other guys out there seeing mutton dressed up as lamb and telling it like it is, and then the other shoe drops, the only guys giving any compliments at all are those saying “I’d love to fuck that” and that is all they are after, pump and dump.

Wimminz do projections, we all know this, so when they accuse guys of only wanting to pump and dump, it is projection…. but if you give a dog a bad name… so nowadays guys are saying fuck it, and only wanting pump and dump.

I have lost track of the sheer numbers of wimminz, basically >95% of them, whose first five messages include some comment to the effect that they are expecting me to be like all the other men on PoF, either only after pump and dump, or won’t even show up at a date.

When I say yeah, Mr Pump and Dump here, they are relieved, and often thank me for not being abusive, or insulting, or calling them names.

It doesn’t matter if they are 21 or 51, and I have done that range on PoF, the universal truth for all wimminz on all dating sites is the one thing that actually scares the living shit out of them, and which they will instinctively run away from, and that is anything that threatens to force them to confront their REAL SMV, which is approaching zero….. unfuckable… unless you ice the cake by saying no commitments no rules and I will be your dirty slut for the night and do anything you ask.

The Spearhead et al have it all wrong, wimminz are NOT reading 50 shades because they hope to find a young buck with a huge cock and a billion in the bank to waft them away in a learjet.

Wimminz be reading 50 shades because it is “How to get laid in 2012 for dummies and skanks

This is the shit you have to offer all men, in order to raise your SMV above zero… unfortunately being herd creatures all the other wimminz be reading it too… ain’t competition wunnerful…. lol

Apropos of nothing

Yesterday I was talking to a deadbeat dad, we got around to talking about what we do with our time, he leaned towards me and confided, that for 30 minutes a day he logs on to OKCupid, he isn’t after a wimminz or a penfriend or anything else, all he does for 30 minutes every day it sit there at the ratings page rating every single wimminz as 1 star, click, click, click, not even looking at the fucking profiles or pictures.

Meanwhile my long term FWB #1 is also seeing the writing on the wall for wimminz, joking with me about the floosies and hussies I am probably fucking when she ain’t here, and protesting undying love for me and the ground my cum drips upon.

And a whole new clutch of wimminz in my area join PoF, as they find that the traditional venues, real life bars and clubs, are turning into stony ground when it comes to finding some decent quality cock…. like Cheech & Chong said, Things Are Tough All Over.



  1. The reason men think that women have is so good on dating sites is that men are dealing with ‘bots. The dating sites send out automated flirts with stock photos to get the men to pay to send a message. When the ‘bot doesn’t reply, they are left thinking “all them womens is flakes, they have it too good.”

    Comment by Paul Murray — August 21, 2012 @ 2:17 pm

  2. Turns out karma really IS a bitch.

    Who whudda thunk it..

    Guess it´s not far off anymore when the few remaining poindexters willing to wine and pay cash for the wimminz will start having harems.
    Problem is, they sure as hell won´t be looking like this: http://i.imgur.com/Dl6Lj.jpg


    Comment by hans — August 21, 2012 @ 5:46 pm

    • They’re a bit overdressed for my taste Hans….lol

      Comment by wimminz — August 21, 2012 @ 5:56 pm

  3. Then why are so many men complaining about finding decent women for marriage, dating and friends with benefits? Maybe you could briefly address me here. Maybe you could write a longer article about it. I’m not trolling and only making suggestions. You have a very different worldview than not only The Spearhead but also of Roissy(Heartiste), Roosh etc. Did you ever consider that for whatever reason you are better at getting most of what you want out of women than most other men? I believe you when you state that you are getting friends with benefits left right and center by the way. I’m not being sarcastic and am trying to get truthful answers out of you. I do know men who get most of what they want out of women but there are degrees within the top 20% and the top 20% get way more than the middle 60% and the bottom 20% of men get little to nothing at all when it comes to women. I suspect you will tell me that most men are pussies or clueless or both.

    Comment by doclove — August 22, 2012 @ 5:44 am

    • Pussy pedestal and NAWALT. IMHO the ONLY two reasons poindexter isn´t getting his mythical dream wifey anymore.

      The esteemed creator of this blog has lost those blinders a long time ago and is treating wimminz like they actually are and deserve.
      And they adore him for it.
      At least that´s my take on it. Like to hear it from “the horses mouth too”. 😉

      Comment by hans — August 22, 2012 @ 8:48 am

      • Look to my response below, please.

        Comment by doclove — August 23, 2012 @ 2:05 am

    • I see no conflict whatsoever between what I wrote and the question you ask, “..finding DECENT wimmin…”” decent wimminz don’t fucking exist.

      In fact, this very article is really about more and more men obviously taking the red pill and realising that AWALT, and the increasing desperation at their evaporating SMV this causes in the wimminz.

      Comment by wimminz — August 22, 2012 @ 9:44 am

      • Before I beigin, i will say virtually or very few because although I allow for the possibility that NAWALT, let us be honest here—you are more likely to become a millionaire rich man playing the lottery than to find the exception to the rule so you may as well as believe AWALT, and we all know that almost noone wins the lottery and becomes a rich millionaire. I agree with you there that there are really very few or no decent women existing in the West today. There are varying levels of depravity though or not all women are equally depraved, and that virtually all women are depraved in the West. The only reason women do not seem to be as depraved as they are in the West is because it is still socially unacceptable for women outside the West to do so; and non-western women want to be as depraved as their Western sisters. You may live a lifetime and never find an exception to the rule, and if you do then consider yourself lucky and always suspect that you may be decieved to the end of your life. I see where men are being foolish if they think that virtually any Western women are worthy as wives as you say and extremely few are even worthy as girlfriends or dating as you say. However, why do so many men find it difficult to find FWB women?

        Comment by doclove — August 23, 2012 @ 2:03 am

        • Possibly because when they look at FWB wimminz, all they see is Pete’s wife, Fred’s sister, the chick at the diner….. and not a cumbucket

          Comment by wimminz — August 23, 2012 @ 7:31 am

          • That’s true, LOL! Let me preface this by saying that there truly are women you should never bother with because they are your female relatives, your male relatives’ and male friends’ girfriends and wives, it might compromise your job, she’s crazy and/or viscious etc. However once they realize that women are only cumbuckets or cum dumpsters as I call them but not Pete’s wife, Fred’s sister and the chick at the diner and then try to treat them as such, why do so many men fail where you and a minority of men succeeed?

            Comment by doclove — August 23, 2012 @ 11:26 am

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