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August 17, 2012

Desafio Total (2012)

So, the rework of Total Recall….

It’s closer to the book than the schwarts version, much more blade runner esque, but as usual fucked up beyond all credibility because Hausers’ “wife” is a hot skinny chick who can kick any ten men’s asses, and his girlfriend is also a hot skinny chick who can kick any ten men’s asses.

Both versions of course missed the point of the book, which was what happens when you get to re-write memory at will, which is re-writing history at will, and what you get is chaos.

Re-writing history at will is of course the stock in trade of wimminz and their niggerz in the secret family courts etc, it’s also the stock in trade of every wimminz you meet… threesomes / foursomes / moresomes all get written out.

Hauser’s actions were such that in reality there was not one single person that he did not at some point betray, in some version of his own personal history, but then again Dick’s main characters were always wimminz or niggerz deep down, just like Heinlein’s, they both worshipped the cunt way too much to be objective or realistic.

Very very very fucking rarely you will meet a wimminz who is wise to this, who knows that her personal history is a fucking mess, and who also knows that lying about it is instant death to any future relationshit, nevertheless, they want to have the small house in the country with the white picket fence and kids and loyal loving husband, and I tell them, yeah, but you’re damaged and well used goods, being honest about that is laudable and exceptional, but you’re still damaged and well used goods, and no man is going to want that.

My dad used to say that Roy Rogers never kissed a wimminz on screen, now, old Roy wasn’t the best actor in the world, and the plotlines weren’t that great, hell they were musicals, but at least he never had to cross the uncanny valley and kiss a wimminz on screen and totally screw up the image he was portraying.

Roy was also of course a singer and a horseman, and amongst other things he could handle a horse and often appeared with Trigger and little Trigger, but it was his lyrics that were remembered the most by dad and his friends, long after they had walked out of the cinema, and don’t forget, these were young men who had already lived through WW2

A four legged friend, a four legged friend
He’ll never let you down
He’s honest and faithful right up to the end
That wonderful one-two-three-four legged friend

A woman’s like cactus and cactus can hurt
‘Cause she’s just a tight-waisted winky-eyed flirt
She’ll soon have your land and your pride and your gold
And bury you deep long before you grow old

A four legged friend, a four legged friend
He’ll never let you down
He’s honest and faithful right up to the end
That wonderful one-two-three-four legged friend

A two legged hombre is worthless as sand
He’ll smile like a saint with a gun in his hand
He’ll promise to stick by your side like a pal
But he’ll also promise the same to your gal

A four legged friend, a four legged friend
He’ll never let you down
He’s honest and faithful right up to the end
That wonderful one-two-three-four legged friend

Who carries your burden, who carries your load
On tumbleweed land or a long dusty road
Who asks you no questions, who tells you no lies
That four legged friend with the two honest eyes

A four legged friend, a four legged friend
He’ll never let you down
He’s honest and faithful right up to the end
That wonderful four legged friend

That wonderful one-two-three-four legged friend

Horses or dogs, guess they both qualify, but in Roy’s day niggerz were hombres, but wimminz were indeed like cactus.

Back in 1952 it wasn’t the golden days for men, it was 35 years after the white feather campaigns and all that good stuff, sure, the contraceptive pill wasn’t out yet, but don’t let that fool you, everyone fucked around plenty… don’t forget nobody ever heard of DNA then….

What they didn’t have back then was the State paying single mommies to be single mommies, and putting them at the head of the social housing queue just because they were single mommies, and rewarding them for also making false accusations of DV to get the house/kids/alimony (there were plenty FRA’s though) and the beat goes on.

Nor did they have skinny sexy babes who could kick any ten men’s asses…. in a more realistic cinematic world when you came across a wimminz who could do one manly thing as well as a man, she was invariably non feminine and non sexy as a consequence…

Course, back in ole Roy’s day, lots of other things were more realistic on screen too, one bullet either killed you or took you out of the actions, as did one good fall or accident…. 100% of the male audience over 6 just lived through a fucking war… Bruce Willis would have amounted to a spitoon boy at best.

Fact is, what the SF writers were really writing about is a guvvmint or corporation or bank can’t start a war in a country full of men who came back from a fucking war less than a decade ago, that shit is all too fresh and too raw.

No, to start a war you need a citizenry that is pussified and coddled and divorced from reality, where characters like Bruce Willis are as hard as they come, and bullet hits only slow you down for a few minutes.

No realistic movies like Ice Cold in Alex, where getting food water and shelter sufficient to survive is half the battle, because the pussified and coddled and divorced from reality generations find that more improbable than Bruce Willis superhuman stamina and regenerative abilities.

So the Titanic is no longer about arctic ocean survivability, or lack thereof, and how quickly modern technology is anulled, totally… oh no, now it is a fucking rom-com.

My grandfather ran away to sea as a boy in WW1 and served in the Battle of Jutland, then in WW2 he served on the Murmansk convoys and got three separate ships torpedoed out from under him…. all in arctic waters.

You think he would have paid any attention to some skank ho in a family court demanding everything because she claimed she was in fear or her life from her violent nasty husband, who doesn’t actually have any record of violence…. he would have leant forwards, said “In fear of your life huh…” and laughed real hard.

When I was a boy I grew up in a world that still had destroyed buildings and empty lots from german bombs, and every man you met from the shopkeeper to your teacher, and ESPECIALLY all the cops, were veterans, all of whom would also have laughed at the notion of the wimminz being in fear of her life…. and gone very quiet and grim at the notion of what our so called leaders are doing today with econo-geo-politics…..  “Playing with fucking fire

Today, we don’t even have any new stories, all we have are sad remakes of stories that were told, without exception, originally, by people who lived through the last big one, and these stories are without exception so far devoid from reality that they make north korean propaganda films look like incisive scientific documentaries.

We live in a world where we don’t need aliens in spaceships or foreigners in tanks who hate us to invade, we live in a world where >50% of the population is already filled to overflowing with self loathing and hate, in an orgy of self consummation it is directed at ourselves, our men, our fathers, our sons, and indeed all the works of men, all the technological goals.

What could possibly go wrong?


  1. Yeap. Nothing much to add here.

    So here´s a “joke”-pic: http://www.phun.org/newspics/funny_friday_2/7139.jpg

    Comment by hans — August 18, 2012 @ 7:56 am

  2. Was thinking today how the bankers have done away with shooting wars between Big Bomb countries. To shoot the fish in those barrels it’s 24/7 domestic mind washing/psyops/drugs/affaction n’ rocknroll.

    Comment by Jack — August 18, 2012 @ 10:40 am

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