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August 16, 2012

Going on the game – please fuck me Sir….

Anecdotal time again.

The PoF “intimate encounter” section in my area has exploded with new users bearing a user-name consisting of “girls name + 3 or 4 digits”, usually in their early twenties, often with a revealing bikini / underwear photo, and yes they are all whores soliciting…. times be getting hard… lol

If you think asia is a bitch for anyone who used to earn a good living making sneakers, then the internet is a bitch for anyone who used to earn a good living in the sex industry, sure, you may be an experienced whore who can fuck good and deep throat a salami, but this chick and this chick and this chick will fuck for free… which brings us right back to the thing about a whore is you are paying her to leave after the fuck, but these chicks will do that too, for free.

You see, there is one trick dating sites like PoF have not deployed, and it ain’t because no one thought of it, so you still have to do this filtering manually, and this is the fuck search.

The fuck search is where you select REAL criteria, not horseshit like show me every Saggitarius over 5 foot 8 who is a non smoker within 50 miles of my zip code.

The fuck search is where you select BMI 22 or less, cup size DD or more, 5 foot or less, no kids, not looking for long term, within 50 miles of my zip code.

The wimminz will all be looking for Mr Christian Grey, 6 foot plus, 8 inches plus, less than 25 years old, and getting zero fucking matches….

The bulk of men will be eliminating 85% of the wimminz in any search they do.

Wimminz will leave the site in disgust, and the site will collapse and turn into a joke like Badoo or Wayn.

Thing is, deep down, men already know all about sex.

If you want to be and feel like the rampant 20 year old who can fuck from 6pm until 4am, it’s really not that hard, start with a fuckable wimminz, then exclude all possible distractions, TV, internet, email, mobile, music, just you and the skank ho in bed with nothing to do but fuck and nothing to talk about but sex… if you have pre screened (as per the internet dating articles here) for fuckable wimminz then you have selected a dirty and obedient slut and you have no problems.. just make sure you do everything the first night, cos there ain’t going to be a second.

If you want to have a totally unsatisfying asexual encounter, turn the TV on, turn the music on, check your email, check your phone, end up talking to the bitch and listening to her wittering on, end up EATING FOOD with the bitch, end up drinking alcohol with the bitch… you may get to dump one load into her and then it is time to make a fast exit thanks to Fake Call Me on Android.

Sometimes you do it the right way and then decide to have some fun, in lieu of paying a whore to leave, you fuck with the slut to leave, you’ve already noted all her hard limits in pre-meet chats (all saved to the cloud) so now you start pushing them.

Basically “bastard game” but from someone who has already had that poon, if you have found one of the very very few wimminz who claims never to have had a threesome, there’s a good starting point.. she’ll refuse, you say that’s too bad, ah well, plenty more fish in the sea, she will agree. AWALT… yet to meet a wimminz who hasn’t had a threesome, never mind foursome moresome.

If you don’t want to use and fuck her, then according to wimminz hard-wiring you be beta boy, if you do then you be alpha cock, if you get them to send you SMS messages archived to the cloud in the 3 or 4 or 5 day interval between first message on PoF and meeting-to-fuck, saying “Please fuck me Sir!” then you have made her classify you as alpha cock, just make sure you never relent, her job is to worship your cock, what SHE wants??? what more could she possibly want than to worship your cock and do anything you want sexually? No negotiation.

75% of wimminz already got that, or close enough to keep them happy for now, the fuckbuddy, they are on pof seeking the beta boy to watch TV with, listen to music, the whole domestic thing, you don’t want to be beta and she already has alpha cock, you have slim to none chances of breaking through that with your profile, it does happen, but rarely… play the waiting game.

Sooner or later she will ask her alpha cock fuckbuddy to let her choose something sexually, and he starts the inevitable and fast slide to beta boy status.

She’ll edit her profile subtly when that happens, so strike fast with a meet me.

As heartiste and others note, this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, the more you can pimp yourself up, the more they say you are impossible and unbelievable, which is code for I’m getting ready for you to demand I send you SMS messages saying “Please fuck me Sir!

But the real value is Groucho Marx, “I wouldn’t want to join any club that would accept me as a member.” (4 minutes in)

Do you really want any kind of domestic relationshit with any skank ho who will/has done threesomes / foursomes / moresomes? Which is AWALT of course.

MANY years ago I used to think, “What the fuck is WRONG with me? Because I seem to keep attracting these weird and fucked up wimminz?” Clearly it was a defect in MY makeup, cos, you know, NAWALT.

It’s a coming of age thing when you wake up and smell the coffee and realise that there isn’t actually anything wrong with me, it is just AWALT.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tough one to swallow, even an FRA may not do it, but sooner or later the penny will drop, and then where are you?

What do you do in a world where despite everything everyone says about wimminz, despite everything wimminz say they want, the truth on the ground where the rubber hits the road is “treat em mean and keep em keen” and you get “Please fuck me Sir!“, but treat them any other way and you become beta boy, while she keeps all holes open for alpha cock and cum, and YOU get to watch TV with them…

The first company to deploy WWW wide full facial recognition, matching and search is going to have as much fun as a rabbi on a planet of pork….

Take that photo of your wife in the delivery room holding “your” newborn, plug it in to mugshit.com and it does it’s thing, and presents you with 47 pages of links, saying stuff like “click here to watch gangbang julie take on 25 cocks” and you click the link and are presented with further links;

gangbang julie shoot #1
55 photos 29 minutes, 47 seconds of video

gangbang julie shoot #2
63 photos 43 minutes, 22 seconds of video

gangbang julie shoot #3
35 photos 22 minutes, 45 seconds of video

Then you notice the date of shoot #3, it’s after you married the slut… and then you remember her going off to stay with Aunt Maude one weekend when Aunt Maude was ill and the dog stole her zimmer frame etc.

If you’re really lucky the date of shoot #3 will be about 9 months ago… guess one of those condoms burst, or some of the not on camera action eg her fucking the cameraman, also known as mr alpha cock fuckbuddy bareback, was responsible.

She’ll throw a fit, her name is Sarah, this girl in the film is apparently called Julie, you can buy it, or become the target of some real abuse, six months later the marriage can fall apart and you can babysit your kid one night while Sarah is spending the night with me, saying “Please fuck me Sir!”… and if you think I am exaggerating the only made up part of that is mugshit.com and facial searches, what actually happened was a co-worker you showed your proud daddy photo to on your smartphone recognised the slut from realsexpass.com.

Course you only got your kid for a sleepover because she wanted to fuck me, her taking 300+ cocks a year in walmart low budget porn gang-bangs is no reason for her not to have default custody.

Hey, at least when you were together for 20 months she allowed you to demonstrate your love for her by letting your eat her cunt for 30 minutes at a time twice a week, and that fishy smell, nothing at all to do with the cock carousel and cum, you cocksucker by proxy you.

Rest assured, no matter what the outcome she will be exonerated, and you, well, you’re the fall guy innit.

You didn’t get the memo…. AWALT.


  1. “[T]he only made up part of that is mugshit.com…” Have you tried google goggles on an Android phone? You can snap a pic with the phone’s camera and google goggles can do an IMAGE search based on the pic. A couple of years ago, when I last checked, google was saying that goggles would be ported to the PC across all platforms. So, your fictitious mugshit.com may be here right now under a different name. Google goggles is not perfect YET, but it does a fairly decent job. If I had unwanted images of me on the internet, I’d be really worried.

    Comment by Tim — August 16, 2012 @ 6:27 pm

  2. necessary reading for all young brothers. brutal and absolutely right. the sweet, blue eyed virgin of your dreams doesn’t exist boys — except within your mind. the truth will set you free.

    Comment by 8oxer — August 17, 2012 @ 1:59 am

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