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August 12, 2012

True Love

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Had a message from a commenter, regarding the latest “we must support the wimminz” thread over at the spearhead, which copied and pasted a comment from Andie (a wimminz) who sez;

I agree that women must take on other women. We must. But its scary. They can do a lot to ruin our lives.

We cannot do this without men. If you do not back us, we are lost.

Isn’t that what Price is saying?

Well, I’m reminded of an old french guy I met on my travels many moons ago.

We were doing the breton thing, house red 50/50 with a carafe of water, smoking, nibbles, shooting the shit, watching the world walk by.

He’s sat at the table outside the bar with his compatriots, looking at the German tourists, and muttering loud imprecations to “le boche” because, you see, he was part of the resistance during the war.

One day a frenchman and his wife were walking by, this old chap did his le boche routine, and the frenchman said something to him, whereupon he went fucking ballistic at the frenchman and his wife…. rapid fire gallic tirade that started out “en coulet tu merde…” which is why I picked up on it… my schoolboy french went that far at least.. lol

Afterwards, I asked what the fuck that was all about, so he told me;

During the war, that fucker was full of apologies for why he couldn’t actually do anything about the germans, it was always too dangerous, so we in the resistance died one by one, then one night the germans pull out and late the next morning the allies roll into the village, we in the resistance are hiding out in the fields and watching from a distance, because, you know, you don’t trust anything after a while, maybe the germans will push back, maybe the luftwaffe will come in, maybe they aren’t actually allies and it is a trap, so what do we see, THAT fucker leading the victory parade and acting like a little general who kept the germans from destroying our village.

So we talked some more, he tells me that after the war that fucker was mayor three times, and of course all the women who fucked the germans while their own men died voted for him, well, they had a common history to rewrite, was how he put it.

You see..” he tells me “.. your generation must remember, these types, when they wanted something it is always we cannot do this without you or we are lost, and whenever we wanted something it is always we cannot do this for you or we are lost, and whenever we say fuck it we do it ourselves anyway, they are we cannot have you do this or we are lost

So when I get sent the above quoted comment from a wimminz on the spearhead, it immediately triggered the memory of the old gaul and that summer forty years after the war, and it still being s fresh as yesterday to that old man.

When that old man was out in the rain and cold and mud sabotaging train tracks and phone lines fighting the war, the future mayor was ticked up in a warm bed sound asleep, after having explained how actually fighting was too risky and inconvenient, until liberation day, and then, well, why if it was not for them…..

Forty years later he muttered about le boche, but they were after all the enemy, and while he may not have respected them, he knew what they were, mainly boys like him, miles from home and following orders, but he did not look at any of them and think I wish I had killed you 40 years ago, however that is exactly how he thought of the ex mayor, sure, he was bretagne and on the same side and all that, but he exemplified everything about la belle France that the old man was NOT fucking fighting for.

The old man will be long dead now, and while I did indeed forget for a while, I have eventually done what he asked me to do, and remember in this generation the shit he had to to eat in his, too little too late, but what the fuck, better late than never, so salut Arnau.

That old mayor, he was the embodiment of what Napoleon was railing against when he called England a nation of shopkeepers, everything is for sale, and the price is always negotiable, no offer so low and insulting you get thrown out of the store for life.

This is what everyone forgets about Europe, we all white boys in a homogenous melting pot, except we aren’t, there are subspecies that cross national boundaries, and this was why, the REAL reason why, periodically everyone in Europe turn on the jews, because of the tendency to never treat an offer as so low and insulting you get thrown out of the shop for life, there is always room for negotiation.

There is another group, like old Arnault, one day you’ll insult them too far and they throw you out of the shop for life, line in the sand, fuck it, I ain’t running no more.

You want to actually understand what is going in in the PIIGS and else where WRT the EU economy, you’ll never make any sense of it unless you realize that the important groups are not this political party or that economic group, but the much older sub-species that are not on racial lines so much a hardwired genetic behaviour lines, those who no matter what the situation will try and negotiate and way out, and those who will draw a line in the sand and say fuck it, ain’t running no more.

Take any GEOGRAPHIC location you like, from a whole country to a small village like Arnau’s, you’ll get that spread of attitudes, and people like the mayor, who will genuinely believe that overall their attitudes and collaboration saved lives in the village, and the Arnau’s. who will agree that lives in the village were saved, just the wrong ones, and the wrong ones were sacrificed to save them.

Wimminz like Andie wearing with pride the badge that says they are a loving and devoted wife and mother version 1.0, and an ardent believer in and supporter of the MRM, ‘cept, you know, it’s nasty and scary out there in the fields in the rain in the cold and dark, they have a use.

They are a litmus test.

Everyone who does NOT tell them to GTFO in no uncertain terms is the enemy…. sure, 30 years time Andie may end up mayor, she’ll survive, and she’ll make sure some other birds of the same feather do too, but only by collaborating and selling out the hawks.

It is, after all, the passive’s strategy to passing on their DNA in the face of stronger competition.

Andie says I agree that women must take on other women. We must. But its scary. They can do a lot to ruin our lives.We cannot do this without men. If you do not back us, we are lost (note the inclusive language, there ain’t no WE, bitch) which is really just a variation on Let’s you and him fight, and I’ll fuck the winner


  1. Excellent piece. This article covers a very similar topic: http://www.koanicsoul.com/blog/a-critique-of-anonymous-conservatives-rk-selection-theory/

    There are the men with balls and the men without. And the men with balls, with honor, with courage, the *masculine* men, those are OUR allies.

    Comment by Jeremiah — August 12, 2012 @ 11:18 am

    • this is spot on… “But warriors do less fighting than cowards, at the end of the day.”

      Comment by wimminz — August 12, 2012 @ 11:23 am

    • Very interesting site, thanks for the link.

      Though I´m always a bit skeptic on these Darwin centric types(genes are NOT the all-mighty controllers), most of his conclusions seem to ring true. Definitely deserves more in depth studying.

      Guess I´ll have to go find my inner “Thal” now. 😉

      Comment by hans — August 12, 2012 @ 6:43 pm

      • Well there’s nature and nurture, even he talks about that. Judging by myself, I can trace back why I am the way I am to both my mom’s and father’s families, which are quite different, regardless of nurture.

        Comment by Jeremiah — August 12, 2012 @ 8:17 pm

  2. One of the best essays I’ve read here. Spot on.

    Comment by Boxer — August 12, 2012 @ 6:56 pm

  3. I forward your articles to all who will hear. Spot on…..bro

    Comment by Thomas — August 12, 2012 @ 7:22 pm

  4. Superlative.

    Comment by freebird — August 13, 2012 @ 5:18 am

  5. Women like this Andie just prove that AWALT. They think they are onto something by opening up to men’s rights issues, but they cannot help their nature. Throw them into a men’s undertaking like the Resistance, and they will subvert it merely by doing what they are genetically designed to do: lulling in everybody and everything with their socializing glue. I guess that also made them such good infiltrators taking on us Boches. We Germans are nothing if not gullible when it comes to women.

    Comment by Michael — August 15, 2012 @ 11:18 am

    • I notice, with pleasure, that Germans are no longer apologizing for the war… now it is the bundesbank…..lol

      Comment by wimminz — August 15, 2012 @ 11:29 am

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