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August 9, 2012

I don’t wanna dance…


shades of Eddy Grant

I get people asking me stuff like have you seen this news article and whaddaya think and and and….
and, you know, to me it is like asking me to comment on episode 493 of Friends, the comment I wrote about episode 2 of Cheers ages ago will do, because the subject matter is cookie cutter same.

I poison my mind and waste my life by giving ANY attention whatsoever to it, life is too fucking short and I ain’t getting any of those seconds back, so nor am I going to be commenting on the three messages sent to me about how the spearhead is jumping the shark again…

There was an old TV comedy called Citizen Smith, and while it was funny, the show had a lot of similarities to Pinky & the Brain in that there was a lot of plotting and planning, but the main characters always end up exactly where they started. Sound familiar?

I always was a bit like this, even as a teenage boy I could not read a book I had already read once, nor watch a re-run, and as I get older it hasn’t diminished any.

This was, in truth, a lot of my problems with wimminz in relationshits, bitch, we already HAD this fucking argument, went round back to where we started, and nothing has changed.

This is something I have always been concious of, in truth with my own psycho skank ho ex I knew she had basically nothing but a series of acrimonious relationships in the past where the man was always at fault (in the gospel according to her, at least) and then the kids came along and I’d look at them mewling and puking and knew that one day they too would be the subject of a bitter custody dispute… truth to be told I never foresaw the FRA, but you cannot un-spill milk, so all you can do is go along for the ride and do what you can… pissed her the fuck off when the kids would grin and say “daddydaddydaddydaddydaddydaddy” before they could say mommy, but fuck it, I put in the effort to teach them… gotta forge those neural pathways in the first two years, which I did, now it is just a waiting game while she lives what is basically a re-run every day.

Revolutionaries have always known that movement don’t work unless there is action and movement, they just evaporate like puddles in the sun, and you spend 100% of your effort trying to find enough new recruits to stave off attrition… so when people talk to me and say of only you changed this or that you’d make yourself so much more appealing on reddit or twitter or the MRM or whatever, my response is always the same, fuck it and fuck off, git orf ma land, this is MY revolution…. shades of rubber duck in convoy, “I’m not leading anyone, I just happen to be out in front

So along comes Breivik, running his own private revolution, trained in secret, planned in secret, selected targets that would cause the most emotional impact, and planned it all so that it was safe for him, a survivable op, because the real mission was to get the media/face time, and in that he was totally successful, nota bene, I am not talking morals or legals or right or wrong, just the purely mechanical plan that he created and then completed. 100% mission success.

The key here is Breivik did not sit back and prep and wait for the right conditions, that just makes you easy meat when the state comes along to scoop you up, Breivik went out and made plans to be implemented TODAY, in the wrong conditions, and went ahead and carried out the plan.

That is the essential difference between the Breivik’s of the world and the rest of us, he was a man of action, and we are not… I for example am content to live my free (from responsibility) life and pursue my manly hobbies and fuck skank ho’s, he was not, which brings us to an interesting question.

Did Breivik ***HAVE*** a shed and a manly hobby, because if he didn’t, I can see why he said fuck it, and I can see all around me men who are denied access to having their own shed and hobby, for example in my own area I can do a local search for adult evening courses, the sort of thing where 30 years ago you could go three evenings a week and learn welding, woodwork, electronics and the like, and today under the heading of “Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies” there are three RYA yachtmaster courses, and that is it.

The rest of it is shit wimminz stuff, “Computers – using email” & “Customer service skills” and such shit.

There are literally no courses for welding or woodwork, in a county of 1.25 million people.

Fucking think about that.

Yesterday I wanted to paint something, had a tin of hammerite, can’t find my paint stirrer, no worries, hack off a 40cm length of 13 mm aluminium rod, pop in the lathe, neck down one end to 10 mm to fit in (battery) drill chuck, reverse, drill and tap to 4mm, make up a stirring end from a piece of 30 mm alloy rod and a couple of washers, voila, a paint stirrer better than anything I could ever buy.

You want to learn how to do that, well, you’d better be local and be able to find me, or else your only outlets are going to be planning mass atrocities and getting your slice of mainstream media infamy.

Feminazism really is a perfect storm, because even the feminazis do not realise how many levels of life they have choked off, such as evening welding and woodwork classes, and the consequences for society when people WHO WANT TO LEARN are cut off from those outlets.



  1. Yep, same shit over here in Germany. Only crap like how to hold a mouse and languages & marketing shit. Pure wimminz fuckery.
    And the worst is, it didn´t even occur to me to look for these things.
    Obviously like the rest of the about 15 million males in my neck of the woods.

    Ever thought about leading such a course yourself?

    Comment by hans — August 9, 2012 @ 10:24 pm

    • There’d be no takers hans, except a couple of dreamers who don’t want to learn any basics or discipline before going near rotating machinery.

      Can’t remember the last time I saw someone changing their own flat tyre (instead of waiting for the breakdown man) much less automatically putting the spare under the car body in case the jack collapses or the car is nudged…. people now know NOTHING.

      Comment by wimminz — August 10, 2012 @ 11:57 am

  2. “There are literally no courses for welding or woodwork, in a county of 1.25 million people.”

    I would say unbelievable but unfortunately, it is all too believable in today’s society. I was looking for a chemistry set as a gift for a nephew a few years ago, and there are none to be had. Today a “chemistry set” has a couple of mirrors, rubber bands, and a magnifying glass… In case no one every pointed it out – that isn’t chemistry.

    When I was a kid s chemistry set was real, and kids could learn how to do and make things… (I learned how to make gun-powder, and other things that today would get your a** thrown in jail.) Of course today, they don’t want boys to actually learn anything useful, or get interested in science – they want skittish animals that cower at the sound of thunder… It sickens me… But then I’m an “old fart” or a “dinosaur” that spends his time horn-dogging with all of the sweet young things because all of the boys (men? children?) their age are cowards and feminized wussies…

    Frankly it is pathetic… But it benefits me since I have little real competition these days. I figure that I will always be able to make a living, and find a warm, moist place to enjoy life, and that is all that matters from my perspective. The world can, and probably will, burn… I gave up on caring long ago – I just enjoy life to its fullest…

    Comment by Doc — August 11, 2012 @ 12:00 am

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