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August 6, 2012

Standards, everyone’s got them, all different

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It’s interesting, because you can talk to a young chick who takes around 300 new cocks a year doing porn, and ask her where she draws the line… the answer is always one of three things, and the one you hear first is “animals”

O really o’reilly, so you take 300 new cocks a year, but you draw the line at 1 dog cock…. how very interesting.

picture yourself as a man, which would you choose, the chick who has taken 300 human cocks in the past year, or the chick who has taken 1 dog cock, I know, a moot point because the chances of either of these chicks being honest with you about their past is basically zip… but to get back to the standards.

Once you get that the chick above isn’t actually saying no to dog cocks, what she is doing is drawing a line in the sand that is the other side of WHAT SHE IS ALREADY DOING, declaring stuff on the other side of that line to be no-go, and then pointing at the line itself as a proof that she has “standards” and is therefore a moral agent within herself.

Chicks in porn always do this (and so do chicks not in porn, but chicks in porn have to do it consciously) line in the sand thing, there is one thing they won’t do “at work”, whether it be anal, double anal, bukkake, rimming, there is always something they hold back from, and this is their proof to themselves that they have “standards”

Other chicks who don’t do porn also have these “standards” and they are equally bizarre and arbitrary, I have talked to chicks on PoF IM and the bitches are as hot as fuck for me to use and abuse them, then suddenly we will hit a “standard” and she will just vanish into thin air.

That standard WILL be as arbitrary as I have cropped/long hair, lots of / no tats, blue/brown eyes, and when you hit one of these “standards” the chick always vanishes.

Wimminz are unlike men, when you hit a wall men want to know what it was, where they stand, a man will be happy with “sorry, but you look too much like my ex”, he may not like it, but it is something to hang your hat on and walk away from, wimminz on the other hand just want to snap like a dry biscuit and walk away with no backward glance and no explanation.

I have had wimminz who I have met (as agreed) in a pub, and we grab a drink (she pays) and we sit down, and then I will say something that ran up against one of her “standards” and she will “go to the toilet” which means leaving by the back door, never to be seen again.

Fuck it, I have a free drink >;*)

Wimminz of course change their appearance almost daily, you can go on to PoF and look at a wimminz profile and say she has 4 profile pics, all will look different,in one she may have blonde hair, in a another red, in one she is dressed like a nurse, in another in an LBD, in one she is posing in front of a bike or car, in another she is lying on a bed…

If you are wise and do not use public profile pics, you have a choice when she asks you for a pic, do you send the pic of you working at IBM in shirt and tie, or do you send the pic of you wearing a vest working on your Harley? Pick the wrong one and the bitch will vanish.

Good luck with guessing, such as seeing references to Mr Grey in her profile and sending the smooth bastard in the smart duds pic, because there you are operating on logic, and logic has nothing to do with this shit.

Good luck (re above) knowing what her ex looks like, and choosing to send the pic that doesn’t look too much like him, because as often as not, when she says you look too much like her ex, what she actually means is too much on one side of her ex, when what she is looking for is too much on the other side of her ex.

In fact the only hard and fast rule regarding these standards is that any action, words or behaviour on your part that triggers these “standards” or even threatens to question them, is an instant death sentence as far as any further contact with said wimminz is concerned… at that point you become irredeemably creepy, or a bastard, or maybe both.

Which can be difficult, because these standards always have three things in common;

  1. They are completely hidden
  2. They are completely arbitrary
  3. They are not to be brought to concious awareness in said wimminz “mind”

If you are drawing analogies to land-mines, you are on the right track, if you think having any dealings whatsoever with wimminz be anything other than walking through a fucking minefield then allow me to introduce you to brothers who have been the victims of False Rape Accusations to the police, or false DV / child abuse accusations in secret family court.

Saying “Huh?” and questioning the relative merits of 300 human cocks vs 1 dog cock is an exact equivalent to dancing a fucking jig when you have suddenly been told you are standing in the middle of a fucking minefield.

If you are SMART and shut the fuck up and listen, you will often hear a monologue, the TRUE vagina monologues, as the wimminz in question indulges in a series of castles in the sky, self delusions and outright denials of physical reality, as she wards off the evil spectre of having come face to face with one of her own “standards”… you yourself are still history, but listening to this psychobabble can be instructive in itself.

Catch-22 doesn’t just apply to the military, it is a fundamental part of the BIOS of wimminz, and it cannot be understood, because it is just delusional garbage, but to the wimminz that delusional garbage is more precious to them than any man ever could be.

Wimminz know this about each other, and like the mad hatters tea party, wimminz get on with each other because they all know the only thing you need to know about wimminz, that you never, ever, ever question the logic or sanity or validity of anything they say, ever, because to do so is to reveal that the minefield actually exists….


  1. ‘mad hatters tea party’… brilliant.
    you really have to go with a solid, secret enjoyment of the absurd to get any ounce of enjoyment out of their company. To treat women like men is the insanest concept of the 20th century.

    Comment by Bigsby — August 9, 2012 @ 9:42 am

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