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August 5, 2012

Colour fast whites, rinse and spin

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I’m talking washing machines, and greasy mechanics overalls or denim.

Some of the new biological powders can shift that shit, but the problem with 99% of domestic machines is the whole wash/rinse/spin duty cycle is too short to do a good job, because jenny housewife buys washing machines on 4 aspects, looks, load capacity, spin speed and cycle time.

Soak that shit overnight in a bucket with some biological powder thrown in and you have no problem, try and do it in a washing machine programmed by a wimminz (half load and quick cycle cos it is quicker, overloaded drum so nothing can agitate, 3x the required amount of powder) and it comes out with permanent stains.

I have never yet been able to train a wimminz to use a washing machine properly, and in some cases I am talking 3 or 4 years of effort, the instant your back is turned it is back to the half load button etc. Yet we are bombarded with common knowledge jokes that men cannot operate washing machines….

So, yesterday I am talking to this bint that I am considering fucking, and she tries to show me how intelligent she is……

Now like most wimminz who ain’t self employed (hairdresser) she works on the state tit, actually within the state system, and her “conversation” is a fucking litany of “customers” and shit like that… to which I naturally object, WE pay YOUR fucking wages with OUR taxes, WE are not YOU fucking customers, bitch, to which she responds with a whole diatribe about how important it is to put the right fucking label on the people who are the target of the service delivery in question and appropriate forward planning and consultation…

By now I am long past wanting to fuck her, I’m just in it for the shits and giggles, and she then admits that over 50% of the economy is the state tit, so I ask her what she thinks might possibly go wrong with that picture, where >50% of the “workforce” are living off the taxes paid by <50% of the workforce, and she trundles out the usual shit about past governments being at fault, she doesn’t care if they are labour or conservative, democrat or rebublican, they are “past governments” so fit the bill as scapegoats.

So I say it is fairly obvious, as / when / if the economy collapses, there have to be DRAMATIC cuts in the state nipple, to which she replies with horror, at all the “essential” services that they provide that would be cut… essential services like child social services.

Here is my intro, I start laying down some examples, she tries to deny them, I’m listen bitch, I have seen this shit first fucking hand, and can introduce you to as many people as you like who will echo my sentiments not yours.

Met with my intransigence, she again reverts to the “not like that here” position used for other governments, this time it is other city councils, other departments, other officials.

…..and that is when it hit me, this is just like every wimminz I have ever met, and their inability to learn to use a fucking washing machine properly, because they always without exception put the desired result (a quick wash cycle) in front of everything else, and if there are consequences, then these are simply denied, or palmed off “not like that here” style, in that it was the wrong sort of dirt, or the stain was already there, or the wrong thing to add to that load, you get the picture.

In their minds, there can be, neither can there be allowed to be, any connection whatsoever between THEIR actions and less than optimal / desired / intended consequences.

Now, not only are these fuckwits allowed to vote, and so constitute more than 50% of the electorate, but most of them actually live off the state tit, and some, like this bitch, are actually involved in the state tit high enough up to be dealing with resource allocation.

Country roads in good order and schools able to deliver ex pupils at 16 who have actually heard of long division, much less able to do it, are not as important as special needs interests, social services, “caring” for the vulnerable and weak…. mainly of course because the options they allocate budgets too are sort of self fulfilling, allocate the budget, pat yourself on the back and go home, nobody can tell if the fucking service in question is working or not… but making roads navigable and educating kids, well that takes actual fucking knowledge and experience innit, far too hard, that would be like programming a washing machine properly and sorting and pre-treating the loads properly….

I am here to tell you that this bitch is far from alone, and her dedication to this fucked up world view is so total and complete that it will last until she draws her last breath, which may or may not be expelled with a sob and the words “It’s not fair!”

There are NO men in these departments, just wimminz and niggerz…. and the few times things are privatised out, they aren’t really, not in the sense that I am a private business that has to actually fucking deliver to BILL, before I can think about making a profit.




  1. Not sure how, but late Dad somehow managed to drum in the importance of soaking for his greasy work overalls. Must´ve been sometime in my earliest childhood, when Mum was still young and impressionable.
    Naturally she loads the obligatory 3-5x required washing powder dose in. Still dimly remember the foaming washing machine incident. LoLz

    And yeah it´s incredibly hard work to try drumming some common sense into them.

    While we´re having our bitchin´ hour ( 😉 ), the other day best pal&wifey/mother of my godchild visited and after showing this ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSBjEvPH2j4 ) I hinted at MAYBE stop buying fish-sticks out of the northern pacific for a while.
    Went right over her head. My following discussion with her was quickly vacated first by hubby fleeing to my balcony then after a while followed by godson when he had enough . LMAO

    Her highlights: Who cares if it´s irradiated I don´t want to grow THAT old (son sitting right by) – What life is this (without fishsticks and/or watching closer what you eat).
    BTW I was in no way drumming the standard irradiation hysteria drum. Just pointing out the POSSIBLE risks after Fukushima.

    Surreal experience for a (MGTOV)guy like me who doesn´t associate with the wimminz that much.
    And this is actually a pretty cool tomboyish/flirty witty & sarcastic wifey I consider way above the bell curve.

    Comment by hans — August 5, 2012 @ 6:03 pm

  2. Prodigal Son on the Happy Bachelors forum used to work in a UK goverment department and he told the story of how all the men in his department were being driven out one by one. PS himself faced a concerted campaign of harrassment from a number of the women there. He was fortunate to get a transfer out his dept before the women could succeed with their plots. There was only one other man left working there and PS warned him that he would be next.

    Comment by Will — August 5, 2012 @ 8:41 pm

    • One of the women conspiring against PS was actually the female HR manager in his department and she was actually organising/encouraging the other women harrassing him.

      Comment by Will — August 5, 2012 @ 8:59 pm

  3. Why do you even TALK to the bitches, man? It’s like lowering yourself to the level of a child’s intellect. Especially politics. I’d rather just play mysterious so I don’t have to talk to the dumb cunts.

    Comment by Jeremiah — August 6, 2012 @ 3:51 am

  4. “they always without exception put the desired result (a quick wash cycle) in front of everything else, and if there are consequences, then these are simply denied”

    JUST like liberals. That is why I assert that liberalism is nothing but feminization of the culture.

    Comment by Jeremiah — August 6, 2012 @ 3:54 am

  5. Rumor was, this guy ran afoul of his female boss in the state transportation department, ends up with 2 swat teams arresting him and putting in for a psych eval cause he bought some guns after being walked out of the office under guard.


    I think my favorite wimminz in government story is a female city manager who got a female clerk fired because said clerk had seen the married city manager riding the sewer plant manager in the managers office. Woman on woman “hostile work environment” lawsuit ensued. Pay out made, minimal publicity, managers keep jobs but many in the know figure it out. The cuckold hubby finally divorced the gal a few years later.

    Comment by JFP — August 6, 2012 @ 9:27 pm

  6. Sigh. Another indication that my wife was indeed a rare find. She would separate my oily clothes, treat them with Woolite, then fill the washing machine with water and leave them soaking overnight. No stains here! She ironed and sewed, too.
    Mind you, her cooking was one step above TV dinners. I did most of the cooking in self-defense. Still…

    Comment by tweell — August 8, 2012 @ 8:03 am

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