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August 3, 2012

Why skank ho’s be stupid

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I am following on from some comments Hans made about me getting addicted to silky young cunt, but being saved by the bell by the herd intervening.

The herd intervening wasn’t a question of if, but when, and walking away from it unscathed is down to always having your cards on the table, and everything archived to the cloud, nobody is saying dick.

More on this later, but last night being the beginning of the months, I did go through my old contact list to do some filing (never delete, just file them in to “fucked em” and “skank ho” groups and archive) and check up on a couple, both of which I had talked to quite extensively in the past, both of whom only circumstances conspired to stop a meet and fuck, one was a no reply, the other one (deffo Cluster B, but hot.. lol) (yeah, I know) SMS me right back to say “don’t contact me again” shrugs, no problem bitch, your loss…. last time we spoke she was shining about her mother interfering in her life, so yeah, another herd save for the skank ho…

The thing is this, men are hard wired to really like fresh young cunt, and the one Hans was talking about, well, fact is she could have got me… almost certainly… IN THEORY.

I say in theory because all she would have had to do is put the effort in and put me/us first, like that is ever going to happen, the closest wimminz will come nowadays is parallel tracks going in the same direction while it suits them, so in practice getting anything worthwhile or lasting is a non starter.

But, Hans is right… “Danger Will Robinson!”.. the parallel tracks with a wimminz while it suits her is the guaranteed template for future heartache and troubles that all co-habiting and long term boyfriends run in to, only a question of time, because sooner or later those tracks will diverge, and it will be your fault for not following her lead, and if you do, well then you are a creepy stalker, get the fuck out.

Marriage strike, commitment phobe, all the other crap dumped on men, and indeed all the stuff the MRA guys hold up high as signs of victory, are in reality no more than wimminz work.

You cannot commit to, or be with, or marry some psycho skank ho who changes her wants and desires with the wind, and when the herd intervenes to make sure she does change her wants and desires, so the reality is it is not guys on a marriage strike or commitment strike, because lets face it, if the wimminz just picked one tune and stuck to it, they could all be married within a year, simple as….

The wimminz themselves aren’t on a marriage strike, that is way too intellectual for either the herd as a whole or individual members of the herd, temporarily isolated or not.

The wimminz and the herd are however on a quest, they are migrating in search of the lands of princes and yachts and fried snow, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, doesn’t matter what is on offer under their noses, the winds and the horizon are calling.

Men in the pack know there is nothing out there, we are already in the best bit of the valley/basin, sure there are new horizons, but they are successively more arid and desolate, but this little bit of harsh reality has been protected from the herd, who expect the pack to go out and irrigate and grow new savannah, just so the wimminz can turn their noses up at that too, because that is what they have become, fried snow seekers.

The pack is no more able to alter the nature of nature than the herd, if we could change the nature of nature, far easier to change the nature of wimminz (bit like the old joke about the guy who gets three wishes from God, uses two of them up on money and beer, and then asks for a 4 lane road bridge across the Atlantic, God says no fucking way, you any idea how fucking hard it is to do something like that, Guy says ok, give me a loyal woman, God says lets take a look at those bridge plans) but instead all we have done, at the herd request / demand, is isolate the herd from the consequences of their choices and actions.

If you talk to young wimminz in porn they will all without exception say exactly the same thing, the girl on the bed taking 25 cocks isn’t them, it is “Bambi” some sort of alter ego, and Bambi is a persona they put on by choice on shooting day, but it isn’t them, they didn’t really take 25 cocks… take away the lights camera action (eg evidence) and this sort of mentality is suddenly grooming and control and abuse by the nearest cock…. the rest of the herd will agree.

I just look at these young wimminz and think to myself, what a fucking waste, like giving someone a new merc and they never maintain it and smash it up and next thing you know its fit for the scrapheap, but they act like it is an appreciating classic worth more than the new list price, which they never paid anyway….

Sure they will all bang me if I want, but LTR, no, they are all way too good for an old man like me, even before the herd intervenes….. a couple have asked me straight up, what’s the real deal, so I tell them;

  1. By very definition of the fact you are doing this shit means you shouldn’t be allowed to make any choices for yourself, you should be property.
  2. 20 years old and 500 cocks (but only 25 of them count cos the rest were porn) you better take the FIRST fucking offer from a man you get, and be eternally grateful, even if he is 85, wears a daiper, and wants you to rim his ass daily.

At which point they either start laughing or crying, and either way avoid me… with one or two exceptions… remember all these chicks are single moms, so I see one with her two rug rats, both little girls, both raised by the state purse, so she lays some line on me, if I was nicer to her (spent money on her) I could have her any way I wanted…. I dunno, I guess it was a funny day, because instead of laughing I bit…  “Two things…” I said “… number one, anyone who wants you can have you, on camera, any time they  want

Number two … ” and remember this chick is 20 so all these literary / film references whoosh, which makes it even more ironic / funny “ … how much for the little girls? I don’t want to fuck em now, but I’ll book early for discount….oh sorry, did you think they were going to be a fucking lawyer and a vet… instead of following in mummy’s footsteps?

That does it, you just took their delusional illusion and wiped you ass with it, being near you is being near the death of their unicorn, so you are persona non grata…. while their lives follow the exact path you predicted.

Which all brings us all to the kernel of the problem.

Just what, exactly, is intelligence?

A wimminz brain is close enough, but different, to a man’s brain, but lets face it, not many of the niggerz out there display much intelligence either, so while intelligence is a byproduct of the organ we call the brain, it doesn’t appear to be a causal relationship.

There are various maladies that are located in the brain, but that can’t actually be detected by a visual dissection or inspection of the brain, that render the sufferer helpless and requiring the help of others to survive.

We will take one not so hypothetical example, her name is Samantha, her brain as far as anyone can tell is perfect in every way, but she needs help getting washed, dressed, finding her way home….  this would be fine if Sam was 5 years old, but she is 25 years old.

I’ve seen Sam and her same age female carer out and about, damned if you can spot the simpleton, none of the lads who hit on them appear to be able to either, and in fact the carers biggest job is stopping Sam and some random guy from getting it on.

Now, I can see why Sam is not eligible for a drivers licence, but the fact is the driving TEST serves its purpose, Sam could never in a million years pass a driving test, whereas her carer did.

What I don’t see is why Sam does not have the right to vote, but her carer does, when the difference is all apparently based on “intelligence”

While a driving test is mainly a test of physical proficiency, much of modern life is not, lawyers, social workers, office workers, there is not one shred of intelligence required, just some learning by rote, literally anyone can study and pass lawyers exams… just takes time and effort, no skill or intelligence of any kind required.

Which opens a whole tin of worms that the disabled industry is well aware of, Stephen Hawking, wheelchair bound mute dribbling idiot, except he is not, he is beyond all doubt INTELLIGENT.

It is almost like the brain is a muscle, and when it is exercised regularly and well it develops intelligence, and when it isn’t it does not, Hawkings brain, and Sam’s, and her carers, all look the same.

Sams and her carers are the same, never been exercised, in Sam’s case there may be some biochemical switch that does work, so exercise does not produce intelligence, but the end result is the same as Sam’s carers brain, atrophied, and does not produce intelligence.

No man who is a father of boys and who has been there to see, can have failed to notice that by the age of FIVE his sons could out think both their mother and their sisters and their female teachers and every other woman they came across.

Mommy “Johnny, stop using your super soaker to get Tiddles wet!

Johnny “OK mom.. <sigh>

time passes, Johnny and Timmy from next door use their super soakers to get next doors cat Benjamin wet

Mommy “Johnny, I thought I told you not to shoot cats with the soaker!!!!

Johnny, “No mum, you told me not to shoot TIDDLES, me and Timmy were shooting BENJAMIN

You know the rest…

…… and so wimminz be herd animals with low intelligence, because herd life does not exercise the brain, men be pack animals with higher intelligence, because pack life does exercise the brain.

Which leaves us, in the western world in 2012 AD, up shit creek without a paddle.

Because the fact is, it is illegal, with massive real world consequences and penalties, to treat wimminz as anything other than equally intelligent to men, unless said wimminz invoke DV or FRA allegations, in which case they are treated like Sam in the story above…. even though we all know, in 99.999% of cases, Sam in the story above is as intelligent as any other wimminz…

Now, I mentioned in the previous post, at the end, how Nature was going to address the obvious imbalances between the enlarged herds and the decimated packs.

Well, there is one way, and it is “rapid response” because it is already built in to all humans.

HG Wells talked about it, the Morlock and the Eloi, but as politically correct as ever, there were both males and females in both species.

Fact is, the herds, by their very nature of not exercising the brains to produce intelligence, and excising the pack influence which did engender intelligence, are producing skank ho’s like the porn sluts and their ilk.

The Morlock are the wimminz, (and the niggerz) because the fact is, zero intelligence of any kind is required by a wimminz to survive to breed, and Nature being the great economist, does not waste valuable energy on shit that ain’t needed to produce the next generation.

It was only in times of old, pre technology, that a wimminz needed a brain and some pack influence to survive, because she actually had to do various things for herself, in the modern world just being born with a cunt guarantees access to food and shelter and clothing and entertainment.

If we have a global war, the wimminz will have to start toeing the pack line, AND develop intelligence.

If we don’t and instead have a social and technological evolution and perhaps a pandemic, the wimminz will have to start toeing the pack line, and develop LESS intelligence (a stretch I know)

The young wimminz I have been fucking recently, nice young flesh, but you look in their fucking eyes man, I swear to god that I have seen more intelligence in the eyes of a dog or a cow. And I shit you not, and say this not for literary effect, I mean it most sincerely.

I don’t mean incapable through idleness of original thought, such as the 40’s and 50’s wimminz family lawyers and social workers et al.

I mean as dumb as a fucking animal, because those neural pathways were never lit up in the first place.

Their compliance in bed was TOTAL, how the fuck do you think they got kids, got into porn, whatever, and of course when the herd comes along again their compliance is total and immediate… when the slut exhibits compiance to a man, such as me, bad, when the slut exhibits compliance to the herd, good, black is white, two legs bad, four legs good… what about us say the ducks…

It’s not the predatory pack nature of being a man that is really, genuinely, actually, daily, so fucking dangerous for men like us, it is the fucking intellect that it has nurtured within us, the herd could tolerate us while we act as dumb as a sack of kittens, but show any true intellect, and they want nothing less than our eradication.

Intellect is the antidote to herd behaviour, and the herd will tolerate no antidotes.

Smart men will keep below the radar and place the long bet, not on the herd or the pack, but on Nature.


  1. “I don’t mean incapable through idleness of original thought, such as the 40′s and 50′s wimminz family lawyers and social workers et al.

    I mean as dumb as a fucking animal, because those neural pathways were never lit up in the first place.”

    What do you account as being the cause of the difference in intelligence between older and younger women? Is it just the existence of the welfare state or is there something else. It would seem to me to be a change in the environmental factors that older and younger women have been exposed to, which would include upbringing, education, diet,pop culture, welfare state etc. What do you think?

    Comment by Will — August 3, 2012 @ 1:50 pm

    • Got no answers for why, except to observe that “environment” definitely includes daily society and media……

      Comment by wimminz — August 3, 2012 @ 4:46 pm

      • No doubt. Some people have also suggested that certain additives in vacines and/or food such as msg/aspertaine etc are effecting peoples brains.

        Conspiracy theorists like Alan Watt, Michael Tsarion et al claim that there is a deliberate agenda to dumb down the population.

        Comment by Will — August 3, 2012 @ 5:01 pm

        • And if you start licking around on THAT red pill (ex: http://vigilantcitizen.com/pics-of-the-month/symbolic-pics-of-the-month-0812/),
          then you´ll stop calling them that and instead begin calling EVERYBODY ELSE “coincidence theorists” for example.

          BTW another clue-by-4 is still to be found here and there in what the ancients told, as far as it hasn´t been totally perverted by (deliberately)faulty translations.
          Like the Christian original sin concept(though mainly a control-of-sex tool) or for example Chan/Zen´s teaching that it is the male that has THE CHANCE to actually attain so called Enlightenment.
          A small important information that is of course strategically removed from the western circle(wankin´)-meditation halls.
          Them bitches got too much money for that inconvenient truth.
          And of course the wimminz on their ceaseless quest for the next greener esoteric pasture aren´t much too happy about it either, and write countless counter essays. Or rather their niggerz do.

          Comment by hans — August 3, 2012 @ 6:17 pm

          • Hans, you are of course correct. I only refer to term conspiracy theorists for the benefit of agnostics/dis-believers. Of course it doesn’t necessarily mean things are exactly as prominent conspiracy researchers/promoters say – I suspect a certain amount of disinfo mixed into the pot. But theres no smoke without fire as the saying goes.

            Eye and Pyramid symbols are everywhere in the media and popular culture, politicians doing masonic hand signs etc.

            Comment by Will — August 3, 2012 @ 6:52 pm

    • Pop culture is a huge influence. It’s the modern rule set for the global/national herd and obviously the people pulling the strings want them to be dumb consumers. I’d imagine that if a young woman wanted to go into a worthwhile intellectual pursuit the other women her age and even female relatives would scorn her for it.
      It always amazes me that mothers essentially teach their daughters to just be sex objects. I think Esther Vilar says it in her book ‘The manipulated man’, something along the lines of “By the time a girl is 12 she is being taught soley how to prostitue herself”.
      Daughter – Mum! I want to
      Mum – Oh no, you don’t want to do that. Here, let me show you how to put your hair in pigtails, boys like that!

      Comment by Maigo — August 3, 2012 @ 4:59 pm

  2. Glad to have inspired one of your famous word-walls. 😉

    Great read, and very apt metaphor of Eloi for the brainwashed manginas. So much potential (thus danger for the elites) squandered on desperately aping the herd for a whiff of pussy.

    Thankfully it only needs a surprisingly few to actually get shit done.

    Comment by hans — August 3, 2012 @ 6:33 pm

  3. I have my doubts about the idea that Nature will somehow “restore the balance” through a pandemic or a world war or something.
    So far as Nature is concerned, there are 7 billion of us, so we must be doing very well. If our numbers can increase even while our population gets progressively dumber, does intelligence actually constitute “fitness”?
    I don’t think Nature is going to step in and start selecting for intelligence again until after we pass through some kind of catastrophic failure and intelligence is required simply to survive. You could say that it is inevitable that this will happen eventually – but inevitable is not the same as imminent.

    It seems to me that the dumbing down process is a product of our ability to leverage the intelligence of progressively smaller pool of intelligent people – engineers and technicians etc. With increasing automation and efficiency, you need a progressively smaller pool of people who actually know how to think, and everyone else can let their brains atrophy. If this process is occurring on a global scale, and you are moving towards the maximum achievable automation,and your machines are getting cheaper to replicate so you don’t bother really fixing anything, you just swap out components, you eventually end up with a situation where you can keep society running with 0.1% of the population, and the other 99.9% can basically be mindless.

    The intelligence of the human race might actually be increasing in this scenario, because you are increasingly leveraging the 0.1% who actually capable of problem solving, so you can create technnologies you could only dream of a few decades before. But average intelligence will be declining because it isn’t required for survival.

    The obvious problem with such a society is that it is very brittle. There’s intelligence, but there’s no depth of intelligence. If anything ever happens to interfer with your systems for leveraging the intelligence of the few, you are screwed, because there is no redundancy in the system. It works until it doesn’t, and when it fails it is likely to fail catastrophically. And the most obvious threat to the system is that the 99.9% who don’t understand or care how they are dependant on the 0.1% for survival have a voice and a vote and will eventually break it.

    It seems obvious that eventually there will be a crisis that creates a catastrophic failure. But from what I can see justice is not a big part of history, so I’m reluctant so say that this is going to happen soon. I think there is scope for the system to get a lot more crazy and unsustainable before it actually fails. It depends on what sort of shocks turn up in the next few decades.

    Comment by ThousandMileMargin — August 4, 2012 @ 1:27 am

    • You’ll like this vid: Joe Rogan: You Are Not Smart You Just Buy Stuff from Smart People: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGkmdvfHy7c

      “If I left you alone in the woods with a hatchet, how long before you can send me an email?”

      Comment by Epoché — August 4, 2012 @ 8:38 am

      • That depends on how much copper and other minerals are in the ground, and how well i can learn to whistle packet radio.. lulz.

        Comment by Digger Nick — August 4, 2012 @ 6:28 pm

  4. And on a lighter note, I like it when they scream: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQY56MX1QAc


    Comment by hans — August 4, 2012 @ 3:27 am

    • Oh yeah, scary rides and scary movies are definitely ‘gina tinglers for young wimminz… PS: Love the set of lungs on that half-Paki girl on the left… her full-throated screaming REALLY jacks up her blouse bunnies in an appealing way. Need to thank her mum for grooming her for skank-ho-dom. ;’)

      Comment by DGAF in Miami — August 4, 2012 @ 7:47 pm

    • That makes me want some young pussy. If only I had been born a caveman. Wouldn’t have to waste time charming some stupid whore I found in the forest, I’d just take her up against a tree and be done with it. It’s pretty stupid we have to waste time even talking to them these days to get laid.

      Comment by Jeremiah — August 4, 2012 @ 8:00 pm

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