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July 23, 2012

How bad is it?


Fact is, few of us get directly exposed to how bad things are at the bleeding edge of sexuality, and remember, the bleeding edge is teenagers, so while those of us in our 40’s for example look at other men and wimminz in their 40’s and think they know how bad it is, to get the real picture you have to be able to cross that generational divide and get to know their offspring.

As all my long time readers will know, I’ve been around the seedier side of life and seen things like the porn industry up close, and am quite content to use PoF or indeed chance encounters in bars to pork all sorts of female flesh, including the very young.

Feminazi rhetoric aside, the porn industry and indeed the sex industry is top to bottom heavily invested with wimminz in positions of authority and control, those “swingers clubs” and pole dancing clubs where there are young girls working, most of whom will sooner or later succumb to the temptation and start offering “extras”…. it’s one short step from there to hardcore porn (and no, softcore porn is the apex fallacy of the penthouse playmate of the month) and it is a score of smaller “studios” recruiting in the rich fields of the club scene, and the only thing that pays is hardcore, no one is making softcore.

And so you have 18 year old girls working in a club, within a couple of months they are doing “extras” and within a couple more months they are whores in all but name turning up to half a dozen tricks a day, and within a couple more months they are making porn.

Porn means bukkake and gangbang shoots, and shoots means pretty much one a month, so anything from 15 to 30 guys per shoot, sometimes girl on girl, you know the score.

yeah, they make “some” money, but none of these chicks have a decent car much less a flash car, none of them have fuck off stereos, mega computers, Vogue style penthouse flats…. most of them actually have a kid or two at home.

So, a few more months pass by and it is one day before their 20th birthday, so technically they are still teenagers.

Anyone want to guess how many cocks they have had? Especially pertinent question for any niggerz with daughters…. talk about fucking denial.

If you picked any number lower than 250/300 you found one of the girls on the low side of the curve…. some of the more fuckable ones are getting through that many in a single year, and by 20 they are pretty much coming to the end of their brief three year hardcore porn career.

Not least of which because of the medical problems… I know people who work in medicine, they are all reporting a DRAMATIC surge in things like cervical cancer in late teens wimminz, of course taking 250 cocks a year will do that to you, but unless you talk to people working in medicine you kind of hear in the background something about wimminz and cancer rates rising, and something else in the background blaming the pill or the plastic food comes in or some such shit.

By the way, if you think this is 1 in 10,000 young chicks falling astray like this, you’d be sadly mistaken…. the sheer quantities of hardcore porn being made on a local regional basis in terms of hours of video shot per DAY will blow your mind…. plus there is the ripple effect, those around the scene, girls I mean, who know friends who do it, girls who consume porn (this is MOST of them BTW, despite what you have been told… men didn’t buy 50 shades) and the beat goes on.

I *know* some of these chicks, and TO ME they will readily admit that they tell the live in boyfriend of even husband about the 10 guys and 2 girls they have had relationships with before he came along, and completely omit all mention of the 250 guys in the 10 gangbang movies they made…

And of course this is the digital age, gone are the days when you had to be the type to own an 8mm cine projector and send off to Amsterdam for some film of 20 minutes of porn on super 8…… the chances of seeing anyone you knew on screen were basically zero… nowadays it is all digital baby and we are entering a new age with photo search and facial recognition…

Sucks to find your sweet and innocent wife and mum of your children in multiple videos taking on two football teams at a time.

Sucks more to wait a few years and find your own mum doing the same.

So the hardcore porn chick is TOWARDS one end of the scale of “How bad is it” not AT the limit, just over towards that end of the range, and what we will really need to concern ourselves with is the mid range girls, the ones most likely to be daddy’s princess (actually the porn chick is as likely to be daddy’s princess as anyone else) that all the 40’s mothers and father will be talking about, or rather the ones the IMAGINE when they are talking about their actual offspring

Well, fact is they all went to the same school as the porn chick, grew up in the same environment, were exposed to the same memes, and all this exposure for what is for them 100% of their lives

It soon becomes blatantly obvious, that whatever these mainstream young chicks are, one they are NOT, sure as shit ain’t shinola, is innocent and pure little convent girls.

Which brings me to these girls themselves;

So lets take two examples, one chick just turned 20 and worked in porn etc, had 250 cocks, well call her Sue, and her school friend Diane, who didn’t work in porn but has had 50 cocks.

Well Diane is pretty much fucked as far as guys her own age are concerned, she is pump and dump material, but she does have young firm flesh, so she might have some longer term SMV to an older man who has himself had a few cunts, and to whom a cock count of 50 is not of itself too extreme… sure, he will still see her as a filthy little whore, but there is some SMV there for some guys.

Sue on the other hand has things a lot tougher, with a cock count of 250, she has already had more cock than what most men will assume a 50 year old slapper has been though, so by definition the guys has to be at least 40, he also has to have pretty much been everywhere, seen everything, done everything, and it gets even worse, because he also have to believe internally in stuff like “you poke a hole with a stick, you’ll never wear the hole out” which means he has to be a 55 gallon red pill eater, and still he is not going to see her as anything but a filthy little whore, so to have any hope with this guy, Sue will need to hold that same opinion of herself.

The thing that 99% of men will never get, and by definition this includes many nameless posters on the Spearhead and MGTOW forums and Roissy etc, is this;

Diane with her 50 cock count is probably still a delusional little entitlement pwincess, however there is a slim possibility that Sue with her 250 cock count, despite being the same age as Diane and from the same place and background, has had to do that little thing known as growing the fuck up.

It’s not certain by any means, or even likely, but it is possible… I have met a couple of these late teen porn girls who have grown up a million times more than their own mothers, who in their 40’s and 50’s are still delusional entitlement princesses…

Growing up isn’t just about age, nor is it solely based on experience, but it is impossible without personal experience, first hand, and some of these young girls at the bleeding edge certainly are getting that experience…

As time start getting a lot tougher down at the bleeding edge, some of these girls are starting to grow up into adults… sadly not before they have almost destroyed themselves, but at least it is a start and perhaps a sign of things to come when the economy crashes.



  1. What will even suck more for these former porn queens is that when they try for that nice cushy guvinmint job, they will just get looked up on the NSA dossier (say “thank you facebook”) and probably marked for “special occasions”.

    Though who knows, maybe even the alphabet soup agencies have standards. Over half a thousand cocks and not even they are taking you? LAWL!

    Comment by hans — July 24, 2012 @ 11:51 am

    • Guess I’ll have to offer them all part time positions polishing my cock…

      Comment by wimminz — July 24, 2012 @ 12:32 pm

  2. I’m a first time commenter here. I’m a 44 year old White non-Hispanic American man who is a also a U.S. Army Veteran and a a veteran of the Iraq(2003-2011) and Afghanistan(2001-present day) Wars. I’m out of the Army now. You are right that most can not believe how hedonistic the youngsters sexual lives are. Most can not believe how bad it is to be a young man in today’s sexual climate either. I second what you say. I have horror stories you would not believe of how the wimminz treat the men in uniform. I heard it’s the same with your British military too.

    Comment by doclove — July 24, 2012 @ 11:56 pm

    • lost track of how many royal marines have told me that the first friday after their husbands have been shipped out the wives are all up at the club, en masse, looking to fuck……. and of course it *always* ends in divorce…

      Comment by wimminz — July 25, 2012 @ 7:08 am

      • It amazes me how stupid the wimminiz are. I was a POG, Person Other than Grunt, which means I was combat support not combat arms in the U.S. Army. the same term would apply to U.S. Marines too. Actually the only U.S. Air Force who are definitely not thought of POGs are Para Rescue Jumpers(PJs) and the only U.S. Navy which are definitely not thought of as POGs are Navy SeALs. U.S. Army Special Forces(Green Berets), U.S. Navy SeALs, and U.S. Air Force PJs are all in Special Operations and are some of the strongest, fastest, toughest, most disciplined, smartest, most dangerous and most violent men anyone will ever come accross. They are more or less the equivelent of British Royal Marines and British Army Special Air Services(SAS). Anyone in their right mind doesn’t want to mess with military even the POGs like me because they have been trained to kill. The Combat Arms military such as Infantry, Tankers, Field Artillery and Cavalry Scouts have been trained to be better at it. The Special Operations Forces have been trained to be better at it than even Combat Arms military. I think you should check out American stand up Comedian Bill Burr. The Wimmiz have no idea of how strong men are and how much men restrain themselves from hurting women and wimminiz. All of these cheating cuckolding whores deserve at minimum to be slapped around the room with no legal reprecussions to their military husbands. Ah, but that won’t happen because we live in the USA or the UK or any other anglosphere country and Western and 1st world Country(e.g. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore) with increasing levels of cunt whore logic. The Anglossphere and Nordic countries are the Worst followed by other Western Countries and finally followed by the East Asian countries I mentioned as far as cunt whore logic being propogated and followed.

        Comment by doclove — July 25, 2012 @ 7:02 pm

  3. The whoredom is sad enough. The fact that “just turned eighteen” girls can net $1,000+ for a shoot, attractive girls between 20-30 can earn $500-$1,000+ for a scene and 30+ year old women can get paid $500+ a scene, yet even the most prolific stars leave the business with pennies is pathetic.

    In the olden days, a woman whose services commanded those types of prices would retire rich (if not wealthy.) Even a middle-to-low level prostitute could save enough to open a shop for her dotage (and if she were any good, she’d be able to hold onto at least a few of her more ardent admirers for rainy-day/”I feel lonely and I’m running a special” sex/coffer support.) Yet, despite the fact that a once-a-month star can earn tens of thousands of dollars if she’s dirty enough, they leave the business with almost nothing (even if they avoid drugs and alcohol.) Whoredom is a fact of life, but stupid is unforgiveable…

    Tl;dr-if you’re going to have sex for money, you should have the sense to put some of it away for a rainy day. Men have and always will take a chance on an attractive whore who owns something tangible, they won’t take a chance on a whore who’s profit from her activities are a non-functional uterus and a stick of gum.

    Comment by MaMu1977 — July 25, 2012 @ 11:47 pm

    • apex fallacy, you might see chicks getting 1,000 a shoot *IF* they are a solid 10 and it is a known studio, I’ve met chicks who did a different gangbang every fortnight for 250 UK Pounds, no rights or royalties apart from the fee… then a year down the line they find the guys banging them are recruited from the so called swinging scene and paying 25 each to the boyfriend/manager/arranger/cameraman, and then knocking out the dvd as well, and when that is out selling it to pornhub and xxxhamster and anyone who will pay 25 for it.

      then they wake up one day and EVERYONE from kids in school on up know her as “gangbang sally” or whatever porn search term works

      and they ALL have fucking kids by multiple fathers, because despite what they (men with hardons) say at the time, ___NO___ man wants to stick with them.. lol

      Comment by wimminz — July 25, 2012 @ 11:59 pm

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