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July 10, 2012

Udder sizes

I have literally no idea how many wimminz tits I have seen, sucked, bitten, squeezed, etc.

Being a man, I will be the first to admit that wimminz dress sizes mean nothing to me, a fact not helped by the typically wimminz thing where any given dress size is actually a variable, so what hangs on a rack in a shop today with a Size 12 label could well have been called a Size 14 or more only a decade or so ago.

Being a man, one thing I do understand is 36-24-36, and C cup.

That shit all makes perfect sense to me and I can picture it accurately…

Something else I know is that all wimminz know a good set of udders is always a plus point in the SMV (Sexual Market Value) stakes.

Which is why, all wimminz, without fucking exception, lie about the size of their udders.

You know when you go into a shop to buy a paper, and the shopkeeper gives you the wrong change… well, that shit can happen, but when every time you go into a shop, and every shop you go into all give you the wrong change, and that wrong change is ALWAYS in their favour, then it is no longer carelessness or stupidity… it is policy.

Now I myself may not be a horse, but I am reasonably well endowed, and like all men I have taken a tape measure to it and know how long it is on average and how thick it is, and so I went though a period where I was basically asking wimminz prior to fucking them and at around about the exchanging dirty pics by MS stage, what size cocks they had had in the past.

Then I would meet / meat these wimminz in the flesh, and they would generally (not all) make some comment about my size, such as “you’re bigger than my ex and he had eight inches

So I’d look at mine and imagine something smaller and wonder how her ex arrived at a length of eight inches, did the guy measure from his asshole forwards or what???

And then as you do eventually you start meeting one or two of your fellow sperm  brothers who have pumped and dumped the same skank ho’s, some before you, some after, and sooner or later the conversation goes around to this very subject.

Now, prior to this point, I just assumed guys were lying to get laid, in the same way that wimminz lied about their udder sizes, and why not…

But when you start to have the conversations, all I found was guys being very candid and honest, with a mean/median number of anglo saxon white guys stating that their cock was between 5.5 and 6 inches in length, which ties in EXACTLY with every physical study ever made (ps these same studies show that anglo saxon males have the biggest cocks on the planet ON AVERAGE, bigger than wogs, bigger than anyone else) and all of them flatly denied lying to the wimminz to get laid.

Then I met one, then another, who had pumped and dumped two different sluts right after me, and sure enough, they were told that her last “beau”, me, had a monster cock… now I KNOW I didn’t fucking lie to the bitches.

I then started talking to these sperm brothers and thinking about wimminz and their cunts, and they all claimed to have small neat and tight cunts, including those wimminz who had had a string of womb turds and whom I could fist with no lube, and how they were all shocked and disbelieving when I told them that no, men did not all want tight virginal twats, most of us were quite happy to play with a large cunt that could take a horse quite easily… provided she was kinky and obedient and didn’t yap.

It all seemed very counter intuitive, as a man you would suspect the wimminz would all claim that the (very few.. lol) previous cocks they had had were pencil dicked mofos, and of my god what a cock you real man you… but no…

So then I started talking to a couple of wimminz I know, who are pretty grounded in reality and pretty honest (yeah, I know, but they are both unfuckable…) and they both said the exact same thing.

To a wimminz, fucking a guy who “only” had a very slightly below average five inch cock was a direct reflection upon her own worth, when it came to talking to other wimminz, and this is where the penny dropped, the wimminz on the wine with the other wimminz comparing slut stories was behind all this, and none of them would willingly admit to being fucked by a “mere” five inch cock.

Hence, “Yeah, vince is going bald and has a beer gut and drives a citroen and has a loser job as something in IT, but he has a nine inch cock and can breathe through his ears”

At which I perked up, and the next night back with the sperm brother shooting the shit, I remembered this comment during all the “Yeah, Suzy, did you ass to mouth her dude?” contrast and compare stories, and said wait a minute, I have a question for y’all.

Can we come up, between us, with 50 unique individual wimminz that we have between us fucked in the past year or so… yes, lets each of us hold the memory of those wimminz in our heads for a moment, now the question, which is in two parts.

1/ How many of them did you go down on (cunnilingus) at all?

2 How many of them did you go down on PROPERLY till they came?

Now, see previously, according to the wimminz it was all of us, and I always assumed I was a bit weird because I have only ever done it to perhaps 4 wimminz in my entire life, only once each, and when I was *much* younger, but at the time I knew a couple of guys who claimed to be totally fucking apeshit for eating cunt.. but they were both Marines… lol

NONE of these guys went down on any of the wimminz they had been with in the past year, not even for one second. Every single one of them had a “eww fucking yuk” expression, I may as well have come back from the toilet with my kaks around my ankles and said there was no toilet paper, would they lick my ass clean.

By then one of the aforementioned wimminz had joined us, and dropped a bombshell, and then another far bigger one.

First she said that you know all this shit about how all men lie to all wimminz all the time, well the truth is all wimminz lie to all other wimminz all the fucking time, ESPECIALLY about men/sex with men.

Well, no prizes or surprises there.

Then she said why the fuck do you guys think some wimminz become lesbians, and no not lesbians generally, but butch / on top / dominant lesbians….

To get someone to lick their cunt on demand, because lets face it, the “feminine” lesbian parter is a wimminz, and all she has heard is lies from other wimminz on how men eat cunt for a passtime…. so she is just doing what she has been told all men do… and the only way she will ever find out different is by fucking a series of men.

“Oh fuck” I said, because I just then connected the dots, the wimminz who had been saying this, the wimminz who as I said previously was unfuckable but reasonably well grounded and reasonably honest, the wimminz who basically hated all other wimminz, was an ex fucking lesbian “bottom”….

Lesbian “tops” are the ones who get the surgically enhanced breasts… lol



  1. Seems logical to me that I should measure from the prostate forward. Funny how the less money a man has the bigger his girlfriend says his dick is huh? I don’t know why this isn’t the most popular blog in the “Manoshpere”. Love this stuff.

    Comment by Marcus Buster — July 10, 2012 @ 5:11 pm

    • I am always reminded of a very old joke about a man and a women who get naked in the bedroom, she looks at his 4 inch dick and sneers, “Who are you going to satisfy with that?” she says

      “Me!” he replies, with a shit eating grin.

      I actually knew one guy (we used to call him horse) who was a genuine 10 inches, measured along the TOP of his cock, and he lamented to me one night “can you imagine only ever being able to get half or two thirds of it in” and I took his point… horse eventually settled down with a rough looking rode hard and hung up wet C list porn star whose stock in trade was inserting insanely huge things in her cunt and ass, including disappearing an entire 12 inch double ender up her ass… I never envied the guy

      Comment by Wimminz — July 10, 2012 @ 5:20 pm

  2. I always thought that I was the weird guy who wouldn’t go down on a woman. Anything that gets that many yeast infections, thrush, UTIs etc – I’m not putting my mouth near

    Your site isn’t the most PC on the web (LMAO), but you do tell it straight. I love this site

    Comment by hadenuffbs — July 11, 2012 @ 2:03 pm

  3. To paraphrase a famous Marine, “Only whores and queers like big dicks!” 😉

    But seriously, I almost consider these pornstar sized fleshtubes a deformity.
    Nothing but a nuisance in every way.
    And when one considers that the male penis is formed to mainly scoop sperm OUT of the vag .. one starts to wonder.

    Interesting theory on them wimminz hating wimminz. I always thought they just couldn´t fit in with the pony herd, never considered the sexual angle.
    Maybe there was even some involuntary “bottoming” involved?
    Pretty sure ALL the gentlemen here are aware of who REALLY is so very fond of the whole rape thing.

    Comment by hans — July 12, 2012 @ 2:24 am

  4. This is a very interesting article, and nothing like anything I’ve ever seen on sites like heartiste.

    I noticed early on that whenever I bedded a broad of a certain psychological type, she’d make comments like “O Boxer! It’s so big!” I had always assumed this to be a certain shade of chickie theatre, designed to stroke my ego into sticking around for a while. A sexual marker that says “you’re not like the other five hundred guys I’ve had flings with, you’re *spay-shul* and like that…” I never believed anything a woman told me anyway, and always looked for the angle behind every statement made.

    In fact, those bitches were nearly all the gossipy type broads, with various insecurities, which fits the complex into this marvelous extended constellation you’ve laid out.

    Comment by Boxer — July 13, 2012 @ 8:14 pm

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