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July 4, 2012

Genetic Engineering

No, I am not so much thinking of gene splicing in a lab, or come to that the OMD track, but rather the real world experiments that is life itself.

Once notable thing that the feminazis and niggerz have inscribed into their DNA is the belief that they can, like some large corporation, externalise everything they don’t like or want.

The trouble with externalising everything is that it is only a workable policy in the short term, if you take the longer term you can see a multi-stepped chain of cause and effect in say, externalising the costs of making iCrap products in China.

Nota Bene, I am NOT talking about offshoring, which is a purely economic thing, Hung Pow will work for 5 bucks a day and no medicare or anything else, that is offshoring… externalising is when you follow Hung Pow home at night and see the migrant workers slums he lives in, then the next link in the chain to the subsistence farmers who used to work that land, then the next link in the chain to the extreme density and proximity of people and livestock, humans / pigs / chickens, and next thing you know Bird Flu jumps a species barrier again, and that gets shipped back to the USA/EMEA along with the boxes of new iCrap products.

My psycho skank ho ex and the secret family courts think the actions that they have taken, and the attitude that they have forced me to adopt in response, is the end of that particular story… instead it is just the beginning of a much longer and more complex story.

My psycho skank ho ex and the secret family courts think the actions that they have taken, and the attitude that they have forced me to adopt in response, isn’t going to propagate any further changes in the world, or to anyone else, least of all by some circuitous route back to them, now that THEY have stopped what THEY were doing, instead that too is just the beginning of a much longer and more complex set of consequences.

Just as in the crammed together humanity and livestock in China, afterwards you can’t really establish a patient zero, it is more of case of if you encourage, either by action or inaction, by direct control or by direct externalisation, such living conditions, it is more a case of when, rather than if, Bird Flu #3 jumps the species barrier, so the identity and personality and so on of patient zero is not relevant, because any one of the people forced to live like that could become patient zero.

Of course, it was a man, Newton, who coined the phrase “Every action has a reaction”, so it should not come as a huge surprise that the wimminz and niggerz do not, and will not, understand this…

But nevertheless, it is fact, and we are indulging in MASSIVE social and genetic and psychological and indeed economic experimentation, upon ourselves as a whole.

In truth, it is even worse than this, we are not making one change, then taking notes and incorporating these findings into the next phase of treatment, what we are doing is simply doubling down every time we note that the desired end result has not yet materialised.

2 pills didn’t work, lets try 4, that didn’t work, lets try 8, that didn’t work, lets try 16, patients start dying of overdoses, well there was obviously something ELSE wrong with them, for them to have had such an unusual reaction, rinse and repeat.

Sooner or later you get to the stage that we are in now.

Where nobody who is alive is old enough to remember the average “control” status of things, before this great experiment started…..

… and then you get the flipside of this, I was born in the fifties, and I can barely open a so called “news” article and not come across the phrase “… since records began in xxxx” where xxxx is something like 1985, when I was already a man with a trade ploughing my own furrow in this wacky world…

Because of course any evidence that contradicts the aims of the current experiment must simply be erroneous data, so we discard it, hell, lets just discard EVERYTHING that does not fit in with the aims of the experiment.

Idiocracy was SUPPOSED to be a fucking comedy, not a guide book…

So now we are in a place where those running the ongoing experiment are themselves products of an earlier stage of that same experiment, the nearest thing to “control factors”, people like us, have opted out and bailed out, preferring to watch the slow motion train crash from the very rear of car #99 at the back of the train, let all the asshole experimenters ride in first class up the front…

all of which brings us to the other player, the one behind the curtain, the one with the 5 MILLION year plan, nature.

Nature is like the Chinese… if YOU think those fuckers are playing the loooooong game, you should see it from THEIR side, 2,000 year old experiments with fiat currency and 200 year old experiments with leveraged western banking systems are not something that they are on the outside of looking in.

The Chinese are in Africa in a big way, and they are in Africa the way the white man was at the beginning, accepting that the black african native is both lazy and stupid, and importing their own labour.

The Chinese are building ready made cities in Angola, urbanisations that will house 75/100 thousand people, built in exchange for local mineral resources, and these places stand empty, because the locals cannot afford them, so they sit there, waiting… waiting…

Until the west starts to collapse properly and we can no longer afford to project military and economic might, and suddenly 100,000 Chinese will move into that empty urbanisation and then it is game over for the Angolans, excepting a few corrupt politicians and generals, who will be enjoying themselves in Acapulco spending Chinese money.

Meanwhile back home here in the west, Nature will continue her experiment, and when the wimminz and niggerz want to stop and wind back the clock, Nature will step in and press the pedal to the metal, and it will be a very bad time to be a wimminz or a niggerz, sat screaming in first class at the front of the train as it rushes headlong into the buffers.


  1. So when do the Chinese decide to use their $ and EU bombs and blow the hell out of our “markets”? They’ll have to do it soon if they want to use that weapon to most effect. They are going to shift over to global mercantilism and none of the global resources now available to the west are ever actually going to make it to market. From South America, Western Canada to Africa they are monopolizing the resource fields while the West is pretending to have an economy by playing with fiat currencies and debt. I’ll guarantee that when it happens that it will be at the absolute worst time for the West and an optimal time for taking down the remaining detritus of our “economies”.

    Comment by I Art Laughing — July 4, 2012 @ 6:20 pm

    • Don’t think they are interested in our markets, think they are just grabbing resources and expanding the way the english did to turn the globe half pink…

      Comment by wimminz — July 4, 2012 @ 6:50 pm

      • Their participation in our markets is only so they can use our debt against us and completely rupture what is left of our currencies. The west is dreaming if they ever thought that the Chinese were free marketeers.

        Comment by I Art Laughing — July 4, 2012 @ 7:19 pm

  2. A bad tree does not bear good fruit. Feminism was never about equal opportunity at its core, but about whatever women(at least the marginal majority) happen to want/need at any time.

    Comment by jupiviv — July 5, 2012 @ 3:16 pm

  3. I have often noted this very thing to my parents. No one…NO ONE…is going to get out of the consequences of this; least of all those who perpetuated it. They are subject to the same laws of cause and effect that everything else is, and at the end of the day, they bleed and die like the rest of us. When the cool shit starts breaking down, they’ll have no one to repair it and nothing to replace it. No one to fabricate the parts. No way to innovate new ways of doing things. All those people will be either in hiding (if they’re smart) or dead (if they’re not or unlucky). Slaves don’t…CAN’T…do any of the above and automation only works as long as the people who will be either dead or gone by this point are taking care of it. No amount of coercion brought down upon the sheeple will change these simple facts.

    That was the great thing about the novel 1984. What you saw there, while insanely horrible, was only transitory. Something like that has no ability to sustain itself. The people in charge as much subject to party dogma as the personnel in the party itself, though at least they were honest about this. They just believed, as our glorious elite does, that the consequences do not apply to them, as if they (in the case of the party) were gods sitting upon gilded thrones looking down upon the unwashed masses, and able to do to them whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, however they wanted. But when the factories break, the robots bust, the ability to actually conceive of the idea of fixing something in a new way…or Hell, just fixing something…is no longer there…what then? How will they do any of that? And when this great sea of organisms realize that food isn’t getting to their plate…how long before they turn on each other…and eventually those who claim to be our masters..who claim to be our gods? I wouldn’t eat them myself, they’re probably pretty tasteless and stringy, but hey, maybe if I’m hungry enough I’ll change my mind.

    Nature’s a bitch and has bigger nukes than us. Only a complete and total dumbass forgets this.

    Comment by Diabolos — July 6, 2012 @ 7:14 pm

    • You actually believe this is not part of the plan?
      If even 10% of the crap so called conspiracy theorists spout is to believed, then these people have been manipulating humanity for more than just a couple of centuries.
      “THEY” know very fucking well what happens when you give wimminz more power then men. Or what happens before, during and after a societal breakdown. Our monkey brains are not a big mystery to these guys.

      We are dealing with a psychopath mindset that LIVES the “if I can´t have it, nobody will” mantra. Their minions know this very well and cover before it (some in awe, some in fear or insane).

      Right now it´s a race between enough of “the pajama people” waking up, or them pulling the trigger. And quit frankly the wimminz are actually helping.
      Because this guy: http://imgur.com/r/funny/5yKuy
      will care fucking less what some wimminz and their state niggerz think of him. Somebody who has nothing to loose will act totally different than your average “family guy”.

      Comment by hans — July 8, 2012 @ 8:50 pm

      • lmfao…classic pic…

        Comment by Wimminz — July 8, 2012 @ 8:53 pm

      • If the late Phil schnieder is to be believed the elites have approx 3500 DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) worldwide capable of housing between 5 – 10,000 each.Do the math, thats between 10 – 20 million people, enough for the elites and their minions and military.

        Comment by Will — July 12, 2012 @ 8:30 pm

        • Mind you Phil Schnieder also claimed that the elites are co-operating with reptilian aliens who live underground on this planet on a conspiracy to cull the human population down to 500 million people. So make of that what you will.

          Comment by Will — July 12, 2012 @ 8:40 pm

  4. I found this video on youtube, purporting to show a ghost town built by the Chinese in Luanda, the Angolan capital, the way you described it:

    Having worked in multinational corporations, I came to the realization that many, if not most, Orientals hate the White Man. Koreans are probably the worst (I am talking about the inclusive, tolerant, multicultural environment of a multinational corporation in the US). White people should not forget, however, that at least when it comes to China, their hatred of the White Man is based on historical events. If I am not mistaken, many white countries attacked China around 1905. Also, didn’t the British push opium into the Chinese society, starting around 1840?

    But there is a lot of hatred among the Orientals themselves: Chinese and Koreans hate the Japanese because the Japanese ravaged China and Korea in WW II.

    Oriental men may also hate white men because a lot of Oriental women prefer white men. Just a thought.

    So, yes, I agree with you that the Chinese are biding their time, patiently waiting until the so-called west bankrupts itself into oblivion.

    PS. Since, as you say, you have been around the world, what do you think of Oriental women? Skank ho’s are skank ho’s?

    Comment by Tim — July 10, 2012 @ 4:56 am

    • Yeah, albeit all true about how the British empire once fucked the Orient. It just won´t fly with me anymore as a “good reason” for the Asians hating on the “round eyes/long noses”.
      Nah, this is all due to good old fashioned greed and envy.
      Asians well fucking understand that they can´t innovate themselves out of a wet paper bag. They can study and follow the rules like a motherfucker, just like our wimminz btw.
      But come up with something ground breaking new? Not the product of constant robotic iteration of tried known concepts?

      This always WAS the forte of the “old” west, when there were enough truly educated men around and the control system still wasn´t that finely tuned to stifle truly revolutionary (thus dangerous) technical concepts. Though it was by no means all free either, even back then(see Tesla).

      As for these ghost cities. VERY interesting indeed.
      Without a doubt some of these are the result of the Chinese Polit Bureau trying to (desperately?) fudge the numbers with a housing bubble. On the other hand they ARE dealing with an order of magnitude higher population numbers than the rest of the world.
      I guess they could fill up a couple of these cities easily with their surplus wandering workers alone.

      Having them cities pop up in Africa though is a completely different game. I´m sure US-Africom already noticed.

      Comment by hans — July 10, 2012 @ 10:42 am

  5. “what we are doing is simply doubling down every time we note that the desired end result has not yet materialised.”

    Yeah, really. They’re doing the same things and expecting something different. Just like the manginas in the “MRM” who insist women deserve “equal rights” even though they can see before their very eyes what that leads to. The worst ones are older guys who have daughters, who delude themselves into thinking they’re different. It’s really fucking stupid especially because they are really just condemning their daughters to a lot of suffering by refusing to recognize that women are inferior and must be subservient to men for the good of all involved, or THIS SOCIETY is what results.

    Those men disgust me. Their lack of honor. Especially considering I helped them out quite a bit in the past, and then they turn on me because they can’t see the truth about their precious little angel. Disrespectful pieces of shit. In another world they’d be shot dead for acting that fucking way with other guys.

    Comment by Jeremiah — July 26, 2012 @ 12:23 pm

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