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June 25, 2012

The 55 gallon red pill.

Since I have just about been asked for the 99th time so far this year, fuck it, this is where I alienate EVERYONE, with the biggest and baddest red pill on planet earth.

Leave now, and read no further, unless you want your mind altered forever…

Still here?

OK, here we go then.

Hopefully you will have accepted by now that AWALT, All Wimminz Are Like That, and internalised the consequences of that realisation.

Thing is, the rabbit hole goes MUCH deeper, and that is where we are going now, what makes AWALT.

What has really prompted the !99! similar questions, is the never ending succession of wimminz in the news and in trouble for fucking their students, fucking their sons, fucking the neighbourhood donkey, fucking the local football team in a gang-bang, etc etc.

I have at one time or another fucked just about every type of wimminz out there, and I have come to the conclusion that deep down, for values of deep that may vary from needing a glass of vodka to needing no excuse at all, all wimminz will fuck absolutely anything, no limits whatsoever.

Where the 55 gallon red pill comes into play is all wimminz know this, to them it is like the little devil on their shoulder whispering in their ear, and on the other shoulder is the little devil of public perception, telling her not to do that, because it will make her a slut in they eyes of other wimminz.

So all wimminz are constantly torn, like an alcoholic working as a bartender, between this one voice telling them to drink the fucking place dry, and the other voice warning them that nobody likes a lush for a bartender.

It is this constant internal conflict that makes the wimminz crazy, and is the supercharged big block driving their hamster wheel, and this is where all their projection onto evil men and dead beat dads and paedophiles and rapists come from, the wimminz just naturally assume that men will do these things, because after all, THEY would.

Once you swallow THIS 55 gallon red pill, ALL the wimminz psycho behaviour becomes apparent, when one wimminz discovers another wimminz has been fucking her man, blame the man, because there is no point blaming the other wimminz (hate on her by all means) because the other wimminz is driven by the same urges to fuck anything.

There used to be an old series of adverts for a vermouth with the brand name of Cinzano.

The tagline was “Any time, any place, any where.

And that basically sums up the wimminz little devil on their shoulder, but it omits the “Any thing” it has to be said.

God fucking help you if you end up with your ex wimminz going to the police against you, because guess what, if the allegations involve domestic violence or sexual abuse the police in question will also be wimminz.

The social workers who then get involved in the “welfare” of your kids will be wimminz.

Chances are, you ex’s lawyers will also be wimminz.

If you are having a REALLY shit day, the judge may also be a wimminz.

NO ACCUSATION OR ALLEGATION OR CLAIM made to any of these other wimminz by your ex will be seen as insane and fucked up beyond all belief and too far fetched to take seriously.

If you psycho skank ho ex claims you made her blow the donkey in the yard so that you could upload it to youtube, all these other wimminz will INSTANTLY buy it, because all of them, including your psycho skank ho ex, will fuck ANY THING, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, ANY WHERE in true Cinzano girl style, they ALL have that little devil on their shoulder, and remember, all these people are paid NOT to judge your psycho skank ho ex, so the devil on her other shoulder just got told to shut the fuck up.

If your psycho skank ho ex claims you also fucked her sister and her (adult) daughter, they will all believe it, because they all would.

If your psycho skank ho ex claims you are probably planning on fucking her sisters (adult) sons, and husband, they will probably believe it, because they all would.

If your psycho skank ho ex claims you are probably planning on fucking her and her sisters underage sons and daughters too, they will probably believe it, because they all would.

If you psycho skank ho ex claims you are probably planning to fuck your OWN underage kids, they will probably believe it, because they all would.

If you psycho skank ho ex claims you are probably planning to fuck all the pets and livestock in the area, and all the vegetable down the mall, and every other object and piece of furniture you can get you hands on, they will probably believe it, because they all would.

And this, SPECIFICALLY, is the 55 gallon red pill, human beings only readily accept and believe shit that they themselves would do or have done, or have thought about doing, or had urges to do.

Authority and control are to wimminz what medication is to a fruitcake, what cuffs and manacles are to a violent criminal, what the gallows is to a murderer.

Taking authority and control away from a wimminz is like taking a fruitcake off their meds, all they have left are the voices in their head, saying fuck anything, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

I have never actually caught myself in a situation where I over-estimated how low and dirty a wimminz was prepared to go, or had gone, morally…. without exception, every single time I thought I might have, some other “new low” came out, “yeah, when I said “threesome” I actually meant with my brother and stepbrother…” it was only a matter of waiting long enough… and beyond every story they will ADMIT, there are at least three further levels of depravity to the basement that they are NEVER going to admit to.

No, it’s not rape and incest, it is “genetic attraction“, and all the wimminz and niggers buy that shit, because hey, they can relate, so the bitch gets 4 years for making porn with her own underage son.


  1. Indeed, just where have all the good men gone?

    Haven´t gone anywhere, they´re RUNNING in horror!

    BTW, am I the only one supremely unsurprised at the disgusting pussy pass of 4 years(out by two, most likely even less)?

    Comment by hans — June 25, 2012 @ 6:25 pm

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