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June 16, 2012

How to spot the niggerz

For those of you new to this blog, “niggerz” is the term I use to refer to men of all colours and beliefs who still believe NAWALT and support / pedestalise some wimminz….Prometheus, by Gustave Moreau, tortured on Mou...

I spent yesterday in the company of two younger lads, and a guy my age in his fifties.

Doesn’t matter where we were or what we were doing, what matters is the discussions that took place, and when I woke up this morning it became clear to me, in the sense that I had a simple, sort, easy to understand and get phrase that answered the question of how to spot the niggerz.

They run off at the fucking mouth.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can talk BOTH hind legs off a donkey, but if you tape it and play it back you’ll see that 99% of what I say is in response to things the donkey has said to me, and while much of it may be bollocks, it is HUMOROUS bollocks, e.g. quite clearly all said in fun.

Whereas yesterday, it was just complete fucking bollocks coming from the niggerz, and the thing is, he was quite clearly trying to impress the younger guys with his “experience” and “intellect”.. which is a hard trick to pull off when you forget (because he, in the shape of me, is sitting quietly and listening to your bollocks) that sat in the same room is a guy who is basically the same age as you, but who has also done professionally many of the things you are talking complete bollocks about.

It is harder when you realise that the younger guys are just being polite to the niggerz, and don’t actually buy ANY of his bollocks, so when I chuck in the odd random comment like “The police are not your friends” and “Marriage is for idiots” (The niggerz in question has just got married, for the fourth time) the two younger guys nod vigorously, and the NAWALT niggerz older guy goes quiet for a few seconds, while he dredges up some now avenue for the conversation that will allow him to continue to impress the two younger guys.

Basically he may have had a cock, but he ACTED AND TALKED LIKE A FUCKING WIMMINZ.

He ran off at the fucking mouth.

In short, he was seeking confirmation and approval of his belief systems and choices and attitudes, exactly like a wimminz, and he took the young guys silence as approval to continue, just like a wimminz, and he has no clue they actually have no respect for him, just like a wimminz.

He of course was not a party to the brief conversations myself and the young lads had throughout the day during periods of his absence, in which we discussed shit like video games, movies, and general crap, and we did not discuss in any way, shape or form, the things __I__ have done in my life.

Nor was it lost on the young lads, who followed his “lead” during the day, that throughout the day it was me, the relatively quiet one, who got shit done, every time they finished a task they turned around to discover that I was chilling, having already finished it, and then having to tell them how to ACTUALLY complete the task and get the paperwork done.

One of these quiet conversations without the niggerz present was on movies, and I mentioned that I had just watched Prometheus (downloaded a telesync, it’s not out here yet) and so they asked what I thought of it.

I said it didn’t impress me, the earlier films were far better, this film revolved around two strong empowered wimminz, all the men were fucking useless, and the alien pre-human engineer giants, who were the baddies, were entirely male crewed spaceships, and while the SFX were very good, they added NOTHING to the story line.

I said specifically that there was a total lack of the sort of suspense seen in the early alien films, only the dweeb men get orally raped by the monsters (the strong empowered wimminz lead gives herself an abortion, hear me roar, and she wasn’t orally raped, but fucked by her dweeb boyfriend, who had already been infected by the android, who, being a male android, was also a baddie) and there was also a total lack of any kind of real plot or storyline.

I said they would be far better to spend their time watching a film called Kick Ass, to which they both nodded, seen it, great film.

Modern youth is characterised as being “sullen” and quiet and introverted and only able to relate to their video games, but the fact is as yesterday showed, modern youth are at most polite when letting older niggerz run off at the mouth, and very very very reserved when expected to participate in these sorts of social interactions, because they know that they do not fit in, BY CHOICE.

Get away from all that shit and actually try to relate to them on their terms, forget all the bad boy tattoos and piercings and hoodies and attitude, and suddenly you find that they are just as smart as I was at their age, QUITE aware on EVERY level that nothing in modern society is designed with their welfare in mind, and quite able to discuss and argue vague and complex matters with clear logic.

When I said Prometheus was ruined by the two strong empowered female lead characters, their faces both fell, they did not need to actually say “Awww shit, not AGAIN!” because it was so clearly written on their faces. So they are going to watch Prometheus, but do it the right way;

  1. Download a free warezed copy, thus depriving everyone involved of any revenue.
  2. Invite a bunch of lads around with some beers and eats.
  3. Do a real life “Mystery Theater” where they take the piss and don’t really watch it.

…and as a result they will have a great time… instead of paying 20 quid a head to spend 90 minutes of their lives being indoctrinated with yet more feminazi bullshit.

Which brings us to the end of that 12 hour working day, and as the quiet man (me) is about to drive off they two young lads say goodbye, in a sort of “I see you” equal respectful way, nods at the older niggerz just starting out on his 4th marriage, and makes some snide remark about going home to the big woman.

So I think what the fuck, and say “You know what cunt is nowadays?

And they just look at me and say “You tell me

So I say “You aren’t going to pay to watch Prometheus, you aren’t going to pay to download some music to your phone, you aren’t going to pay, you are just going to take, because you don’t want to give your money to support these people, you will take it for free, or go without, because you will not pay one cent for any of it, that is what warez is….. true?

They both make that mmm, grant you that, shape with their mouths and nod.

So I say “Same with cunt, cunt in 2012 is warez, only assholes pay for it” and nod towards 4th marriage niggerz, and they both laugh, catch you later bro, they say, and I drive off.

So, they way to spot niggerz isn’t so much that they run off at the mouth, though that CAN be a good indicator, but the sure fire 100% guaron-fucking-teed way to spot a niggerz is that they think cunt is NOT warez.


  1. Amen (http://i.imgur.com/1fAec.jpg) to that. šŸ˜‰

    Comment by hans — June 17, 2012 @ 12:40 am

    • ooooh, burn the unbeliever…lol

      Comment by wimminz — June 17, 2012 @ 12:43 am

  2. While weĀ“re talking about the niggerz and the wimminz in charge of them, what do you make of MakovĀ“s latest article?


    ThatĀ“s kids from 14 or maybe even 12 up to 17, if I understand the US high-school system correctly.
    And when weĀ“re taking the usual 5-10 years for the social engineering in the US to creep to Urop, then this shit should be coming to the UK right about now.

    As you guys seem to be the eliteĀ“s European guniea pigs in these things.

    Comment by hans — June 17, 2012 @ 4:40 am

    • oh all that and more happens here too, have no fear.

      I literally will not touch a legal child’s mobile phone, because it will certainly what is legally called child pornography made by kids for kids, and child pornography is an “absolute” offense in the UK, no possible legal defence available, so no touching the kids phones so no DNA no nothing and I do NOT accept calls or texts or MMS from kids either, not even relatives and friends kids.

      Comment by wimminz — June 17, 2012 @ 10:30 am

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