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June 10, 2012

If I had a rocket

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Bit of a mixture today, some anecdotal stuff.

While I am still “off” PoF as far as pump and dump is concerned, I am still watching, and seeing ever more re-written profiles, and ever more wimminz who started out looking for “long term” that graduated through” dating” to now being in the “intimate encounter” section.

I am also seeing the younger wimminz (e.g. below 30) starting to abandon PoF in droves, I know  a couple of these and discussed it with them, and the bottom line is they just ain’t feeling the love, pump and dump cum-buckets is the only thing the guys on PoF are interested in apparently… this conversation turned anecdotal when I mentioned a 27 year old wimminz on PoF, not bad looking, who basically offered me any kind of sex I wanted, but I turned her down, mainly because she was 30 minutes drive away and frankly I couldn’t be assed, what with her being a single mum and guaranteed to have a messy home (she admitted this) etc, even if she was gagging to do the lambada on my cock.

The two young wimminz I related this anecdote to (remember I am in my 50’s) were, to put it bluntly, fucking aghast, especially as I have done one of them in the past so they know it ain’t a case of me not knowing how to fuck or being able to.

So if she was in town, 5 minutes away by car, you’d have gone over and fucked?


But because she was outta town, 30 minutes drive away, you didn’t!!??


So what would it have taken to make you drive that extra 25 minutes?

Well if she was a solid 9, no kids, 20, I guess I would have had to go over and corrupt her.” said with shit eating grin.

Remember both these chicks are mid to late twenties, and both have kids at home being babysat by their mums…  and I just reduced THEIR Sexual Market Value to about 10 minutes driving.

Let me tell you all something, if you REALLY watch these wimminz and pay attention and SEE, you will notice something.

Asking / expecting these wimminz to come to terms with the decimation of their SMV is really, really, really close to watching a gambling addict realising they are broke and have no credit at the bookies.

So some time later I am sat with a different crowd of people I know, and this crowd is different because it is mainly male, and most of the guys are one form of engineer or another, and for some reason fukushima comes up, and the subject of fallout.

So, I throw in one of my little true questions.

“How many atom bomb explosions have there been?”

This is an interesting question, because everyone says two (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) then pauses and adds a third, Los Alamos, a very very few will then add “a few more, Bikini Atoll tests etc”

All will also say that the USA and USSR have enough nukes to wipe out all life on earth many times over, and by now the wimminz in the group are getting very animated and anti nuke.

So I say, “Between 1945 and 1998, the tests and other bomb detonations THAT WE KNOW ABOUT total just under two thousand one hundred atomic explosions, this being a mixture of atomic fission bombs and thermonuclear fusion bombs”

Without exception, I am met with a few moments of stunned silence, and then total and utter disbelief.

I can always settle this, just bet me everything you own, literally, and I will point you to several indisputable official sources where you can document that I am correct.

At which point the horror really sets in, and the mother earth anti nuke wimminz and their niggers start planning to join the green party etc.

So I drop this little thought.

Since we have detonated 2000+ nuclear WEAPONS on the surface of our planet in LESS THAN FIFTY YEARS, and we are all still here, maybe you better get it through your heads that we cannot nuke ourselves into extinction… sure, we can kill millions and utterly destroy economies, societies and nations, but we did that in the last war with nothing much more than small arms and incendiary bombs.

Without exception, at this point the group splits into two, one is all male, and all engineers of some sort, the other group is everyone else, all the wimminz, and all the wimminz engineers.

I then point THIS fact out, and say that THIS is the most interesting and influential and important factor, because only the purely practical engineering male mind can build, or rebuild, yes, the purely practical male engineering mind can also destroy, but everyone else are just cyphers, they don’t really change the outcomes, except they make the practical male engineering types less incentivised to do any of the building or maintenance or rebuilding.

Usually at this point these groups break up, and I get accused of being a downer… lol

This time, because the European economy was on the agenda too, it didn’t, and tellingly it was one of the mother earth wimminz who asked the next poignant question….

My answer as near as I can recall was this;

Say the shit starts to hit the fan right now, someone gets a newsflash on their smartphone, and say we are now sat in Greece or Spain, with me so far?

everyone nods

What I can do is get up, announce that I am going for a piss, go outside, get in my car, fill the tank with diesel, drive straight to a ferry, hit France, and 24 hours later I am in Greece or Spain or wherever it is I have bugged out to….

They struggle for a while with the concept of literally just walking away from my scented candles, barry manilow records, rabbit vibes and louboutins, while it dawns that none of those things mean shit when the SHTF anyway.

What will you take with you, I am asked… I raise my eyebrows and point at myself.

What about gold and stuff, how are you gonna carry your wealth, how will you live, I am asked.

I point out that you cannot eat gold, only get killed for it, and my most valuable assets BY A FUCKING MILLION MILES are my own skills, my minimal needs, and my extreme flexibility.

So the earth mother wimminz speaks up again, you’d go in your car I assume, I say yeah, given a choice it offers more options than my bikes, given an hour I can throw all my digital assets in it, and a reasonable selection of tools, and it provides shelter from the elements as well as transport.

So, she says, if you are going in a car, you could take someone else with you.

Yeah, but it wouldn’t be a wimminz, doesn’t matter where I am going, there will be plenty of cunt there, and they will have seen the writing on the wall because of whatever is going down where I just left, so IF I fucking took someone it would be someone I could rely on, someone who would watch my back.

and again I witnessed a wimminz who was confronted with her SMV being zero.


Remember this is a group of people sat around in a social situation, many simultaneous conversations are going on about the subject in question.

So someone raised the subject of Gold again, and earth momma says “Yeah” because remember seeing her SMV as being zero is like the gambler looking for a line of credit, they will get on board ANY deal going.

What you fuckers do not realise, if your asset is Gold or cunt, it can be TAKEN from you, easily, but if you are trying to TRADE it with me in exchange for something YOU want, eg a fucking ride out of here to Greece or Spain RIGHT FUCKING NOW, or food and potable water along the way, or whatever, you have no way of FORCING that deal on me, on YOUR terms.

Your gold, or your cunt, is only worth what value ___I___ place on it, this is known as being “Marked to Market” I tell them.

Not willing to swallow this red pill, both earth momma and the niggerz start in on the shaming, “But what about your kids??? You just going to abandon them!

Well, there are two answers to that, one is that the very reason for me bugging out means that if I stay I get rendered powerless and UNABLE to help them in any way, the other is an answer you are probably more likely to accept… that answer is “fuck em” as in “look after number one” as in “I’m alright Jack”

Earth momma is shaking her head in disbelief, and says she can’t believe my attitude, how can any man get so callous.

I smile sweetly, gesture with the nearly empty glass at the second group, e.g. all the non practical, non engineering, non males in the group, and say “Remember what I said a few minutes ago about being de-incentivised???

Earth momma looks me straight in the eyes and say “What have I done for you lately

I look straight back at her and say “Bingo!

Earth momma nods, of course she gets it, this is EXACTLY how wimminz operate, who cares what you have done for them in the past, what have you done LATELY?

But, she is still the broke gambling addict looking for a line of credit, she isn’t prepared to work on the problem, she didn’t offer to refill my glass, do the lambada on my cock, or put diesel in my tank, she is still in denial, still playing “Can’t happen here”.

I spent the rest of the evening with the practical, male, engineering types, who did refill my glass, and made comments like “You know, now I am starting to see why you never buy any cars or bikes with electronics or computers under the hood, why you won’t have anything but pushrod engines or camchain (not cambelt) engines, why you won’t have anything highly tuned or fussy, why you like buck knives, zippos, quality old tools.

Because I can DEPEND on the bastards.

To me, this is a thing of pleasure during fat times, but necessity when TSHTF.

If you can only ever carry one general purpose knife, make it a Buck.

If you can only ever carry one fire maker, make it a Zippo.

If you can only ever carry one bug out partner, make it a practical engineering type with a cock.


  1. Not to be a smart ass, but in keeping with the rest of you logic, I can take your Zippo away. If you can manage to keep your Buck you can make cordage, and a fireboard and make fire in a few minutes with some practice. That is a skill that I may never use, but I’m glad that I have.

    Most people don’t truly have the mental plasticity to go where you are going, their lives are centered around the concrete world that has been built up around them and they can’t conceive of anything ever really changing. I don’t know how much longer things will stay this way, but I know that it is coming to a well deserved end. I’m amazed at what you are relating here, it seems like the UK is years further into the decay then the US, but I’m a bit cloistered up here in rural Alaska, so what do I know? I do know this, men here know how to take care of their own shit and if you are a hopeless case you either go broke or you leave. If the Government stopped subsidizing a certain local group of people here they would be as worthlessly dependent as THEY are, but oh well.

    Comment by I Art Laughing — June 10, 2012 @ 6:50 pm

    • I´m guessing you´re talking about your local “injuns” there, and that´s EXACTLY why they are being subsidized. To keep them dependent and on the booze.
      Can you imagine what would happen if even 1% of “injuns” would learn how to sniper competently with a .50 cal and go on the war path?

      But that´s neither here nor there, what you should really worry about is how FAST the wimminz in the above anecdote got it.

      Rest assured later that evening in their beds, ALL of the wimminz got it. But not single one of the niggerz probably even thought about that crazy old bastard´s tale anymore.
      Don´t be one of the niggerz, and don´t trust that gun too much. When the bullets run out it´s a very badly balanced rock.

      Comment by hans — June 11, 2012 @ 3:14 am

      • I figure my ability to bug out during the period when they stop delivering food and fuel for about a winter will be enough to survive the “die-off” that will be happening, caching and staying flexible is my strategy. I’m already nearly at my bug-out spot it’s more a matter of the dependents to realize that the State’s nipple has been removed and start eating each other, just stay out of their way instead of making some kind of “Lucifer’s Hammer” last stand-guns blazing. Why help mother nature out? At -50 degrees, she’s going to do that work anyway.

        Comment by I Art Laughing — June 11, 2012 @ 5:08 am

  2. So what are your thoughts on hanging out in Ukraine or Russia?

    The girls (at least the 18-24 crowd) seem very material, but will take cash and go to it, instead of trying to nickel and dime you to death with dinner, drinks, etc.

    Any tricks to getting the best price from non-pros?

    Comment by Peter — June 11, 2012 @ 4:22 am

  3. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/06/11/us-eurozone-greece-capital-idUSBRE85A0ZB20120611
    Shit, meet fan.

    Greece will vote left (as always), exit the euro.
    Capital controls will be imposed. German and Dutch money will be thrown at spain italy england ireland and hungary.
    When german money and the printing press stop working, deflation happens and shit collapses.
    That, or we keep printing our way to venezuela.

    Comment by JewDoctor — June 12, 2012 @ 7:26 pm

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