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June 1, 2012

Home truths

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  1. Anything you ever did before sexually, better be on offer to me, because otherwise you are telling me that I am less worthy than those who got those other things you don’t want to do now.

    I have mentioned this one before, but there are two obvious consequences, one is that every subsequent relationship is an escalation, and two is that you only have so many escalations until you get to the point where the next step on the ladder is a threesome with TWO horses, and at that point you’d better hope aliens land soon, or you’re shit outta luck.

    The flipside of this of course is that as your next prospective mate, I have to be into whatever your next escalation to get me is, AND I have to be NOT put off by how far along the escalation process you are, for example as a man in my fifties I can introduce you to reasonably sexy and good looking wimminz in their late 20’s and early 30’s who are now looking to settle down, BUT CANNOT GET A MAN TO STAY WITH THEM, because of the above, when you have had several threesomes and have often had seven different cocks in one week (this is FAAAR from abnormal guys) it’s hard to find a guy who knows so little about your history that he can see you as anything BUT pump and dump.

  2. As mentioned above, you kinda need to come to this realisation by watching others and learning, not by riding the cock carousel yourself, and it wasn’t actually a hard lesson as every village had the girl who would be the village bike and demonstrate it for everyone else….

    But the REAL lesson you need to learn is that the “tomorrow has no consequences for my actions today because I am an entitlement princess” is NOT an idea that will confine itself to your sexual history.

    I genuinely cannot tell you how many of these girls have similarly chaotic “work” and “home” lives, and I put both of those in quote marks because work always involves some wimminz mcjob that Rose West couldn’t get fired from, and home is just the place where you fuck a series of random men, oh, and where your fatherless kids live and earn you state benefits.

    I can genuinely tell you that I have yet to meet the first girl who could live this lifestyle sexually, yet keep down a decent job and keep a proper home for herself and her kids if any.

  3. Which brings is to point 3, which is that for a relationship of the sort you seek to form, there has to be cohabitation.

    I have yet, in all my born days, to meet and fuck one of these sluts who did not beforehand say something along the lines of “my house is a bit untidy”… like I give a fuck, I am only going there to pump and dump, but the fact is no man wants to be associated with a wimminz who cannot keep house, it just isn’t that fucking hard, I and millions of other men manage it with ease.

  4. Which brings us to point 4, which is that if you do not like and respect yourself, NO OTHER FUCKER WILL, and again, without exception, these wimminz are all the types to hit the bottle, cry in their wine, and then trawl PoF for some cock to come over and make them feel better about themselves.

    Just as alcoholics use booze as an anaesthetic, these skanks use cock and cum as an anaesthetic, for a short while they can pretend that they are nice and desirable and sweet.

  5. You cannot un-ring a bell.

    Life is a bitch, you make bad choices, you have to live with them, you have to PAY THE PRICE FOR THEM, failing to realise this puts you back on that escalator at point 1, and then worse choices follow bad choices, and then still worse choices compound those, and to any subsequent bloke that comes along all they see is a wimminz who can be trusted to fuck up every single time she is given the opportunity to do so…

    Thanks to the law and wimminz empowerment, we know that they have unlimited opportunity to do so, and that there is nothing we as men can do about it.

  6. You are not whores, whores charge, you are sluts, and you are worth precisely how much you cost us to pump and dump, sweet fuck all.

    A very few guys, very very fucking few, are happy to have a relationship with a whore, because they profit from it, they are pimps.

    NO MAN wants a relationship with a slut, there is no profit to be had from it.

  7. You are your own greatest enemies and self deluders.

    Without exception, wimminz who will ride 7 different cock in 7 days will talk about wanting to find “the one” and settle down, and without exception their greatest worry is that their new man will “cheat” on them, how you can cheat on some slut who has had more cock than a fox is another question entirely, there is literally nothing there of value to cheat on in the first place…

  8. The thing you suspect and remain in constant denial of is true, you cannot be more than one thing, you cannot be a whore / slut and ALSO be a girlfriend / wife, and it does not matter how often you quote the things a man wants, a whore in the bedroom etc etc, that don’t make it so, because men also can only be one thing, they can be visiting a whore or slut as a “John” to dump their cum, OR, they can be in a relationship with a wimminz.
  9. You cannot break one half of a contract, or one side of a pane of glass.

    The INSTANT you fail to stand up to your side of the deal then you are in breach, and wherever the future goes after that, it does not go backwards in time to a point where you were never in breach.

    Once you break the side of a contract that deals with YOUR obligations and promises to the OTHER party, the ENTIRE contract is void, you do NOT get to keep THEIR obligations and promises to YOU, or to call them out on their lack of same.

    When this state of affairs is itself breached by the State, as it is routinely is family law courts, do not expect ANY result short of ALL men losing ALL belief in ALL contracts and promises, and starting to treat you and the state with at least as much utter contempt as you treated them.

    Turnaround IS fair play.

  10. I have lost count of how many cunts / assholes / tits I have had, it isn’t the flesh that is sexy, it is how it is presented to me, and wimminz I am about to tell you the most profound and far reaching truth in existence about men.

    There is one simple difference between a pump and dump cumbucket and the woman I will stick with and keep coming back for more like a steer to a salt lick.

    One is a slut.
    One is MY slut.

  11. Yeah but this is ownership…

    Give it any fancy fucking label you like, this morning I went out and did the brakes on MY car, and then gave it a proper wash and wax, I did not do that for any other car in the street, because they are not mine, I don’t give a fuck about them.
    The mechanic doesn’t give a fuck either, or only as long as he is paid… (see the parallels between sluts and whores and MY slut yet?)

    It is fundamental human nature at work, to expect a guy to give a fuck about something you have to give him a stake in it, and a stake in it means a say in it, and if you breach that contract expect him to stop giving a fuck.

  12. Bottom line.

    It is TOO FUCKING LATE for all of you wimminz out there, and now the economy is about to tank and we are looking at a real possibility of a land war in the Balkans / Crimea within a year, the very things that ALLOWED you to make such a fuck up of your lives are going to get cut back to the bone, and if you couldn’t get a man to stick with you and buy your shit when times are fat, what the fuck are you gonna do when times are tough, and all the other sluts out there are trying to undercut your offer?

The biggest home truth of all, it is getting time where the everlasting party is about done, and the bill is going to be presented, and there simply is not going to be the money in the state to pay for the boys in blue to respond to your “DV” accusations, or chase your dead beat dad for support money, or to put food in your larder when your mcjob gets cut back, and YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO START LIVING THE SINGLE SUBSISTENCE LIFESTYLE YOU HAVE BEEN CLAIMING TO LIVE, where there is no money for sanitary towels, much less bottles of wine and rabbits by the score and an endless stream of cock.

There is a VERY REAL although at this time still slight possibility that a land war to the east of Europe ignites, and spreads, within 12 months.

If THAT happens then the cock carousel is going to get drafted, and the only cock left is old experienced cock like me, or reserved status cock, or invalid cock, and if you think times are hard when the economy crashes you wait until your labour is CONSCRIPTED into a factory or farm, and when you get home at night the only cock left is old experienced cock like me.

LOTS of ex wives and girlfriends who used their kids as weapons to beat deadbeat daddy over the head with are going to be faced with empty larders and hungry wailing kids and no DV / State protections, and suddenly the little shits won’t seem like such good weapons to hurt daddy with, the boot will be on the other foot.

So bitch, how are you going to PERSUADE me to take those little shits that you have alienated me from off your hands and feed them?

Because I, like all those other men who got fucked over by y’all, have learned to live well, and we have learned to do so on amounts so little that you wimminz with your wanton, slothful, wasteful ways cannot conceive of, thanks to being fucked over by you and the state.

It is an ill wind that blows no good.

And that perhaps is the final home truth, all those sayings, they mainly came from the last time that times were hard.


  1. http://sdw.ecb.europa.eu/browseChart.do?node=2120799&FREQ=M&STS_CLASS=2C0000&saf3=3&saf4=3&sfl1=3&saf5=4&sfl4=4&DATASET=0&advFil=y oy vey, europe going to shit hey?
    lulz. now let’s wait for the second decline in that chart to bottom out.

    Comment by Digger Nick — June 2, 2012 @ 3:11 am

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