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May 26, 2012

The first rule of fuck club

For whatever reasons, I appear to have become the “go to guy” for some men around here.

Turns out there are no shortage of guys who can see that the economy and society is a slow mo train wreck in progress, and that the crash is going to happen in their lifetimes, so what to do.

First thing you have to do is stay under the fucking radar, the absolute fucking worst place to be when the wimminz and niggerz and societah starts to double down in earnest is in prison.

The second worst place to be is flagged on the state’s shit lists, which means recently released from prison, or awaiting trial, avoid at all and any costs.

While I myself may be taking a breather from finding skank ho’s to pump and dump on PoF, it is instructive to go back and look at the wimminz on PoF when you don’t even have any interest in fucking any of them.

In the past 3 years I have looked at literally tens of thousands of wimminz profiles, anecdotally and off the top of my head;

  • 50% of them work for the state in some worthless or negative value capacity, often part time.
  • 10% of them are “self employed” which means they make cupcakes or are hairdressers and make pin money to gain entitlement to state top ups such as working tax credit… jobs which will vanish into thin air the moment the economy crashes.
  • 20% of them do clerical work for companies that are basically working mainly for the state, but not actually the state itself…
  • 5% are “nurses”
  • 5% are “carers”
  • 1% actually have a trade, e.g. veterinarian or pharmacist or doctor
  • 1% do some menial practical job like driver
  • 3% state that they are a “stay at home mum” or say nothing about their career.

In short, at least 93% of all wimminz have a negative economic value and represent nothing but a burden to the state, however the flipside of this is that wimminz represent the majority OF the state, and so wield disproportionate levels of power within it.

In short, the two are so intertwined that essentially they become the same thing, you cannot split the state and wimminz any more than you can split the atom into its component parts and expect it to stay that way.

Wimminz and the State stand, or fall, together, as one.

There are many things that I cannot speak of, many confidences I cannot breach, but I do not suppose anyone reading this will find it a big leap to accept that both wimminz and the state are well aware that things are amiss in the state of Denmark, and they are also both well aware that they do not know how to “fix” it.

In my now not so recent secret family court appearances, more than anything else I was struck by the total lack of intellect in all those officials involved, and I have met some of our country’s very top “leaders” and seen the exact same fucking thing.

In shades of another ancient tale about King Alfred, I wouldn’t trust David Cameron to be left in charge of some cakes in the oven, I haven’t had the “pleasure” of meeting Barry-O, but I’d borrow money to place a bet at short odds that he is no better.

I realise that it is an old man’s disease to cry that the sky is falling, and nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, and I side with a very intelligent man named Mark Twain, who said that history does not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.

Are we headed for World War 3 and Mad Max and One boy and his Dog?

I don’t actually think so, because we are on the cusp of so many technological events, and like all things 99% of the change happens in the last 1% of the event duration, so while WW3 would be “change” I thing what we are actually looking it is a quite different sort of “change”, but one that may well involve many smaller regional conflicts, both internal and inter-nation-al in nature.

Energy for one is a motherfucker.

I can tell you, for a fact, that “the internet” in the UK, which excludes all the servers and home computers, and just means the fucking network itself, absorbs around 10% of total peak electrical generating capacity.

If we implement a Star Trek / Minority Report level of “IT” tomorrow, where we each have multiple 4k screens streaming and processing live data and video calling, we are going to ramp that “the internet” energy consumption up from 10% of 2012 installed generating capacity to 50% at least.

And the fact is 4k won’t be enough.

Let me explain with a real world example.

Let us look at the world of CNC machining, say you are a home hobbyist with a machine that has a maximum work envelope 100 x 100 x 100 mm.

Let us start off with a very basic and crude machine that can only work to a precision of ± 1 mm.

This machine can travel 100 mm from X0, Y0, to X100, Y0.

Then 1 mm from X100, Y0 to X100, Y1

Then 100 mm from X100, Y1 to X0, Y1

Rinse and repeat, 100 x 100 mm journeys left and right, and 100 x 1 mm journeys in Y, which equals 10,100 mm travelled to traverse through every possible point on the bottom layer of the machine’s work envelope, but we can now go up in the Z axis another 99 mm, so the machine can in fact travel 1,010,000 millimetres to go through every single point in its work envelope.

If this machine can move at a maximum of 1 metre per second, which is reasonably FAST for such a cheap and nasty hobby home machine, then it will take 1,010 seconds, or 16.80 minutes, to traverse every possible point.

If the machine is using a total of 1,000 watts for the spindle and axis controls and computer controls, then it also just consumed 16.8/60 or 0.28 kWh

At 15 pence (£0.15) per kWh that is 3.75 pence worth of energy used.

All very well, but 1 mm precision is pretty useless, so lets say we up it by ONE SINGLE ORDER OF MAGNITUDE to 0.1 mm precision.

Since we are dealing in three dimensions, XYZ, we are making not just ten time the number or possible points that the machine can work through, but 10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000

So lets go back to those numbers.

Instead of 16.8 minutes to traverse every possible point, it now takes 16,800 minutes, or 280 hours.

(trying to cut this significantly will VASTLY increase the energy used to get far faster feeds and harsher acceleration of the work table, before long you get to the point where you are pushing it so hard it deforms the machine and you just lost ALL accuracy)

Instead of 0.28 kWh consumed to do that, it has now consumed 280 kWh

Instead of an electric bill for 3.75 pence, we have an electric bill for £37.50

However, in reality 0.1 mm precision isn’t a great deal of use for much engineering.

So another order of magnitude to 0.01 mm, which is enough for most large scale engineering like motor bearings and such like.

Another thousandfold increase.

So instead of 280 hours to traverse every single possible point, it now takes 280,000 hours, or a shade shy of 32 years.

Instead of 280 kWh used it is now 280 MWh.

Instead of £37.50 it is now £37,500.00

And so you see, from this very simple, real world, real physics, example, that we are hitting a point where change has to happen.

Here is another real world example.

Light travels at approximately 300 million metres per second, and the speed of electricity in a semiconductor is around  slower… we will call it 250 million metres per second.

If you run an oscillator, or CPU clock, at 5 GHZ, that is 5 with nine zeroes, so we can do some simple math, if electricity travels 250 million metres in one second, how far can it travel in one five billionth of one second.

The answer is 250,000,000 / 5,000,000,000 = 0.05 metres, which is 5 cm.

So unless we wish to break the speed of light, or indulge in designing AN ENTIRELY NEW system of electronics where different parts of the chip work at unsynchronised clock ticks, we just found the upper physical size limit of a single chip, and this is assuming electricity travels at 250,000 Km/sec in silicon, it does NOT, it travels far slower.

So of necessity, a chip running at a 5 GHz clock has to be half the size in any dimesion of a chip running at 2.5 GHz, this is fundamental basic physics.

The only way you can get more is to either break the speed of light, or put two cores on one die and start doing parallel processing, which is why today I am typing this on a laptop with 4 cores, each running at 2.5 GHz.

To go faster I need either 8 cores running at 2.5 GHz, or 4 cores half the physical size of these, running at 5 GHz.

Now, to get back to the beginning of all this.

Who do we know who are intellectually incapable of understanding any of this?

Who do we know who do not understand that a 1,000 mile journey done at an average speed of 50 mph (which is actually quite good for ANY road vehicle, even a Lamborghini on the Cannonball Run) cannot simply be made into a 2 hour journey at 500 mph AVERAGE speed, because the physics of the real world prevent it… especially when the vehicle in question is intended to transport 50 tons of food that 1,000 miles…..

Wimminz and their niggerz in the State.

So yes, we are heading for “change”… >;*)


  1. ONLY 1% at a menial practical job? Wow. I thought it was much more.

    All those sales clerks and cleaning ladies seem to be VERY much in the minority. Probably because it´s actual work compared to sitting in your local guvinmint Wimminz-daycare center, aka healthcare/tax robber office.

    Great real world examples.
    laptops are neat but I personally just can´t let go of my aged tower case. Just recently got a nice new GFX card(AMD HD7750) to replace the old one. Bit more performance but about half the power consumption. Awesome.
    BTW here´s a nice link for you, may even give you a laugh at the “new technical innovation”: http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/2012/05/return-of-the-vacuum-tube.html

    Comment by hans — May 26, 2012 @ 8:04 pm

    • For *many* applications the vacuum tube never went away, for some applications if you stretch the “vacuum” a bit they are the ONLY current working solution, such as CO2 laser.

      Comment by wimminz — May 26, 2012 @ 8:06 pm

    • That’s interesting. I used to work in a lab with a really old school electrical guy. He had some background in designing power supplies. He said many power supplies still used vacuum tubes and that vacuum tubes were still quite useful for certain designs. I think I’ve heard that some guitar guys still prefer tube mfg’ed amps.

      Comment by McGinnis — May 27, 2012 @ 9:44 am

  2. the irony is that much if not all of industrialization is fueled by the arms race for wimminz, particularly young, fertile wimminz. Men become engineers and technicians even if they don’t know why. Ask an 18 year old, and you will get something nebulous such as “I like math physics and computers”.

    The big question is whether we will hit some wall or just watch entropy relentlessly increase over time. Fukushima gives me the impression of dead man walking for the nation of Japan. Maybe they will muddle through but with the national debt, demographic inversion, “grass eaters”, power problems, and radioactive pollution, it doesn’t look good. And that’s today’s problems. There is still concern that one or more of the fuel pools could fail.

    Comment by anonymous — May 26, 2012 @ 8:44 pm

    • nothing compared to nagasaki

      Comment by wimminz — May 26, 2012 @ 8:47 pm

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