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May 20, 2012

Stupid black bastards

The story is at the link below, black people in laundromat, black guy puts black child in tumble dryer, as soon as door shuts dryer engages, cue hilarity


If it *had* been a washing machine we could have enquired whether the black kid came out nice and white, and smelling of summer fields and cracker.

I went to school amongst the ruins left by the luftwaffe, we used to delight in telling “concentration camp” jokes, such as the ones about sports day in the concentration camp, where the grinning oberleutenant announces that der engerlanders will do this, der welsh will do this, der scots will do this, and der jews vill play hopscotch…. on zee minefield…. or der jews vill play squash…. und I vill drive der steamroller…

Having told such a racist / anti semitic joke about the jews and nazis, we would then skip on through jokes about the english, irish, pakistanis, nigerians, spanish and chinese, in fact, jokes about every single racial background of every single kid in the class, and we all laughed our asses off at each other.

It does not matter WHAT you are, 30 boys will find SOMETHING different about you, and proceed to rip you a new one about it, and the more it “gets” to you the more mercilessly they will rip, until you get over it and yourself and realise that the problem throughout was that you thought you were an exception and deserved special treatment for having x trait or characteristic.

Having told our jokes about jews or wogs or irish, we would then share our money / sweets / toys / whatever with said jews or wogs or irish with more willingness than I would have shared same with my genetic brother, because these were my friends.

You see, I went to, at the times I am writing of, an all boys school, and a little later I went to a mixed school, and when I talk about schools I am talking about what the English refer to as Public School, and the yanks refer to as Private School… lol.. e.g. not the state system, though I did go to state schools as well for a while…  yeah yeah, lots of services kids can relate to a new school and location and even country every two or three years throughout childhood.

What is important is I went to what are now classed as some of the very earliest “progressive” schools, and while other more radical schools came later, I knew those schools too, and many of the students, and to this day still bump into them.

The differences between one sex schooling and mixed schooling was in-de-mother-fucking-describe-able.

I shit you not, I have seen both from the inside at various ages from 7 to 17, and the Zambesi and the Thames have more in common, and yes I have seen both of them too.

That “bonding” process I described above, where we all ripped the shit out of each other’s sensibilities and became good friends, didn’t get a fucking look in at mixed school.

Instead of doing some shit because it was badass or it was some sort of school record, you had kids doing stuff to impress the chicks, and suddenly calling your black nigerian friend, who was a prince who had a proper Chamo name, and the closest ingerish sounding name was SamB, so sambo it was, and HE never fucking objected, oh no, other people objected on his behalf, and he would tell them to fuck off and stop hassling his friend, and then they would turn on him….

Hell, have to put my hand on my chest and admit that instead of girls being something you were interested in after school two or three evenings a week, girls become something you start thinking about all day every day, and you find you have to start dealing with guys who are now doing shit to impress some girl….. and you just couldn’t reason with them.

For my own part I recall one of these guys crossed a line with me, a case of petty theft, and so I just went and crossed that line back, with bells on, and this shit hit the fan.

Some time later we have the guy in question, me, and the headmaster in a room, I flatly refused to discuss what happened, so the other boy just spills his guts, truthfully and accurately, but that wasn’t the point.

So the headmaster, who it has to be said was old school, and in fact an old boy from the last school I was at, so he knew EXACTLY where I was coming from, looked me in the eye and said “So basically as far as you are concerned this was a simple case of rough justice that didn’t need to go any further.” and I said “Yes Sir”.

So the head gave me the sack, expelled me, whatever you want to call it, because while me and the other guy both crossed the line, I crossed it harder and further in retaliation, and he went to the authoritahs to complain, and I didn’t, so you can see where this was going and I don’t need to spell out why I was canned and the other guy wasn’t.

Fast forwards 20 odd years, and I run across this guy, his girlfriend at the time, and the chick I was after at the time and didn’t quite get…. the UK just isn’t that big and so on..

He is a complete fat slimeball, even if I have never met him just a photo would have made me go yuck, he is full of loud bravado, hail fellow well met… still a chickenshit grass as far as I am concerned, and his girlfriend at the time, she is there too, twice divorced, managing some wimminz magazine, cruising the room trying to pretend it is 1980 and she still has pert tits and smooth skin and her life ahead of her, and then someone female says “Hey stranger” in my ear, and it is the girl I was chasing but never quite got, she is now “equestrian” and yet again it appears that I am the only man in the room whose cock she has not sucked, so the mildly desperate offer is made and I pass, and I dunno why I keep coming back to these fucking things every couple of years, and I am about to quit and I see a smiling black as the ace of spades face “SAM-BO!!” I yelp and the ripples of shock and stunned silence ripple outwards as he basically picks me up and hugs me… I always forget just how fucking BIG that guy is, even at school he used to tower over me, but he used to tower over the football players too, but BUILT, buck nigger built.

I see Sheila is still after your cock he says, I shudder, hey sam-bo that is no way to greet a guy you haven’t seen for, shit, how long has it been? ten years? never… really? fuuuuuck.

Which brings me right back to the beginning of this story, the dumb ass nigger who put his kid in a commercial tumble dryer… you see I have been to and lived in Africa, and I have been to Sam-bo’s territory too, and there are very very ignorant indigenous native peoples, nota bene, I used the word ignorant, not the word stupid, go check a dictionary if you are not sure of the difference… ignorance is curable.

There are also, some very stupid people amongst those ignorant masses.

You see, Sam-bo and I BOTH went from the same all boys school, to the same mixed school, albeit about 6 months apart… and another tale rests there, because he got there first, but he was black so in those early days of political correctness they couldn’t say much, until his white mate turned up six months later, and he could have a double helping…..  so he says to me with a wide gesture at this lot, the annual reunion for the mixed school, these are the truly stupid my friend, they live in a technological wonderland, water at the turn of a tap, power at the flick of a switch, and they know nothing, what was the americans say, yes, twelve o clock flashers.

I laugh my ass off, he is referring to people whose houses are full of VCR’s and other equipment that is always pulsing 12:00 because they cannot read the manual and set it properly… what could possibly go wrong sticking a live child into a commercial tumble dryer??

They do dumb fucking shit, constantly, because after all that is what they were taught at that second, progressive, mixed school, where it was all about the dynamic of constantly shifting interpersonal relationships, where as, in the first, traditional, all boys school….

Well, readin, ritin, and rithmetik were by far the very least of what we were taught, and older I get the more I realise just how much extra curricular, but civilising, shit we were taught.

I realise just how much of it we were taught by being thrown together and left to civilise ourselves and work out how to live together, because those in charge of the school knew that there was only one true path, and eventually all will find it, or destroy themselves and exclude themselves and be taken out of school or expelled.

I realise that it is not just coincidence that the first all boys school produced vast numbers who went on to be officers in the military, or religious leaders, or any of the practical trades like airline pilots and ship captains and surgeons, as well as all the lower ranks in all those fields, whereas the second school produced vast number of pen pushers who were busy quite literally fucking each others husbands and wives and anything else that moved.

I realise that all the crap schoolboy jokes that started this out will damn me to hell in the modern world, because they will tell me that these are a sure sign that I am something that I am not, e.g. a racist.

I realise that the horror the secret family courts view me with is in fact a very close first cousin to the horror the second mixed school viewed Sam-bo and myself with, the horror that all invertebrates feel for anything with a backbone, and therefore higher up the evolutionary ladder, whether it be a good or bad individual creature, it is still higher up the ladder.

I realise that the first school, and in fact my entire childhood, and the world back then, was a crucible.

THAT, is what this has always been about, I cannot laugh at the stupid nigger who puts his child in a tumble dryer, because that laughter is all a part of the refining process, separating base metals and slag out from ore.

This isn’t about elitism.

It never was, trust me mofo, I WENT TO THESE FUCKING SCHOOLS, there was nothing elite about us, and in the case of some of us we were the very fucking lowest of gutter scrapings.

It was all about processing and refinement, did not matter what went in, a better and improved and more self aware product came out the other end.

Even the fucking lowest of us was refined, and had some trace metals added to make a far better alloy than he ever could have been.

It wasn’t exactly a standard joke, but it was said that at the low end our school would not turn out mere murderers, they would be mass murderers.

Again, this is not about elitism.

This is about COMPETENCE.

Sam-bo, I’ll have him at my back any day of the week, and I believe he would say the same about me still, but those others from that mixed school…. I wouldn’t want to be within 5,000 yards of the useless cunts, because they will attract trouble down on my head.

You can imagine it, all you have to do is keep your fucking head down, keep still, and wait patiently until the Rhino gets bored and moves on, but these petty cunts would be like refugees from some “I am a fucking princess…” celebutard show, and they’d be whining about the humidity and slapping at ants and fucking with an ipod, and if they survived the initial charge and goring it would be whine whine whine about why didn’t ___I___ fucking help, or warn, or save them….

Like the nigger in the video above, IF you are dumb enough to do that, or permit it to happen, the fastest solution is get down, brace your legs, get a two hands on grip, and rip that motherfucking door OFF that machine, even if that doesn’t activate the safety switch, you can get the kid out, and give it cool outside air.

Running around like some useless bitch, THAT is what they were taught at the mixed school.

Sam-bo is about as far as you can get from me, genetically and culturally and socially, only way you could make him and me more different is change the sex of one of us, or make one of us non human.

And yet in that old school reunion we were the closest to each other, because we had both been through the crucible and come of age and become Men…. everyone else was still stuck in self denial and living in 1977… another jubilee year… the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I won’t post it here, but a few days after that Sam-bo sent me an email (hey, you have email he asks me …. you gonna 419 me mofo? lol) with a scanned page from the 1977 yearbook with the usual graduation shit, but also a picture of Shelia and the grass’s girlfriend…. I’m not sure what I ever saw in it/her, and boy, tempus fugit is a stone cold bitch.


  1. 12:00 flashers .. I actually LOLed.
    Yeah, you pretty much summed up why I never attended ANY of my reunions.

    Comment by hans — May 20, 2012 @ 4:34 pm

    • Actually Hans, you really should go to at least one… it is fucking hilarious.

      I went to my first one back in 1982, most of the others turned up in suits and ties or smart casual wear, Ford Granada/taunus, the wimminz tarted up in Bucks Fizz hairstyles and shit.

      I rolled up in leathers off the ferry from Europe and just back from Greece on a fucked up WLA with a crazy half greek half jewish bint on the back who I met in Brindisi who had the body of a whore, dressed like one, fucked like one and who pissed standing up and was hitching to “Man Chester Ingerland” to hook up with her “boyfriend”…. lol

      *thoroughly* enjoyed myself, and my lasting memory is different people walking up, shaking hands, laughing and saying “why am I not surprised”

      Do it, go to the next one… lol

      Comment by wimminz — May 20, 2012 @ 6:33 pm

      • Heh, actually not a half bad idea.
        Turn up in Pimp-wear with a big-assed&tittied young whore in full working outfit and troll the shit out of the 12:00 flashers.

        “My job you ask? Bitch you got eyes, or are you perhaps searching.. ?” 😉

        Ah well, flights of fantasy. But who knows. BTW here´s some Russians trolling another pair of 12:00 flashers: http://www.eblogx.com/Videos/21991/Verwirrender-Poller/
        I really think some people just aren´t capable anymore to get this whole 21century tech-crap.

        Comment by hans — May 23, 2012 @ 11:19 am

  2. “This isn’t about elitism.”

    Isn’t it?


    Luckily, they got rescued:


    Guess you’re better off with someone with tanks at your back.

    Comment by Ted — May 21, 2012 @ 8:13 am

  3. http://www.youtube.com/user/kflamis?feature=watch
    Looks like the cunts in blue won’t be able to white knight those niggers in greece for much longer, lulz.

    Comment by IRTehGenY — May 23, 2012 @ 9:49 am

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