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May 15, 2012

Just a quick anecdotal really

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Because the last thing I want this blog to get to be is to be a link farm for wimminz who have made false rape accusations or a link farm for stories of wimminz outrageous behaviour, a lot of stories I see I just ignore, if that shit interests you you can easily enough find it on your own with a google news feed.

Nevertheless there are some things that I see that interest me, and I wonder if anyone else has noted the same things;

PoF is a great barometer… changes in PoF are changes in wimminz in the real world.

I am seeing greatly increased levels of;

  1. Wimminz PoF adverts stating that they want an industrious and hard working man, in the fucking headline.
  2. Wimminz adverts from Wales.

Wales is one of those places, take away the artificial economic subsidies and it collapses back to its default state, which is with the (coal) pits closed is 90% unemployment.

Lots of wimminz from Wales signing up to PoF is canary in the coal mine shit, they are looking for something they cannot find locally, and that ain’t cock, so it can only be;

  1. A man with a weekly wage packet
  2. A man who doesn’t live in wales, e.g. a way out (of wales)

Shit testing them ( I have zero intention of fucking any of them, welsh bitches are unfuckable because of the accent alone) on subjects such as long distance relationships and the like reveals what can only be “Russian bride” attitudes to the whole subject.

Shit testing them on the subject of my claimed employment also reveals huge attitude changes, to the wimminz who are all of course managers at the very least, the worst job you could have said was something lowly in IT “I fix computers” was an almost guaranteed way to break off contact, a dweeb who was limp and pathetic and who spent all hours with his head under the hood of a computer, not any more, suddenly it sounds like a full time gainfully employed job, but make sure you work for IBM or Microsoft, no self employed MD / CEO of my own business, unless it is IBM, because all these wimminz seeking a way out are managers and owners of their own businesses, and they will not and can not see any disparity between custom (inedible) cup cakes made to order and your 24/7 call out plumbing business…

I have always maintained that as herd animals wimminz are always a lot quicker to sense and change in the wind and react accordingly, if so then here you go, here is another sign, hard times are a coming and the smarter and faster reacting of the wimminz are looking to secure a place with a new stud in a new valley a long ways away from the current one.

Lots of these bitches also have horses, or worse still mini bitches who also have horses.

In the UK if you put 3 horses in an acre (4,000 M2) field before long there will be nothing but mud for the horses to eat and medical issues with hoofs will start to set in, you can rotate 3 horses through two or three one acre paddocks, provided you provide feed, because that tiny amount of land will not feed them.

Storing a week’s feed takes a fair bit of space, then if you have horses you have all the bridles and saddles and tack, which also needs storage space and maintenance space, then you have all your vets bills, because living cooped up in a tiny one acre paddock is completely unnatural for a horse, and the beat goes on, and on…. oh yes, the paddock needs fencing, wood as well as electric, then there is the shit to pick up…

Basically you can run an old motorcycle, say a 70’s SOHC Honda or late Norton or AMF Harley, for what it costs to run one horse, in time and resources and money, so these skank ho’s with two bitch daughters and three horses, you are basically be expected to take on the running costs of three people into old bikes, and their bikes, which is fine, AFTER your own fucking garage is full of classic iron that you play with and ride every day…

No wonder they are looking for hard working men.


  1. “I fix computers” LOL. Funny how a “manager” of a custom (inedible) cup cake store will look down her nose on the lowly IT dweeb. Quite likely the same wimminz will do little to no home cooking.

    Any similar trends with Scots, Irish wimminz?

    Comment by anonymous — May 15, 2012 @ 4:40 pm

  2. I guess it’s DNA-hardwired for ze skank-hos to always be seeking a draft (draught?) horse to pull their Cinderella fantasies along… until they find a dumber horse.

    “… welsh bitches are unfuckable because of the accent alone” Lulz!… I applaud your pickiness. I’m surrounded by Spanish-speaking beeches, and even though the Cuban variety are the most numerous, and often hot, their gutter-level Espanol is off-putting-BLOCKED… Luckily, as the world economy continues the toilet swirl, more fine ladies, of European stock, are showing up from Argentina (with pert nippies), speaking the King’s (Castilian) Spanish… sweet imports.

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — May 15, 2012 @ 11:49 pm

    • Gotta come clean, got a soft spot for the latinas… >;*)

      But even back in the day it was known, they were hot as fuck, UNTIL you married them, then they piled on the pounds, hence viva las novias etc

      Comment by wimminz — May 15, 2012 @ 11:57 pm

  3. Keep your articles coming, granted they can be looked on Google yes. But I like the ones you throw commentary on. Thanks, and keep them coming. I often save them and when my friends come over and when subject comes up. I’ll show the articles.

    Yes to the above, on his comments with hot Latinas

    Comment by Tom — May 16, 2012 @ 12:22 am

    • Oh I will, just conscious of that stuff “taking over”… cheers

      Comment by wimminz — May 16, 2012 @ 1:27 am

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