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May 12, 2012

You can always hear the king call

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One of the rules of spammers was that they always defined spam as “that which they themselves did not do…”

This is actually an excellent metric / definition for many other things, totalitarian regime, marxist / leninist / anarcho syndicalist commune, police state.

In every one of these places they will define that appropriate label and “that which we ourselves do not do.”

I have lived and travelled in many places on this planet, many of them were trouble-spots, even if they were not defined as active war zones, either with neighbours or civil, or as being under martial law.

Frankly this is where the money is, but whether by luck or judgement I always managed to not be there when the shit hit the fan, for example I missed Rwanda by less than seven days.

None of them ever, ever, ever defined themselves as what they were, and by and large the majority of the population agreed, when the population doesn’t agree you get revolution and civil war as happened recently in Yugoslavia.

I have seen (foreign white men there only for the work quite often) thrown in “jails” that were little more than cess pits, because a local who never even owned a bike accused the guy in question of stealing his bike, I have seen a man who was sent around the bend by the treatment he had and ended up saluting petrol pumps, I have seen an otherwise normal man who would always pick up ants and put them in his beer, and there were the lucky ones that got out alive and in one piece physically, largely because they were white and their family or company could afford to come up with some payola.

These are the “funny” stories that I can tell over a beer, I could tell other far more grisly stories, I won’t, not here.

Currently I find myself living and working in Runway 51, the country formerly known as the United Kingdom, and speaking as a relative outsider who has travelled and worked in many of the world’s “hotspots” I feel that I am well qualified to look around me and spot when I am living in what is in effect a police state, where I have zero rights and the only way to survive is to fly lower than anyone else.

Jean Charles De Menezes is a nice little example, a man minding his own business, obeying every law in the land, who becomes the subject of mistaken identity, and hour later he has seven bullets in his head (and others elsewhere) because as you know, one 9mm round at point blank range in the brain just ain’t enough, the double tap is the only way to be sure, and in the case of enemies of the state and zombies seven rounds is ideal.

I didn’t see Menezes corpse, but I have seen others that have taken a similar number of handgun rounds to the head from 38 S&W or 9mm Hipower, not because the first didn’t kill them, but because when you hate some fucker and they die on you and you still have some live shells left what the fuck are you supposed to do to burn that adrenaline rush off, and not once did any of them have what could be described as a head left after the fifth round, after that it was just shooting into a pile of gristle on top of the neck.

Typically there are some 3 million children in this country who have been taken away from their father by the state, and this has been “legitimised” by creating the paperwork to do this in the secret family courts, where none of the criminal legal standards of evidence and preponderance of doubt apply, all it takes, all it ever takes, is hearsay, as though the plural of accusation is evidence.

Typically these systems reserve a special hate for those who, when thusly fucked up the ass, refuse to bow down and accept that they did indeed commit some awful crime, and so as a result only those who, against all the odds, continue to protest their innocence are denied all possibility of parole or early release, no matter how much of a model prisoner they actually are.

That which we do not do includes imprisoning innocent men for decades, like South Africa did to Mandela, except we do, the papers are full of people who did 20 years behind bars for always maintaining their innocence, and were ultimately exonerated by DNA evidence.

Evil countries like Russia did this with the gulags, evil countries like North Korea do this, good countries like Israel, the UK, the USA , France, they do not do this, by dint of claiming that such abuses are “that which we do not do”

I could tell you a story about an ex WW2 E boat that used to be moored in a harbour in an island on the western side of Greece, and the guns, which included FN assault rifles and Browning Hipowers, were stored in the local police station when the boat and crew were in port.. when the boat left the crew went to the police station and collected the guns, then hammered up the coast to buy “stuff” in Albania and drop it off in Italy… often chased by the relevant customs boats, exchanging small arms fire and automatic assault rifle fire, when the boat got back to Greece the weapons were handed back and the bullet holes fixed, stuff was often Marboros in cartons of 5,000, but then greed set in and “stuff” started to become the odd bale of grass, and everyone else got greedy to.. I bailed, two weeks later the entire crew were taken and got 25 years in an Albanian jail.

By any metric that I know, I am living in a Police State.

I have not ever been to the mainland USA, and so while on the one hand I cannot speak with authority because of that, the border controls that make me choose to stay out are the border controls of a Police State.

The USA Department for homeland security, which is in country with a population of some 310 million, has ordered 450 million round of hollow point handgun ammo. Clearly there are other supplies / stocks / orders for 5.56, 50 cal etc

5 rounds of 38 S&W or 9mm parabellum reduced human skulls to a mass of minced meat and gristle and bone,  have no direct experience but I suspect 2 rounds of hollow point will do the same job.

I have seen hollow points used on human limbs, I am not a medical doctor, but I do not believe the long term prognosis would have been anything but amputation or death.

Last week I accompanied a good friend of mine to the secret family courts as a McKenzie Friend, I have no legal knowledge to speak of, and I was not there to advise him legally, but a McKenzie is the only way for an outsider to be admitted to secret family court.

My job was to sit next to him for a day and a half with my arm across his shoulders, and every time he twitched too much or drew a breath to speak, I shifted my hand and drove my thumb into his neck, HARD. He still has the bruises.

I took the job because after an earlier hearing he said he felt like he was “..living in a fucking police state”  I leaned forwards, grabbed his jaw, looked him right in the eye and said “You are.

and continued “And unless you learn to act appropriately, you are going to lose what fucking freedoms and abilities you have left.

I’m just waiting for us to progress to the point where we start recruiting for the Waffen SS, when that time comes I have a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring to the role of Haupt, none of that fucking feldwebel stuff for me, I have a Google email alert for the local jobs section…


  1. Yeah, us frogs here in the west really aren´t much better than the actual amphibians at detecting the slow boil.

    My only hope is for all those fucken niggerz to finally start jumping out of the pot. I know the wimmenz will still think it´s a great jacuzzi even when the flesh starts peeling off.

    We´re fucked.

    Comment by hans — May 13, 2012 @ 5:13 am

  2. The states are absolutely a police state. I can list numerous examples, you already know about the TSA i am sure, random stop and frisks in Major Northern Cities, Police have MAJOR surveillance equipment in their cars (Who knew just three days ago that state police have radiation detectors that can tell if you’ve had a CAT Scan?) SWAT team raids for routine warrants, the list goes on and on.

    Personally, I have been visited by both BATF and Homeland Security. What are the fucking odds that some random guy like me would be visited in a country of 300 million people unless this questioning was routine?

    Comment by Police State USA — May 13, 2012 @ 6:41 am

  3. ’twas inevitable, of course, as wimminz LOVE police states–these Useful Idiots VOTE for it at every turn–it’s their surrogate spank-daddy and sugar-daddy rolled into one.

    +1 for FN-FAL (and British L1A1 “inch” variants) and +1 for Radway Green 7.62 x 51 NATO ball to feed ’em!

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — May 14, 2012 @ 8:22 am

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