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May 10, 2012


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You are cordially invited to a funeral, you may bring guests, the funeral itself is likely to be yours.

I have readers in the USA, in Oz, in Ecuador, in Latvia, there is a man who, if I were to name him, all of them would have heard of him.

This man is dead, but at one point I used to know him quite well. I do not identify him because if I did it would be like saying “I used to know Elvis”, suddenly whatever message I wanted to get across would be lost in the noise of those wanting to know about Elvis, and those who said I was lying.

Nor do I mean “I knew that man, but he never heard of me”, I mean he used to call me by my given name and look me in the eye.

All of you who know his name, which is all of you, will identify him with certain things, and while those things are more or less true, they are incidental to the man I knew, and incidental to the things he actually wanted other people to stop and think about.

I could say many things, tell many stories, all of them involving names that many of you will have heard of, it’s not so surprising really, once you are in a trade and place to intersect with the lives of one well known person, you are by definition where other well known persons hang out, so for example a plumber / hairdresser / landscaper / pool designer / etc will tend to have zero famous clients, or many.

What you will, or should, learn from such stories is that all of these people can tell stories, and all of the stories are unpleasant, and all the unpleasant stories involve ruthless people.

The reason the man I started this with is known to you all for what he is known, and not for the things that he wanted people to think about, is ruthless people.

In effect ruthless people offer fame and fortune if you dance to the tune, if Elvis wants to sing the blues and act badly in films that is great, if Elvis wants to talk about unions and workplace politics well, we can always get someone else to be Elvis, someone who wants to be famous and rich.

Ruthless people make it tough for an honest politician to make a living, even a poor living, same for investigative journalists, or a passionate doctor, or any field of human endeavour you can to name.

Ruthless people are the reason I can go to very poor countries and buy kidneys, corneas, skin, all sorts of shit from live donors… live donors who are exploited for their relative ignorance and economic hardship… “You want ten years wages for that kidney?” is a persuasive argument.

Of course there are some organs nobody would donate, I only have one liver, one heart.. but to ruthless people, well, there is a market for everything.

Six Olympic games ago, a man whose name you will not know, told me about a conversation he had with a friend of his whose name you ought to know, one late Haile Selasse, that some of his people were falling prey to such ruthless people, the irony being that the trafficked “live organs” ended up in Miami, in the expensive and exclusive clinics of Jewish doctors, most of whom were allegedly unaware of the extent of persuasion behind the donor organs in question.

To someone with the ability to pay (in 1980’s millions) in cash a couple of million dollars to anyone who can arrange a suitable donor heart, and who has only months to live, maybe asking a load of questions about persuasion is like the wannabe Elvis wanting to sing about unions and corruption…. listen kid, you want this gig or not? if not there are plenty others out there who do…. so say the ruthless people.

Ruthless people.

The thing is, they aren’t that ruthless, not really.

They are just “well, if I did not do this, someone else would.”

Selling life insurance policies or double glazing or jehovas witnesses door to door or cold calling on the phone, hey, everyone has to earn a crust, and if they didn’t do it, someone else would.

Parking wardens, family court lawyers, everyone has to earn a crust.

DV cops, prison guards, everyone has to earn a crust.

Predator drone pilots, Obama’s re-election committee, everyone has to earn a crust.

Hedge fund managers, bankers, corporate tax avoidance lawyers, everyone has to earn a crust.

The man I started this post out with, a poster boy for everyone has to earn a crust, the man I knew was just lonely and alone and scared and hurting inside, but that wasn’t marketable and you’d never have heard of him.

The drug dealers refrain that they are just supplying a need, not creating it, is true, everyone has to earn a crust, nevertheless, it is not a trade that leaves the society locally a better place than it finds it, it has a cost.

Everything has a cost, and everyone has to earn a crust is just outsourcing as much of that cost as possible.

I am too old to be drafted, my boy kids are too young, neither of those is going to change for a few years, and by then it won’t matter.

Paybacks are however a stone cold bitch…


  1. Payback indeed is a bitch.
    Something all to readily ignored by the ruthless ones. Yeah, let´s call ´em that.
    I call ´em ole´snake eyes, like “the dick” Cheney. Wonder how many hearts that bastard will use up.

    Here´s to old dead friends.

    Comment by hans — May 11, 2012 @ 3:48 am

  2. While it is true that drug dealers are only giving the fiends what they want, it is also true that they appeal to the lowest common denominator in human nature, which is bestial. The former does not justify the latter. The same can be said of a lot of businesses.

    Comment by jupiviv — May 11, 2012 @ 6:23 am

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