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May 5, 2012


If you have left *any* food out, say some grains of sugar from making hot drinks, the odd breadcrumb tucked away in the corner, and an ant finds it, he will make his way back to the nest leaving a chemical trail.

The more ants follow and reinforce that chemical trail, the stronger it gets and the more ants follow it, it isn’t a conscious thing, it is a very very simple robot following very simple yes/no rules.

Which is why it is hilarious to watch a grown man swearing at ants that have invaded his kitchen and swearing at them as though their invasion was a conscious and deliberate act that was set against his karma.

I told him, you now have to pick up EVERYTHING, kettle, soap dishes, microwave, every last thing, off every flat surface in the kitchen, and every flat surface, edge, nook and cranny needs to be blitzed with soap and water and then with some sort of chemical mask, which can be a citrus based cleanser or an ant / crawling insect killer if it is not a food preparation surface, as this is the ONLY way, you have to eliminate every single ant / messenger there now, to prevent any new chemical trails being laid, and you have to totally eradicate all traces of every chemical trail that is there now, and since you cannot sense them, that means surgically cleaning every fucking thing.

There is no other way to win.

I have talked before about how it is easy to see large numbers of very simple and very dumb actors obeying some very simple rules, and think that surely the overall effects and outcomes MUST be the result of some sort of directed and possibly enemy action… the ants are INVADING your kitchen, so there must be an invasion plan, a general, right….

No, no more than MRSA or the common cold has a plan.

The flipside of this is that my friend’s extermination campaign was not seen as genocide by the any colony, it didn’t even register.

The ants were not taught a lesson by being eradicated, they will always keep questing at the borders of the accessible and cleanable bits of his kitchen, and the very next time they find some breadcrumbs and sugar they will be back in force overnight.

Not because they are an enemy who never ceases to attack and probe, but because they are a simple rule based system that exists to probe for exploits.

So, if you can’t teach them a lesson, all you can do is live a life of eternal vigilance, always keep your kitchen clean, if you make a mess or spill anything, always clean it up, and since ants will go for such minute amounts of stuff in the most remote corners, this means in practice wiping down and cleaning the kitchen every day and after every single use, even a light use like making a hot drink.

Being a good mate, I helped my mate to blitz his kitchen, and 15 minutes later we were done and sitting down with a coffee, and that is when he said something.

Fucking ants remind me of my ex…..”   mmmm? I grunted “… bitch never misses an opportunity to cause problems with the kids, nothing is too trivial to make  a big issue out of and go whining back to the courts or police that I have been doing something I shouldn’t or not doing something I should have.

Well..” I said “… the answer is looking you in the face mate… blitz the place and eradicate her and whatever tools she uses, eg the kids, from your life totally, and remain vigilant

He went all quiet and I was wondering if I had gone too far with the red pill for this guy, but some seconds later he looks up and says “it will never end will it, not if she is left to her choices, I will still be here in 2025 taking it up the ass from the bitch.

Nothing needed to be said at a red pill moment, so I just looked at him.

Like the ants, that shit NEVER gets old for the wimminz, it is hard-wired into them, and to be sure it had a place in survival terms back in the cave.

The Dutch have a lot of interesting words, one of them when spoken sounds like “millinuker” and if translated it means “ant fucker” but it actually means someone who will fuck around and obsess with even the tiniest details.

A bit like an ex wife who knows the man has to drive 45 miles through traffic to drop off and collect the kids every 4th weekend, but still expects him to pull up outside her door at precisely 18:00 hours on a Friday, no earlier and no later, and again at 17:00 hours on a Sunday, no earlier and no later… no arriving 15 minutes early and waiting in your car outside, go wait somewhere else asshole.

Then even if you are on time, to the second, there is still room to be had for an argument in parking on the wrong side of the road, or with the car facing the wrong way to the street door has to be opened and not the pavement door, or some fucking thing.

So, I could see my friend was wavering, and that quite soon that habit of doing the right thin and loving his kids and being there for them  and being a dad and being a real man would win out…..

So I got all Zen on his ass.

“You know S****, come 2025 when your youngest is 16 and free to make his own choices, what do you want him to have seen?

  1. A man who has been on his knees and taken it up the ass from mummy every 4th week for 13 years.
  2. A cipher, an enigma, an unknown.”

It’s the whole zen thing about removing the obstacle that the opponent is fighting against.

Like I told him, I have seen many kids that knew nothing about their dad except mum’s badmouthing (which may or may not have been justified) literally go half way around the world to find their biological father.

Never seen a kid who saw daddy one weekend in four grow up to give a fuck about them or see them as anything except mummy’s bitch.



  1. Wow, this got to be your best post ever, Afor. It has really struck a chord. Thank you.

    Comment by Gerard — May 6, 2012 @ 2:12 pm

  2. Reminds me of the Einstein Quote: “You can never solve a problem on the level it was created”.

    Though, your personal “thermonuclear” solution may not be necessary for every cuntass x-wimminz out there, I fear it´s the only real one for the vast majority.

    Comment by hans — May 7, 2012 @ 11:06 am

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