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May 4, 2012

The Gold standard, and wimminz hate on alphas too…

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I want to start by discussing something that at first might appear to be off topic for this blog.

The price of gold metal.

I see a lot of otherwise intelligent people, some of them bloggers, a couple of them linked to from this site, still going on about gold metal (as opposed to paper gold) being the only fucking hedge against the impending financial crash worth a damn etc.

For my sins, I have seen, first hand, places and times where the rule of law and economics totally broke down, it is anything but fucking pretty, and any survival hopes that I have, or advantage that I have, is that having been there in the past the pump is primed in my case, and I will revert to savagery quicker than most anyone else around me, and for these otherwise sensible people who are advocating buying gold metal, let me tell you this;

  • You can’t eat gold.
  • You can’t TRADE gold for anything, unless there is TRADE.
  • In the collapse environment, there is no TRADE

Let me give you an example, we do not have to go back to 1914, nor do we have to go to affdiggastan, we can stay right here in Europe and just 20 years ago, one human generation, when Yugoslavia collapsed into civil war.

In yugo in 1992, the reality on the ground was;

  • If you actually were worth shit as a survivalist, you had already left, AT WHATEVER PERSONAL, SOCIAL OR FINANCIAL COST.
  • If you actually held any gold metal, since TRADE was suspended in favour of might is right, you could have traded that gold metal for lead metal, or maybe just a steel blade.
  • Nobody WITH anything that you wanted to purchase with your gold is interested in trading what they have for your gold.
  • Merely toting that gold you may as well as have had a neon sign made up, “Asshole, come and fuck me up”

You see that much prized gold metal is only of any interest to anyone who is both completely ruthless, and who also has a sufficiently effective and efficient small army to make it through to the other side of whatever.

The reality on the ground is that by far the most valuable things in such circumstances are;

  • Enough potable water to slake your thirst
  • Enough edible food to slake your hunger
  • Some place/method/plan to keep your head down for the next 8 hours

___ANYTHING___ and ___EVERYTHING___ else is mere currency that can be used to trade for these things, and having been there and seen this shit first hand, let me tell you girls, access to your cunt won’t buy any of those three things above.

So buying gold metal is just an exercise in self denial and helping yourself to sleep at night by convincing yourself that you have done what you can to ensure your survival, while confusing survival with prosperity, which everyone who has NOT seen this shit first hand does.

… which brings me neatly into wimminz and their obsessions…

Back when my own FRA kicked off, I turned around to a favourite lesbian female that I know well and asked the sixty four thousand dollar question, why is this bitch doing this to me? does she really hate me that much? what did I do to make her hate me this much?

To which I was answered, in order, you poor man, you really do know nothing about the wimminz do you, she is doing it to you because the penny has finally dropped that she can never control you, she doesn’t hate you, she is obsessed with you, and the penny has dropped that she can never control you.

This is not an intellectual thing, or a logical thing, or even an emotional thing, but a visceral lizard brain thing, if she cannot have you to play with and control then she must destroy you, and buddy, just because for YOU five years have passed and you have gotten on with your life and forgotten her, for HER it is as fresh as vinegar in a paper cut, that shit never gets old for the wimminz.



  1. I don’t think it is a case of consciously wanting control. When a woman has children with a man he essentially becomes life-support for herself and her kids in her eyes. Also, to the woman there is no clear distinction between “herself” and “her kids”, so if a man refuses to be life-support for the one he automatically refuses to be life-support for the other. And if he does refuse to be said life-support to either/both then, in the woman’s eyes, he becomes the worst creature on earth. As far as your ex was concerned, you deserved every accusation she made against you and any punishments that might have followed.

    Basically, women want a bull before marriage and a bullock after.

    Comment by jupiviv — May 4, 2012 @ 7:48 pm

    • yup, and they want the state and the niggerz to do the castrating

      Comment by wimminz — May 4, 2012 @ 7:54 pm

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  3. Regarding gold: If you expect total social breakdown, you’d invest in food, guns and ammo and you’d form a gang or militia beforehand. Obviously you are correct to say that gold is useless if there are gangs of bandits roving the city stealing everything.

    But I think you kind of miss the point. People invest in gold because they expect it to get bad, but not TEOTWAWKI. A replay of the Weimar republic, or the inflation of the 1970s USA. In that case holding gold would work out well, as there’s a huge economic crisis but there’s not total social breakdown.

    Obviously if I ring up the Perth Mint and get them to store a few dozen ounces for me, I expect that the Perth Mint will still be in business after the crisis. Not much point otherwise.

    People who believe civlization is going to crumble into disorder aren’t the the ones advocating investing in gold. They are investing in lead. And some invest in both. But they are anticipating two different scenarios. Gold is for the scenario where civil society survives the crisis.

    Comment by ThousandMileMargin — May 5, 2012 @ 12:48 am

    • Nope, gold is for the scenario where individual liberties survive the crisis, they NEVER do…

      History is replete with little people who bought gold, then when holding gold was made illegal they buried it, then they got moved along and lost ownership of the land where it was buried etc..

      This is my point, if you study history it is full of eras where little people bought gold to try to weather the crisis, and it never worked, because gold is the ULTIMATE fiat currency, the ultimate ponzi scheme, the ultimate confidence trick.

      Specie money is still fungible, one dollar bill is as good as another, one gram of gold as good as another, the WHOLE POINT of economic collapse is one hour of your labour is not worth one hour of mine, because I am at the irrigation pump that needs fixing and know how to fix it and keep it running, and you don’t, etc

      To survive to get to the other side, YOU MUST OF NECESSITY be able to command a personal surplus to minimum survival every single hour between now and then..

      Comment by wimminz — May 5, 2012 @ 1:21 am

  4. Yep, fuck gold.
    The best thing one can do is get a water filter, GOOD SHOES(!!) and maybe learn about sprouting. And ditching the dead weight in one´s life.
    Getting in shape is very vital too, something I stupidly have been neglecting though. Till now!

    Damn normalcy bias,kept me too complacent for far too long!!

    Comment by hans — May 5, 2012 @ 4:02 am

    • Bingo….

      Comment by Wimminz — May 5, 2012 @ 11:23 am

  5. assuming there is 50/50 chance of a doom, the question is whether the doom will manifest itself as a Yugoslavia , or as a multi decade long term decline that is not easy to perceive in any given year. All out civil war is very rare. More likely ghettos and slums will slowly spread and engulf neighborhoods, decreasing property values and increasing crime rates.

    Comment by anonymous — May 5, 2012 @ 8:32 am

    • Ohno. It will be very VERY quick.

      Actually Icke spells out the “gameplan” very nicely:
      IMF/The Fed/EU Central Bank force the states to borrow themselves into oblivion.
      Then with an appropriate distraction like for instance the Jews bombing Iran, Iran sinking a carrier that is puttering around in their gulf, incidentally on her last voyage before it´s decommissioning (that costs a fortune). Russia and China suddenly remember they are allied with Iran and each other .. viola WW3.

      And while these minor distractions go off, hardly anybody will complain that whoops all the (supposedly)sovereign state monies have suddenly crashed and the only hope is a global electronic currency controlled by your benevolent banksters who of course know best.

      That is of course the “best case” scenario for our Elites. We´ll see how much of that will actually pan out. The good part is that they are very much behind their schedule.

      Comment by hans — May 6, 2012 @ 10:40 am

      • aye, the elites are no better at pulling a plan off to spec and schedule than the proles, that is why it is so interesting, fools rushing in where angels would fear to tread.

        Comment by wimminz — May 6, 2012 @ 11:58 am

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