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May 4, 2012

Codename “Bitch”

In a recent post in a recent thread over at The Spearhead (link on right) poster “Lara” had this to say;

Men should be content to have one nice looking, pleasant personality woman in their lives. If they are really alpha maybe they can bump that up to one or two more. I don’t like this idea that they always need something new.

Well thanks for that Lara, and fuck you very much.

But this is worth dissecting, because wimminz often unwittingly say what they mean, not what they want us to hear, for example wimminz on PoF often type that they are looking for men, when they want us to hear they are looking for a man…

Lara is in fact saying the following things;

  1. That all men should be content to have one, self proclaimed, nice looking pleasant personality wimminz in their lives, not their bed, their lives, so this can be a mother, a boss, a sister, all will do.
  2. That truly alpha males, as judged by wimminz, may be able to up this to two or more, a nice mom AND a nice boss.
  3. That no man should be allowed to move on to pastures / wimminz new.
  4. What she did NOT say, anything at all about wimminz who are honest or loyal or true to their word, or indeed sane.

I, however, have a different set of rules.

  1. _I_ decide what is a good looking wimminz.
  2. _I_ decide what is a pleasant personality wimminz.
  3. I will not allow ANY wimminz who is not both pleasant and sane anywhere in my life.
  4. I will make a temporary exception to rule 3 from time to time, at my sole discretion, for the purposes of fucking some skank ho.
  5. I will not allow any wimminz to put her value judgements upon me in any way that affects my life… hold an OPINION of me if you like bitch, but keep it to yourself.
  6. Actually living a life with a set of values that opposes everything these wimminz would wish upon men is reason enough, eg being contrary to wimminz wishes is always the smart choice.
  7. AWALT, no such things as unicorns or dragons or wimminz who are honest and loyal and true to their word.

Bottom line is the home truth that everyone is trying to avoid giving voice to is this.

ONE – a small minority of wimminz who are fertile and sexually attractive can enjoy, for a decade or so, the pull on a man’s strings awarded by that fertility and sexual attractiveness.

TWO – for all other wimminz, you better be pleasant company and a good housekeeper or a fucking heiress, because you have sweet fuck all else to offer a man.

Lara, and her ilk, talking shit like she is actually worth anything to a man, is a lot like the bankrupt bankers and their ponzi schemes talking shit like their plans or pieces of paper are actually worth anything to a man… the idea is to distract you from stopping to consider the real basis of what is at the heart of the subject, and waste you time and energy arguing about the colour of the curtains.


  1. Always have to shake my head at these wimminz “groupies” on the Men´s sites.
    This Lara cunt is another such hardcase. Her damn comments get hidden ASAP, still the damn bitch can´t shut up and always comes back for more.

    Only thing they “maybe” are good for is to help gauge the “White-Knight-Niggerz” factor of a site

    Comment by hans — May 5, 2012 @ 3:55 am

  2. even that decade of fertility and sexually attractiveness becomes much less appealing when there is the prospect of getting snare trapped by the child support bureaucracy.

    Comment by anonymous — May 5, 2012 @ 8:40 am

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