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April 27, 2012

inch by eights

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Inch by eight in brass countersunk head was perhaps the commonest brass wood screw made, certainly there were very few things that you could make, from a yacht to a table, that did not involve using them.

Inch by eights used to be bought by the pound, or if you were on the continent by the half kilo.

I just saw a box of them for THIRTY FUCKING FOUR UK POUNDS STERLING, so intrigued I go online and the cheapest I could READILY find were £4.74 excluding 20% VAT and shipping per 100, and of course who knows where they were made, what grade or quality of brass etc.

This free wordpress does not allow the uploading of video, if it did instead of just watching yesterday I would have videoed my lathe running at a very sedate 300 RPM and the very special sound of a nice sharp and well profiled cutting tool skimming the surface of some 2″ diameter aluminium bar in an old fashioned and rigid lathe.

While I was watching it, and sipping my coffee, and I will admit craving a smoke, for it was at such times that I used to smoke… lol… it occurred to me, no wimminz has ever “got” the sound or feel or smell or look or process of a lathe or mill making a nice cut and changing one thing into another.

They just don’t “commune” with it like a man or boy will.

Same with coffee, they just don’t get a good coffee being poured slowly over a full brown cane sugar, or the makings of the same, all the wimminz just want a one button latte machine, they aren’t into the process itself.

While not a religious person, I am quite happy to grab bits of any philosophy that suits me, so one of the things I grabbed from Zen / Buddhism many moons ago was the idea of each day doing at least one thing very slowly, and savouring it.

I could have spun the VFD up and spun the lathe spindle at 3,000 RPM and done the job in a tenth of the time…. in the same way that I could have bought a one button coffee maker instead of my old German do everything manually job, or I could just stick with instant.. lol

Same with smoking, I always used to hand roll, and it is the hand rolling that I miss as much as anything, or maybe that is the old addiction pathways talking, but I did enjoy rolling…

But getting back to the inch by eights, I remember an apprentice in a foreign port (that happened to be where I was living at the time) being sent ashore for a few kilos of inch by eights, and returning with the tale that there were none to be had, and subsequent conniption fit by the shipwright, which included the words “…not fucking possible…” and “…commonest woodscrew on the fucking planet….”

Except fast forwards 20 years and come and live in this city, and I know two places where you can walk in and walk out again with inch by eights, and only because I live here AND come from a trade background… they are not in Google, you either know or you don’t… and most of the time what you know is that the last supplier shut up shop a decade ago.

Same thing for this city goes for non ferrous metals, the last supplier / vendor closed 10 years ago….same thing for car radiator repairs, car paint mixed on demand, I could go on and on.

That old shipwright would never have believed it, that you can go to a City and find it almost impossible to find any inch by eights in brass, and even then a few pounds is their TOTAL stock so good luck asking for seven pounds of screws.

This is but another side effect of the feminazi mangina niggerz and wimminz world we live in where everything male was reviled and derided… I stand in my workshop looking at my old English lathe and milling machine (and other tools) which I converted myself to CNC yonks ago complete with 5 micron glass scales and DRO etc, and wonder if I should sell, after all they are worth more money now than they have ever been and are huge and awkward to move and house, and being realistic just how much actual use do either of these machines actually get?

And then a day like yesterday comes and I listen to some metal cutting, and I don’t even care that I can just walk out and do a job like that on demand.


  1. Feel yer pain on living in a declining industrial empire… surrounded by manginas who can’t even change out a kitchen sink P-trap, let alone the garbage disposal and related mains wiring.

    You might look into a LEASE-BACK arrangement for your whiz-bang mill and lathe. Machine tools get to do real work instead of aging-in-place, regular cheque for you, and you can arrange to still have off-hours access and/or look over the shoulder of a salty old machinist who knows all the tricks and short-cuts. Plus it reduces the temptation to crank out scores of “super scary to wimminz & niggerz” Sten SMGs and suppressors. ;^) Gotta admire an SMG design whose receiver is made of automobile exhaust tubing w/ simple cuts.

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — April 30, 2012 @ 11:04 pm

    • jesus, I m astounded that such a thing exists

      here it is either modern enough to work 24/7 to pay off the finance, or sitting in a container on the way to india, or in the hands of someone like me…

      Comment by wimminz — April 30, 2012 @ 11:09 pm

      • Oh sure, even though the $800,000,000,000/annum US “Defense” honey pot is a pyramid scheme, w/ Lockheed-Martin at the summit, Congress makes sure the pork is spread far and wide… not unusual to find a 12-man shop with the contract for the slotted axle retainer used on the ordnance-carrying tractor for the B1-B program… your machine saves them the upfront cap-ex, and thus no hit to their credit rating.

        A larger and much tougher problem is how to pass legislation prohibiting grocery stores from serving obese wimminz. ;^)

        Comment by DGAF in Miami — May 2, 2012 @ 9:12 am

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