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April 23, 2012

Notches on the bedpost

A mixed bag this week, one skank ho who openly admits that she cheated on her husband throughout her marriage wonders why I treat EVERYTHING she says, as though it is possibly / probably false… duh

And another for whom the bell finally tolls and the penny finally drops, you’re not just notches on a bedpost, it is that after three fucks most wimminz are unfuckable, my cock will not co-operate any further, so I must of necessity move on to the next skank ho.

Think about it bitches, all I am interested in is dumping my cum into your holes, for free, and even so THE BEST OF YOU  still can’t hold my attention or interest past three fucks.

Bitches have been drinking their own kool aid for so long and lying to themselves about what they really are for so long that there is no longer any signal left when talking with wimminz, it is all noise, and incidentally proof that 12 million monkeys will never type so much as one sonnet, much less the complete works of Shakespeare.

Whether it is secret family courts or wimminz rights or evil male sexual predators, bitches cannot and will not see that it is NEVER coincidental that those towns that are known for the worst excesses of secret family courts, social services and child welfare types are also the towns where the worst child abuse goes on and the highest profile paedophile cases come from, they just routinely put the cart before the horse and point at the excesses of the headline paedophile case as reason for their own existence, when in fact it has been the past decade plus of their own existence of complete power on the local scale that has bred the ideal hunting grounds for these evil predatory paedophiles, and has also bred the next generation of them.

Just as in the Vanessa George case, the skank ho who actually did all the physical sexual abuse, George herself, was given second billing to the guy who lives 200+ miles away who never touched a single child in the flesh, but who George was in electronic communication with.

Back in the day it was Fred and Rose West, again Fred got all the bad publicity, but they lived in Cromwell St, well known locally as the place to find whores and drugs, and less well known as the place where the local council routinely housed all their kids that had been seized from families and taken into care, when those kids reach 16 and ceased to be a source of revenue for said children’s services departments.

What could possibly go wrong?

What (address) could possibly express more cynicism and disdain for the now 16 year old kids?

What y’all have to watch out for is the only trick left in the bag is doubling down, and as times get harder they will keep doubling down.

You think you have your ass covered by signing up to Fetlife and finding that 22 year old submissive, you know, FROM HER FUCKING ADVERT FOR AN OLDER MAN, and hooking up with her?

When they double down and broaden consent to something that can be RETROACTIVELY RETRACTED BY A PANEL OF WIMMINZ AND NIGGERZ, you are as fucked as fucked can be, and jumping up and down in the dock trying to get her Fetlife advert admitted as evidence of your innocence, as opposed to being evidence of her vulnerability and proof of your evil predatory nature will only get your sentences increased for contempt of court.

No, far better that you talk to a local, and go down to the areas of town where the local social services dump all the kids as soon as they become 16 and cease being a source of revenue, with the whores and the dealers, and cruise for some young flesh… the young flesh in question has no illusions whatsoever about their status… your only problem is in fucking hand me downs from the same social services / child care services / family courts, because NONE of these 16 year olds are virgins, not even close, haven’t been for years, many years in some cases… just needs a fall guy, like you maybe, to take the rap and thus close the book on previous indiscretions… knowworrimean..

Seems you aren’t the only one who was out to carve a few notches on your bedpost… but you just sleepwalked into playing the game with the genuine feral article, and the real predators.

Doubling down, doubling down.

Vanessa George, Rose West, “Baby P“, they all represent mission and budget creep for the symbiont’s, and expansion of the incestuous and iniquitous pools of slime and corruption, far from being human tragedies, they are brand leading success stories.

The most chilling tales of all come from the mouths of hollow young people, the young girl who despite being 16 and a bit and fully physically a woman and with many of the tick boxes for attractiveness, a wagon load of viagra and a gallon on liquid nitrogen could not have gotten me hard for, not once they have uttered “You know that film Aliens, you know the bit about in space nobody can hear you scream, and the bit about they come at night, mostly, and the bit about game over man, yeah well that is what growing up in “care” is all about….

There are monsters, and they are human, and they are the ones who have been given and taken total power and control over our children and families.

Edit – and the fact that most of those involved in this system as a career are wimminz, and yet wimminz are supposed to be the protectors of youth / children / innocence… it is THIS role that the wimminz abandoned most eagerly, and NONE of them speak up to denounce their sisters, the total renunciation of all maternal and nurturing capacity, it is for this reason, more than any other, that I am done with treating wimminz as civilised and moral creatures… I am as slow and as dense as fuck, but even I can eventually learn a lesson if it is rammed into my head daily for decades.


  1. AfoR, sounds like you have enough insights/material for at least one thick book on the FRA/Family Courts/Wimminz Make-Work Complex. I suggest first printing in Spanish and Mandarin, to stop the cancer from spreading beyond its current G8 hosts.

    [i]one skank ho who openly admits that she cheated on her husband throughout her marriage wonders why I treat EVERYTHING she says, as though it is possibly / probably false… duh[/i]

    I think wimminz who are NOT pathological liars are a small minority, maybe 8%. Now ALL wimminz lie about ALL things sexual ALL the time, but I’ve got one MILF in rotation who lies REFLEXIVELY, even about trivial shyt, when it would be easier and in her own interest to tell the truth. I believe she’s had so much plastic surgery, that she’s developed a actual self-brainwashed aversion to Duh Truth.

    But it works because I’m never tempted, for even a millisec., to believe a single damned thing out of her yap… and in dim light I can enjoy her drum-tight belly (tucked) and showroom titties (plastic), without seeing the mosaic of scars.

    [i]… it is that after three fucks most wimminz are unfuckable, my cock will not co-operate any further, so I must of necessity move on to the next skank ho.[/i]

    lol… now come on, what if they approach Hungarian pornslut levels of BJ skills? Like deepthroat, plus teeth-grazing the helmet rim, plus the pointy-tongue in the pee-hole, with some enthusiastic tea-bagging thrown in, and slurpy slutty audibles for the duration… not easy to find in Duh States… could make FwB last for up to 3 menstrual cycles before my sanity is strained.

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — April 24, 2012 @ 7:53 am

    • yes, this is with the hungarian pornslut BJ skillz….. because the bitch will fucking TALK and it only takes a minute or two…..

      Comment by wimminz — April 24, 2012 @ 9:39 am

  2. … because the bitch will fucking TALK and it only takes a minute or two…

    LULZ… when Captain Kirk gets this jaded, he beams down and fucks a GREEN alien bitch… only to find that even on the other side of the galaxy… AWALT!

    Perhaps you should consider beeches who jabber on in languages you don’t understand, lol.

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — April 25, 2012 @ 5:48 am

    • nah, then I will get all paranoid and think she is talking about how she is going to fit me up for an FRA if I don’t buy her lunch or some shit.

      I need a hot, kinky, young deaf and dumb bitch……. but not in a wheelchair, not being no carer..

      Comment by wimminz — April 25, 2012 @ 9:25 am

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