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April 19, 2012

A generation of young sluts..

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from the daily fail article

Actually, it is well worth a read… some selected red pill quotes

It’s like being in a virtual nightclub. Even though you don’t fancy some of the guys, you still like the attention.

sending revealing pictures to potential suitors these days is simply an expected part of flirting — ‘just part of the tease’

Researchers at the university found that one in ten 16 to 24-year-olds have used the internet to set up one-night stands with strangers.

As usual the article is all evil predatory male paedophiles and rapists using the interwebs to take advantage of these poor innocent victims, while trying to paper over the very obvious facts that these wimminz are deliberately going online and seeking out men to fuck…

and even so, the odd nugget of gold slips through the feminazi dialogue…

The University of Plymouth study was published just days after an inquest earlier this year heard that bullied teenager Simone Grice, 15, of Illogan, Cornwall, killed herself by leaping off a motorway viaduct after trying to bolster her self-esteem by meeting older men online. She is believed to have jumped after one person tried to sever contact with her, because she was under-age.

What’s that!!! The evil predatory rapist paedophile male SEVERS contact with the girl when he finds out that she is UNDERAGE,


Sounds like pretty decent, responsible, law abiding above board and self liberty preserving behaviour to me, odd how you can find that in this place which, as the whole basis of the article and the feminazi message it is trying to promote, is in fact a place infested with evil predatory rapist paedophile MEN…. very odd indeed…

And the “victim” in that case was so upset when a man acted decently, responsibly, law abidingly and openly with her when he caught her out in her lies about her age, that she went and KILLED HERSELF… this same man who would have been up on statutory rape charges if maybe he was not quite so decent, responsible, law abiding, open, and of course CAUTIOUS and SUSPICIOUS…

I particularly like the third quote from the top, because we all know positive responders to these sorts of things are low-ball, if you are in your twenties, it means there is a LOWBALL 10% chance your girlfriend has met random guys off the internet for sex… what chance relationship there?

None, as we again see in a little nugget of gold, the 40 random guys over the net…

(yeah, the true number is going to be FAR higher, trust me I know, the average is 25 different partners / hookups per year, she was doing this 5 years, so 125 guys, roughly in line with what we would expect, that the little slut, even when “being honest” is low-balling the numbers to a third of what they really are, and again experience will tell you a third is a fairly common amount for wimminz to low-ball such number by….)

… in that after her 5 years of trawling the internet for random cock, she tries twice for a “normal” steady relationship, and fails twice. who could possibly have predicted that.

You can’t go from scrambled eggs back to an egg in its shell and some milk in an udder.

In closing, times are getting tough in Greece, as I predicted for the west, already on the table in Greece is a total wipe out of all State benefits for single mothers and large families… as well as further decimation of the State itself, which is as always a mainly wimminz employer.


  1. “She worries that while dating sites have security walls so they don’t come up in internet searches, there’s nothing to stop the men she sends photos to uploading them to sites and ‘tagging’ her name to them, for all to see.

    They are not images she would want a prospective employer to see”

    this wimminz worries about a prospective employer, but not about a prospective husband.

    what happens if there is a major security failure and entire site like POF gets indexed and cached by google?

    Comment by anonymous — April 19, 2012 @ 4:42 pm

    • Google “teleport pro”

      PoF et al do not need to be “leaked”
      if it is public accessible, it can be crawled and indexed.

      if you think google isn’t crawling and indexing PoF NOW, simply google “xxMandy4FUNxx”

      Comment by wimminz — April 19, 2012 @ 11:11 pm

      • LOL… I see “Mandy” already has 2 or more CATS… and is 30+ pounds OBESE… and is lying about her age by at least 8 years. Pisses me off ’cause she’s got the genes/bone structure to be a hottie, but instead she’s reducing the overall dating pool, thus inflating the SMValue of the slut-puppies who are NOT fat. Irresponsible b*tch is failing to make the skillful draining of balls a high priority. Not enough shaming, obviously. Damn all the Mandys, and their slovenly habits… scourges of the Anglosphere.

        Comment by DGAF in Miami — April 20, 2012 @ 1:02 am

      • I meant the google indexing and caching of the entire POF messaging database, not just profiles. Such a database would be gold. Sure to be plenty of real names, phone numbers, street addresses, and hundreds if not thousands of messages to the opposite sex.

        Comment by anonymous — April 20, 2012 @ 4:45 am

  2. ‘I felt degraded but, at the same time, I was hooked on the excitement and craved attention’

    LOL… skank-hos been saying THE EXACT SAME THING for over 4.000 years! Satisfy their ‘gina tingles and Attention Whore® needs, and silly things like caution and dignity are left out in the parking lot of my favorite no-tell motel, LMBO!

    Comment by DGAF in Miami — April 20, 2012 @ 1:12 am

    • It´s just training for when the Chinese hordes come riding in.
      I sure as hell won´t risk my life to defend THAT, and I´m getting the feeling I´m faaar from alone in that sentiment.

      Comment by hans — April 22, 2012 @ 6:09 pm

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