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April 17, 2012

Killing me softly

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There are two things that have been said, and repeated, many times recently, and I am going to repeat them once more.

If there was a conspiracy (in the financial / banking sector) would the results look any different?

Democracy in Greece is being slain, while politicians and the media here studiously ignore this.

These two things that have been said, and are being said, set the stage.

If you wonder how feminazism and the niggerz brought about a system where fathers are routinely demonised and treated as sub-humans without rights, forced to participate in and pay for and rubber stamp the destruction of their own families and children, or if you are stupid enough to wonder how this “terrible mistake” can be rectified, go back and read those two sentences above.

Greece is not afdiggastan, some place people can’t find with a pin on a map, it is arguably the home of modern western civilisation, education, democracy, theology, art, you name it.

Barring a short stretch of water for the English, for the rest of Europe Greece is but a drive away, and thanks to schengen etc that is no “papers please” at the border.

According to google maps Paris to Athens by road is 2,578 Km going via the ferry at Brindisi, 1 day 5 hours at normal driving speeds.

eg to all intents and purposes, ESPECIALLY in this internet day and age, it is in our back yard.

and what is being said about it? sweet fuck all…. and these are the VERY SAME PEOPLE who HAVE to be on board to see any positive changes in the status of fathers or the future for kids…  you assholes still think there is hope of “fixing” anything?

As it says above, and as I discussed elsewhere (look in the Head Candy section on the right re conspiracy) if the results are the same as if there were a conspiracy, then looking for a conspiracy is not merely a moot point, not merely a waste of time and resources, but often fatal.

As also discussed elsewhere in the Head Candy section, 99% of everything happens in the last 1% of time of that event, a slight exaggeration, but not much, when ships sink, when buildings collapse, when economies fall over, when societies descent into chaos and war, the vast majority of the CHANGE from the previous state to the new state happens VERY FAST right at the end, by which time you barely have time to say “oooooh shiiit” much less have time to do something to maximise your own personal survival strategy.

These *agencies* that will sell not just an entire COUNTRY, but and entire CULTURE down the river are the very same people you have to get on board to make ANY effective changes in the rights of father or men, you really think they care, or they have other fish to fry, and the feminazis and niggerz are just useful fucking idiots, as are all of todays’ politicians and so on….  because there are ALWAYS useful fucking idiots when the gravy train rolls through town.

Anecdotally my mother just sold all her gold, wiped out all her debts and overdrafts and plastic, hunker down for the long view, she didn’t just live through the last war, she served.

I felt sort of sorry for the guys paying her 95 cents on the dollar of the latest spot market prices for her gold…. thinking they are making money and cannot lose, no way are fucking gold sovereigns worth 250 Pounds Sterling each, or krugerands, or ounce ingots.

You can’t eat that shit, or swap it for food or anything else when times get tough… my mum lived through seeing that first hand, gold was just a way to get killed by people taking the longer view, nobody ever traded it for anything worth having.


  1. I think [war with] Iran will be the triggering event for the collapse. I note that the UK will have the light aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious, amphibious assault ship HMS albion carrying RM and France will a Mistral helicopter carrier all off the coast of Somalia from beginning of September, officially just to fight pirates. I think they really are “in the area” in case Iran “kicks off”, which I suspect it is planned to do so.

    Comment by Will — April 17, 2012 @ 10:57 am

  2. from my view across the pond, greece is the big spending wimminz. Some fiscal discipline might be what she needs. In economics, they refer to a sudden stop. That must be the point where a husband gets tired of his free spending wimminz. In family life there is no such thing because a wimminz can use the family court or the government dole to keep the party going.

    Comment by anonymous — April 17, 2012 @ 3:24 pm

    • Ah bullshit.
      Greece is greek, that´s about it.
      Their corrupt politicians got invited to the Goldman-Sachs ride and they gladly took it. And EVERYBODY in power who had a clue knew it and kept his mouth shout, lest they fall of the ride.

      To my view from THIS side of the pond you ´mericans with your worthless dollars, that you give us for top premium cars and other tech, are like the dumbass niggerz who actually try to beat you up when you dare to point out how fat your wimminz are, who you stupidly slave so hard for.

      Comment by hans — April 18, 2012 @ 2:13 pm

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