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April 16, 2012

What is love..

So tempted to embed Haddaway here… lol

But I had one of those nights with a call from a friend and we had a real heart to heart, so much so I had to grab the charger.. lol

The full title of this piece ought to be “What is love and why can’t I get a hard on?” because that is really the issue.

A man’s cock is in many ways an independent valuer, YOU can sit there and say the sight of your best friends wife in a bikini does nothing for you, but your cock may well have a different opinion, similarly you may profess desire for a certain female, but your cock may well have a different opinion.

In my considerable experience, there were three things that got / get my cock hard;

  1. Lust for fertile flesh
  2. Love for a specific woman
  3. Lust for kinky flesh

I did not deliberately put them in that order, but since I have it is good to go.

Lacking one of these three, my cock stays limp, and contrary to all the feminazis and niggerz like to claim, when a guy’s cock is limp, his bloodstream most definitely is NOT full of fuck hormones.

Erectile dysfunction and Viagra is for guys that simply do not fancy the woman they are with, in the least, and if you talk to guys who experience / use them they will ALL tell you, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, that they have their eyes shut and pretend they are fucking a 10, anything BUT the skank slut they are actually banging.

Going out and raping some random woman you don’t know is like going out and robbing them at knife-point, easy to talk about, but very few guys could actually go through with it, if put on the spot… the fact that this is contrary to feminazi rape industry thinking is neither here nor there.

Rape is not, as the feminazi rape industry like to claim, “all about power” either, sure, there may be an ELEMENT of that in there somewhere, but mainly rape is a form of sex and procreation, and again yes it does happen, but a LOT less than anyone would have you believe.

Rape is perpetrated by serial rapists and gang rapists, and both of these fall into category 3 above…

“Rape” as a term has been abused by wimminz, who all have gangbang fantasies, but that is disgusting so let’s remove the source of the wimminz disgust, her willing and eager participation, and lets call it a rape fantasy

it isn’t, it is a gangbang fantasy that you are lying about being up for….  basically I have met two groups of wimminz, those who admit to gangbang fantasy and those who admit to rape fantasy, and the demarkation is obvious once you know, character wise.

Marital rape, for example, isn’t rape, in the same way that being involved in a row at home with your partner is not the same as being involved in a street fight with a bunch of strangers on crack….. however we have allowed the feminazis and their niggers to steal control of the language, and the definition of what is, is, etc.

Which brings us back to the three reasons.

Love is for the young and naive, which soon gets burned out of you, and that leaves lust for fertile flesh and lust for kinky flesh on the table.

Fertile flesh I can get, but like my late night caller last night, the  DESIRE to have more kids is gone, and the only reason I don’t have the snip is I think it is stupid to undergo a medical procedure (there is no such thing as zero risk) for something that does not benefit me personally, and buddy, only propaganda says me shooting blanks is good for me….

Which means that fertile flesh is then loaded negatively (I kind of talked about all this before in the mathematics of pussy post) by the fact that the fertility is unimportant, so all that counts is young and firm and fresh, which is not at all the same as fertile.

And then there is the kinky stuff, but that too can get old pretty quick, especially with a rode hard and hung up wet skank ho doing the dirty slut act.

Which gets us to the point where yes bro, your little man can indeed hang there all limp and uninterested, and IT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS BROKEN, OR NOT WORKING.

Look at it this way, the car/bike sat outside on your driveway isn’t broken just because it isn’t burning down an autopiste/autostrada at 3 am when black is purple and dreams are possible.

It is ready for use, should a worthy drive/ride come along.

The same is true of your cock.

It may be some time, again, not a problem, as these things tend to go in phases anyway… how often do you want to watch re-runs of I love lucy anyway? Your cock feels that way about the wimminz you have been fucking… lol… and you know it, deep down.

Hell, it may even be that it isn’t coming back, and again why should this be a problem, just the passing of a phase like playing with trains as a kid.

What you do NOT do is sit there feeling like a sad sack of shit and looking for an opportunity to go for that midnight ride to somewhere cool and fun… you can’t manufacture opportunity, only grab it as / if / when it comes along.

Trust me, when offered a suitably hot bit of flesh, your cock WILL rise to the occasion…

Which brings us to the burning question that started all this, what is lurve, if not hot sex?

Guess what, I have a standby, and by far her most attractive feature is that she is easy to be around and looks after my ass / panders to my needs.

For the rest, as I have said before, by three fucks it is starting to look like I love lucy re-runs, and the fact is you just know the next batch are going to be the same, and sometimes your cock wants to take a sabbatical.

So chill, spend that time and mental energy on other things.

That car / bike on the driveway, when was the last time you did an oil change and checked the brakes for wear etc?


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