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April 14, 2012

What turns a man off.

This sort of follows on from the previous couple of posts, believe it or not I have a couple of wimminz who are regular readers and also regular emailers.

I don’t know much about them but they can at least talk in an educated manner, and they like me mourn the loss of what was and could have been, albeit they are from the opposing team.

It turns out both of them have been on and off PoF and other dating sites, and they both, in different words, emailed me yesterday to ask what it is that a man who has some “baggage” with wimminz actually wants in a wimminz.

It’s funny and worthy of a post because the answer was there in my head in blazing 12 foot high letters, but I do not think I had consciously thought about it much.


It really is that simple… if I ask you a question then by all means answer, but please don’t talk at me, I have heard it all before and I don’t give a fuck and life is too fucking short to listen to that same old shit from another mouth.

I always used to give this advice to men trying to get laid, shut the fuck up, because in my observations 99% of men talked themselves out of getting laid because they did not know when to shut the fuck up.

So, I don’t know why I am the least bit surprised that the boot is on the other foot, however it now means I have to re-write my PoF profile to specifically include dumb bitches.

Deaf bitches are not good because they can’t hear me tell them what to do… lol, but dumb bitches, I think this will be a vast improvement.

So wimminz, the advice I give to you is as it turns out exactly the same as the advice I give to men, shut the fuck up if you wanna get laid.

Nothing kills my sexual desire for you as much as you talking.

It just confirms what a dull sack of shit you are and makes it impossible for me to ignore that and play with the flesh.

This, along with loyalty, is why dogs are win / win.

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