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April 13, 2012

The deep infra-red pill

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99.999% of all sexual attraction and therefore “love” comes about as a direct result of the mechanisms nature puts in place to ensure ongoing reproduction of DNA.

You only have to look at fractal mathematics to see that incredibly complex, incredibly ordered, incredibly magical things can come out of nothing more than a couple of VERY simple rules, a couple of REALLY tight boundaries, and iteration.

So what happens when you set out to deliberately break the “deal” that was made with men regarding reproduction? The “deal” that you get the girl, marry her, settle down and have kids.

What happens is you remove the basis for 99.9% of all that sexual attraction and therefore “love”, and all that is left is mating and impregnation… 0.099% of what was there.

When it comes to mating and impregnation, this is DNA’s game, and frankly babe, your looks, your job, your car, your social status are all utterly irrelevant, are you in oestrus?

That is the only question on the table.

99.9% of what everyone thinks makes a “father” in the western world is just a construct of that now voided social contract, get the girl, marry her, settle down and have kids… take that away and we get to the bare metal reality, the 0.099%, all DNA requires is that the male impregnate the female and that the offspring survive to reproduce.

Now that we live in the civilised western world where even the crippled survive to reproduce, then the male’s job is done at impregnation. The female and the state can do the rest.

Obviously this is not merely unsustainable, but also clearly a “terminal phase” phenomenon.

It will end when father walking away = high mortality rate for the offspring… think about that for a moment, high mortality rate for offspring = high (compared to today) mortality rate for everyone, and hard times for everyone.

The deep infra red pill is this.

Male and Female humans always were different, and the systems that kept coming up to enable a prosperous society were systems that curbed the reproductive abilities of both sexes.

Men were not bastards, but kicking us out of our houses and homes and families and workplaces made all those accusations come true… but not on an individual basis, but on a much scarier genetic / race basis.

Modern society appears to be based upon the radical and incredibly cretinous assumption that mankind is the only player in the game, and that DNA and nature et al does not even exist, much less sit at the table with a sleeve full of hole cards, and the rule book, which it wrote, and guns, while modern society sits there with a pair of sixes thinking how fucking cool am I…

What the feminazis and their niggerz have done SHOULD scare you at least as much as a new and improved flesh eating MRSA, a global flu pandemic and peak oil all rolled into one, because they have been tampering with the very essence of what it is to be human.

When all the engineers are dead, you can’t just magic up some more apprentices and get them to learn everything from books, because 90%+ of the trade was not what was in the books, but about listening and touching and smelling and feeling the equipment and tools you worked with.

When all the “traditional fathers” are dead, you can’t just magic up some more nuclear family apprenticeships and have the boy children learn how to be dads, and the girl children learn how to be mums, because 90% of the “course” was practical lessons.

Same as engineering, the bits the non engineers never get is that the 10% that IS book learning, taken by itself it has a NEGATIVE value, you don’t end up with 10% of an engineer, and throw ten of them together to make one proper engineer.

The kids we are producing today, have a NEGATIVE value as parents for the future and next generations..

The deep infra red pill is we are in a place today where they weights have fallen off the control governor, and the engine is running away, faster and more out of control with each passing moment, until there is some catastrophic failure.

The deep infra red pill is that no matter what complaints you had about the old system and the old engine, even if they were valid complaints, what you have now is a pile of scrap, no engine, no output from that engine to tide you over while you build a new engine.

The deep infra red pill is that men look at wimminz, and look away again.

The deep infra red pill is that the only wimminz I would consider truly sharing my life and home with again is a fantasy creature that simply does not exist.

The deep infra red pill is that if that fantasy creature did exist, my relations with it would be crushed by the state, as illegal… we would not be permitted to live our lives as we chose.

The deep infra red pill is that the wimminz and niggerz sat at that card table have tried to stack the deck, and the invisible to the wimminz powerful players and the house have noted this, and pressed the reset switch, now every fucker at the table is going to get cleaned out for not playing nicely, house wins again.

The deep infra red pill is the ones coming into reproductive age now, they have an instinct to mate and reproduce that they understand no more than a bird flying south for the winter, but apart from that there is a big dead emptiness into which you can drop all the princesses and ponies and sugar and spice and all things nice, and 99.9% of what we called love, and it will vanish forever, not even making a ripple on the blackness.

The deep infra red pill is that TECHNOLOGY and CIVILISATION are two quite separate things, and we can have a society with high technology and low civilisation, and no, it won’t look anything like Gattaca, or any other SF film you have seen, because hollywood based much of its future worlds production on Dick, not Solzhenitsyn.

The deep infra red pill is that in looking in a mirror, seeing things they despised, and then turning outwards and trying to destroy everything in the world that reminded them of that, the wimminz and the niggerz started de-constructing the very fabric of what is meant to be Men and Women, Fathers and Mothers, Boys and Girls, and a bit like the banking / credit crisis, once things get beyond a certain point you can’t fix it any more, you have to press the RESET button, or it will be pressed by those hidden players at the table, and blood is always spilled.

The deep infra red pill is that the only wimminz I can see myself sharing my life with is a wimminz who is my property, and who worships me as her owner, in short, a wimminz with the attitude of a dog bitch.

The deep infra red pill is I CAN GET WIMMINZ THAT ARE UP FOR THAT, but society will not permit it, so those wimminz ALSO go off like patient zero spreading strife and mayhem around the country.

The deep infra red pill is all those wimminz and niggerz were fighting against the inoculation, because they did not like it, and they were too stupid to understand that the inoculation is ALWAYS a very weak and mild form of the disease.

The deep infra red pill is that we are now poised for the disease itself to make a comeback and assume pandemic proportions, and that disease is the end of civilised society and the father and mother and family as we knew it, which means the end of inheritance and passing property as well as skills down the generations….


and that, boys and girls, is the real infra red pill.. just ask the youth of today, just coming into fertility.


  1. Can´t wait to see what the 50-100 million “surplus” chinese young men will do in their bachelor villages, emerging all over china.

    Of course everybody with two braincells to bang toghether knows what their (& especially our) traitorous elites have planed for them.
    And before the internet I´m sure it would´ve been no contest.
    NOW? Interesting times.

    Comment by hans — April 13, 2012 @ 12:34 pm

    • Indeed, hence my pointed comment that TECHNOLOGY and CIVILISATION are two separate things….. shit that flew in 1909 and even 1935 will not fly now.

      Comment by wimminz — April 13, 2012 @ 12:57 pm

  2. without property rights, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a wimminz or her children. Likewise, it doesn’t make sense to enlist in the military and get deployed to a pointless foreign war. Young men are not known to be very rational, so they will continue to do both of these things.

    Comment by anonymous — April 13, 2012 @ 4:16 pm

  3. It’s interesting that you mention Solzhenitsyn. Do you expect the terminal phase of Western Civilization to include a totalitarian socialist state that explicitly aims to destroy any remnants of the nuclear family? Or just more of the same on steroids, to the point of absurdity and collapse?
    What are your thoughts on India, China, Japan, Brazil etc? Do you think their societies are salvagable? The disease doesn’t seem as advanced in Asia and South America. Not much of a welfare state and women still largely rely on direct relationships with men for survival.

    The UK & USA aren’t the only countries in the world, though obviously they are your focus.

    Comment by ThousandMileMargin — April 14, 2012 @ 2:09 am

    • Frankly I have no idea, but either way it will be “interesting”.

      Some other countries may not be as pussified and westernised as others, but they are all under constant pressure from the likes of the IMF, and increasingly we are seeing national laws applied to both citizens and non citizens in other countries, who are not breaking any local laws…

      Sadly we have spent the last 50 years weaving “the rights of wimminz” into the very fabric of modern civilisation, such that they are now hopelessly entwined…. see my earlier comment about civilisation and technology being separate,

      Comment by wimminz — April 14, 2012 @ 8:33 am

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