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April 5, 2012

Objects in the rear view mirror may appear more fuckable….

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…than they really are…

This is something triggered by what may have been a throwaway comment that a guy made on another website, about never ever going back to the same bitch once either they have passed you up, or you have passed them up.

It is actually a damn fine piece of advice, and a valid rule to live by.

While there is a lot to be said for not burning bridges to spite your cock, etc etc the flipside is more persuasive.

Once she stops calling you, and this even applies to fuckbuddies, then she has moved you down her scale of priorities, you are no longer “very / most important” man / cock in her life, and that shit is a lot like viral immunity, once it wears thin you start catching all sorts of wimminz shit you were immune to before.

Same goes for once you downgrade her and move on, you cannot ever go back…. just because it is as easy as falling off a log to go back doesn’t mean it is any smarter than falling off a log.

You must always remember that an effective trap is always as easy to get IN to as falling off a log … lol

Don’t get me wrong, cunt should NEVER be hard work, and there is something to be said for a fuckbuddy, but fuckbuddy is not another name for a relationship, lasting or otherwise, a fuckbuddy is someone you either fuck on demand, and nothing else, or someone you trade for fuck on demand, eg swinging parties where you would not be welcome if you turned up alone.

Going BACK to someone you have been with before is a completely different ball game.

We could sit here and make analogies about giving burglers a free second shot at robbing from your house after they have already had one go to learn the lay of the land, and similar analogies, but the truth of the matter is that it is much more sinister, it is giving a Machiavelli the opportunity to see you at your most intimate, before giving them a chance to bleed you dry and fuck you over.

There is NO POSSIBLE OPTION open to a “second bite” that was not there when the first bite was taken, true love, lifelong respect, total 24/7 ownership and exclusive access to that cunt, all of that could just as easy have been on the table the first time around…

Einstein said that the definition of insanity was repeating a set of actions and expecting a different outcome, so it is literally insane to get BACK with someone who you dumped, or worse still who moved on from you.

The nature of PoF is you “Find, Fuck, & Forget” and so it is only a question of time before an “old flame” send you a message asking if you want to get in touch again.

My method /advice is this;

As you all know if you read all the stuff on the right, I use Android and Google and Smartphone to record everything electronically, IM, SMS, calls the works.

I keep three general groups of contacts in google;

  1. the wimminz I am fucking,
  2. the wimminz I have fucked,
  3. the wimminz I talked to but it never came to pass.

Group 1 is present tense, groups 2 and 3 are past tense, archives.

No contact (initiated by the skank ho) for 10 to 14 days puts them in group 2 or 3 depending on whether I have fucked them or not.

Some wimminz go straight to group 3, these are do not fuck ever under any circumstances types, but you still keep that archive stored in the cloud forever, just in case.

As I have said before, for every one wimminz in group 2 there are three wimminz in group 3, 25 to 30% of all wimminz you get chatting to on PoF come through.

Once you get filed in either group 2 or group 3, you are officially history, and unfuckable.

Staying in group 1 means you maintain regular contact with me, and you basically make me feel the love and attention, once that goes away, it never comes back, because I am no longer listening to you…. you are not blocked or anything, you just had your chance and you will never ever get a second one, not as long as you or I have a hole in our asses.

“Familiarity breeds contempt” and sure as shit ain’t shinola these second chance wimminz are always sorely lacking in the basic respect department, why should they respect you, they had you once and now you are so desperate you are back for more of the prime cunt…. which is how they see it.

Fuck it, it’s not that HARD to stay on a guy’s radar, it’s not like we ask for much, just show me the love and attention, at least once a week you need to text me and ask to come over and drain my balls, and of course follow up and deliver… job done.

But once you fall OFF my radar, as / when / if then you are treated as a threat on my radar, there are no second chances at a first chance, in this life or mine.




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