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April 1, 2012


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Punctuality (Photo credit: Aminul Islam - Sajib)

It fucking matters, bitch.

My PoF bitch that I mentioned in the previous post, we had an appointment to meet at a caff in town at 12:30 today.

12:30 means fucking 12:30, so come 12:30:01 when you ain’t there, you’re history and I’m leaving.

Sending me a text saying you are running late, that gets to my phone AFTER the fucking text that says “I am here and you ain’t” that is itself received by my phone a full 20 minutes after our appointment time doesn’t do you any favours either.

Nor does ringing me up ten minutes later to ask where I am, because you were “fashionably late”, nor when being told no, it ain’t fashionably late bitch, it is inexcusably rude, are you supposed to try and tell me how or why I have annoyed you.

The moral of this story boys, is this;

Even with all the filters and testing I do, which is discussed on the menu links on the right on internet dating, some entitled bitches still camouflage themselves and sneak through the radar, which is why you need to NEVER relax standards, NEVER make allowances, NEVER give the benefit of the doubt etc.

Being fashionably 20 minutes late was clearly this entitled bitch’s standard FIRST shit test.

She did NOT like being called on it one little bit, and she frankly refuses to admit that the issue here is not the particular shit test, or the particular circumstances, or how the game was played.

This is pass / fail, and there is no second try.

Punctuality is 100% about showing respect for the other person and their time.

That is the ONLY fucking ingredient.

Punctuality is also binary in nature, you are either on time, or late…. hence such sayings as Navy time is ten minutes before time…. it was an MO / SOP to always ensure you were at the appointed place on time, never missed the boat / train / plane  etc

So when you fail to be punctual, you are failing to show any respect for the person you made the appointment with, or THEIR time.

THAT is how and where and why you failed and fucked up, bitch, and there is no way back from that, no respawning, no restart, no new ball, it is game over, permanently.

Putting this here now because as my mate just pointed out when I relayed today’s events to him, your blog doesn’t say shit about punctuality being an important test for men to make.


  1. Something else that is important to remember when you’re tempted to wait/let it go: you’re not doing yourself any favors and by failing this particular shit test you are pretty much ensuring you don’t get laid anyways. The choice really boils down to:

    A. Forget getting laid but save your time and salvage your self-respect.
    B. Forget getting laid (as you’ll be her bitch), waste your time and let a woman take a figurative shit on you.

    You still might get laid if you leave and give her a pass later and she kisses your ass appropriately. I’ve been guilty of it, but I think AfOR has it right. Best to just move on with no second chances. She’s already demonstrated what she’s all about, other pussy is easy to come by, and it’s a matter of principle.

    Comment by Mc Ginnis — April 1, 2012 @ 9:33 pm

    • Amen, I used to give it second chances when they pulled this shit, invariably it was one not very good fuck and dump them as other crap came to the surface, now I have learned, no second chances, ever…. plenty more fish in the sea… lol

      Comment by wimminz — April 1, 2012 @ 9:50 pm

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