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January 16, 2012

Of sealing wax and string theory.

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There are three separate things that I want to tie up in this post.


This (http://www.the-spearhead.com/2012/01/14/nasa-clears-the-air-on-low-energy-nukes/) post on the spearhead prompted me to write a comment calling people dumb motherfucker, and offering 500 bucks to anyone who could find that video on the NASA website, some time later Bill P posts a follow up saying hey, here is that NASA url


So, two things, because the general consensus here is I ought to pay Bill 500 bucks and I just got proved wrong.

Thing A is my mouth ran off with the 500 bucks comment, I really should not have made such statements unless I was actually willing and able to cover such a “bet” at the drop of a hat, heat of the posting moment and all that, and thing B is going to sound like making excuses not to pay out on a bet I lost, but hopefully since I already addressed that it will be clear that this is not the case, and thing B is a real thing all by itself.

Thing B is that http://technologygateway.nasa.gov/ is not, to me, the same thing as http://www.nasa.gov, the whole “technologygateway” subdomain is, to me, that essentially fucked up female marketing droid crap, a feelgood PR fluff shithole that should never ever have been allowed in the first place.

Straight engineering dope it ain’t.

I am not going to go into the whole room temperature fusion / suppressed technology crap here, I still maintain that anyone that buys into these ALWAYS TOTALLY UNSUBSTANTIATED AND NEVER EVER EVER DUPLICATED BY INDEPENDENT FACILITIES crackpot theories is indeed a dumb motherfucker, the purpose of this bit of this post is to address the fact that I was however wrong to post in the heat of the moment what sounded one hell of a lot like a serious cash bet without PROPERLY stating my criteria, and I was wrong to not state my criteria, that the technologygateway nana subdomain did not count.


No man ever had erectile dysfunction, last week I was with a chubby skank ho wimminz, and I will be honest, I could not get my cock hard, even when inside her cunt, not hard, engorged maybe, but not hard… fuck this I thinks to myself, and text one of my booty call bitches, still a skanky ho but at least she has a hot fuckable body, and guess what, no limpness in sight.

So no, you do not have erectile dysfunction, your cock just has much better taste in skank ho’s than you do, and your cock declared that bitch un-fuckable and went on strike, that is all.

Supply your cock with a more fuckable skank ho and all your “sexual function problems” will go away…

Nobody would ridicule you if you could not get an erection to fuck a hairy guys asshole, or a young child, or an animal, so why should you be subject to ridicule when the hole in question is JUST AS FUCKING ABHORRENT, but is attached to a wimminz.


Sometimes things get too much to ignore, this is from a 44 year old woman on PoF, copied and pasted, unedited in any way, these really are all her spelling, grammar, syntax and other mistakes as they appear in her advert.

“hi wel i am patricia i am looking 4 some 1 in my life as i been on my own to long and looking 4 some 1 in my life that dont lie and not just looking 4 sex fun or a 1 night stand as that not 4 me and yes i no my pic look sexy but that way i like to look so u man out thaire when u see my pic ok i am stil a good woman and not just looking 4 sex so if that all u are looking 4 plz dont tx me ok as i not like that to i am good careing woman and if u not got a pic plz dont tx as i not going to get back to u wel it 2011 stil no luck on this wot can i say now wel let see i love going out staying in cooking 4
that some 1 to love going away on wke to but if i do find that some 1 got to be slow see wear it go THANK U 4 LOOKING AT IS AND IF I NOT 4 U TAKE CARE GOD BLASS X X X WISHING U ALL THE LUCK TO”

I have to say, her picture doesn’t dispel any bad impression given by the text of the ad, a blowsy, fat old skank with sagging flesh and cheap ass skank ho tats visible, clearly been no shortage of one night stands in the past, but now all the sell by dates are gone she is actually trying to RAISE the price on what amounts to everyone one else’s leftover and used and no longer wanted cum dumpster.

The reason I am posting this here is because you always hear shit about older men should not fuck younger wimminz because when the fucking is done you have nothing in common to talk about, well quite honestly I have owned dogs that were clearly smarter and better educated than the wimminz that wrote that load of gibberish, so not only is there nothing in common to talk about AFTER fucking this particular wimminz, there is no motivation to do the fucking in the first place.

My point? She is NOT an outlier or an exceptional case, as at 44 she was born around 1968, in other words a child of the western world as corrupted by feminazism and the contraceptive pill and the welfare state, this bitch is going to seem SMART compared to what is coming down the line….


  1. That’s unreadable. She’s also quite a worn out looking bag of fat. She truly has nothing to offer other than use as a sperm receptacle, and even that is a very iffy proposition.

    I started using PoF about a month ago and it’s been pretty funny. I’ve met two of them, and neither were anything like their pictures/profiles. They just show up with no shame whatsoever about what is apparent to both of us (that they are lying hogs who post ten year pictures on their profiles). I still fucked one and while I was at it she was going on with “fuck my white pussy, fuck my white pussy”. Now I’m a white guy, so all I can figure is she was having some sort of mandingo fantasy while I ploughed her lol.

    And these whores wonder why they get pumped and dumped.

    Comment by PoC — January 16, 2012 @ 6:13 pm

    • Google’s a bitch innit…

      As to the rest, more power to you man…. it is all good fun and good for stories after, just make sure your ass is covered with SMS etc all archived to the cloud prior to the meetings…

      Comment by wimminz — January 16, 2012 @ 6:17 pm

  2. I learned to fear the FRA, interestingly enough, through an experience I had with an ex-coworker of mine who was a Brit. He was doing the same thing, meeting broads through the Internet, and had been bragging about a kinky nurse & her friend he had hooked up with. About a week later he was arrested at work on a rape allegation. He was released without anything else coming of it when she retracted everything.

    All I can figure is she just wanted to put him on notice. He mentioned he had pissed her off by rejecting her advances to ‘take the relationship further’. He dodged a major fucking bullet.

    I follow your advice and I’m still paranoid as hell. I’d recommend all other readers to do the same.

    Comment by PoC — January 16, 2012 @ 7:21 pm

    • it’s NOT paranoia when the cunts ARE out to get you.

      Comment by wimminz — January 16, 2012 @ 7:24 pm

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