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December 31, 2011

Beauty is just deep skin

I have had a few messages recently from readers asking about the differences between people as they appear in photographs, and as they appear in person, particularly as this applies to PoF (Plenty of Fish) and dating generally.

First I have to declare some sympathy for the point of view that photos can and are misleading, I can show you a totally unedited photo of me taken with a megapixel digital camera, not a phone camera, and while I will be the first to agree that it is an ACCURATE representation of how I looked at that time, at that place, from that angle, I will also be the first to point out that in reality I am so much more than that still image.

However, there is a difference between a photo taken to show the tiny slice of truth that is you at a given time and place, and a photo taken to give a completely different impression.

The picture on the right is obviously “photoshopped” but the problem arises when we start to look at profile pics on places like PoF, are they “shopped” or not? Actually, the problem is a lot deeper than that….

  1. Is it out of focus? If it is then this has been done deliberately to conceal detail, details such as really awful skin, bad teeth, weird hair, or some other aspect that the person wants to conceal from you.
  2. Is it dark and low quality? If it is then this has been done deliberately etc…. you get the picture.
  3. Is it a group shot showing two or more people? If it is your future “date” is without exception the ugliest / oldest / fattest one in the picture…. yes that includes the troll who is not part of the group of three that the camera is focusing on.
  4. Is is excluding everything from the hips down? If it is then this does not mean your date is wheelchair bound and shy about it, it means 75% of her body mass is located in her ass and thighs.
  5. Is is focusing on cleavage from a viewpoint above her head? If it is then you can subtract at least 5 cup sizes from the apparent tit size, flabby B cup bags, supported by the bloated gut below, can look like ripe and full DD’s by the simple act of moving the camera to a different position…

The facts are that even a smartphone camera nowadays is capable of taking surprisingly good quality megapixel pictures, auto focus and auto exposure and auto shake elimination, yes the lens quality is poor and depth of field and colour range is poor compared to a “proper” camera, but the fact is phone camera pictures are used quite successfully to take pictures of cars for sale, bikes for sale, yachts for sale, houses for sale, and there is no “cost” of film or anything else, so the only remaining possible reason why your PoF skank ho does NOT have a decent quality, well lit, sharp focus, detailed pic is because she deliberately chose to hide the data that such a picture would reveal.

There are no ifs, buts or maybes about this, and there is no connection between this and my own previously stated dissatisfaction with the fact that one photo only shows one slice of me and as such is omitting more than it shows, because the fundamental point here is to artificially limit or control or filter what each individual photo does show, beyond the obvious technical and spiritual and semantic limitations of the medium itself.

camera shy” is one thing, “the camera hates me” is another thing, they are completely unrelated to what we are discussing here, deliberately attempting to manipulate reality in order to deceive you.

To a certain extent a sub-species that willingly spends billions every year on make up, false hair colour, false skin colour, false lip colour, false eye lashes, false you name it, is just what we would expect, we would expect them to extent the falsity and fakery into images and photos of themselves.

The problem is that men generally think they can spot “shopped” photos, while failing to realise that where wimminz and dating sites are concerned, 99.9% of all the photos are in effect faked if not “shopped” in the traditional sense.

Generally speaking if I meet a wimminz off PoF in the flesh and I am left feeling that her pictures were actually representative of her, then I am doing fucking well, there will be a handful of these a year, most of the wimminz I meet, even after my own drastic psycho skank ho filtering techniques, have things in the flesh that were fucking deliberately excluded from the pictures they uploaded to PoF, and subsequent pictures they sent to me, perhaps via smartphone MMS or perhaps by email attachment.

By deliberately fucking excluded I mean very lined faces, bad teeth, grey hair, sagging guts, large asses…. shouldn’t need to be said you ALWAYS dump these fuckers on the spot, do not even accept or sip the coffee they bought, do not fuck them even if they booked and paid for the room, do not do anything except dump them, and do it by holding up your phone with the picture they sent you next to them, turn it round so they can see it, and ask them to explain “what possible fucking connection there is between the flesh before me and the person in the picture you sent me?“… use those words…. always remember you need documentary evidence you walked away, so this is not about getting even for being lied to or anything else, except protecting yourself from a possible future false accusation, and trust me boys, wimminz who are deceptive about their physical appearance are deceptive about their mental health too…. in spades.


  1. I think the main factor is age, for both a man and a wimminz. For example, the fat wimminz in the photo above will look terrible to a man of the same age. But if the man is say 50, I’d venture the wimminz will look plenty good naked.

    Generally speaking

    wimminz wimminz > 40 = crap shoot
    wimminz > 40 = better keep the clothes on

    keep in mind this is a relative scale. For a man of 65, its very likely a 45 year old wimminz with flabby b cup bags, and a big belly will still be good enough.

    Comment by anonymous — December 31, 2011 @ 4:19 pm

  2. appears the mathematics of wimminz age got messed up in the previous post

    wimminz lt 30 eq tolerable or better
    30 gt wimminz lt 40 eq crap shoot
    wimminz gt 40 eq better keep the clothes on

    Comment by anonymous — December 31, 2011 @ 4:23 pm

  3. mmm 99% are shooped/embellished yet you walk out on those ?
    who was fuck then ?
    me no comprende.

    Comment by Garth — December 31, 2011 @ 11:43 pm

  4. I hereby inform you that I´m slowly wising up to your troll wikipedia links. 😉

    Though sometimes I still hover over them hoping for a real link, like a stupid wimminz pedestalizing beta-provider.


    Comment by hans — January 1, 2012 @ 9:38 pm

    • Bugger, discovered at last….

      Comment by wimminz — January 1, 2012 @ 9:46 pm

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