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November 13, 2011

Road games.

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The Spearhead (link on right) recently had an article all about the responsibility of being a father… and how the wimminz and family court systems are whining that we fathers ain’t being responsible enough, while they simultaneously strip us of all responsibility for and contact with our children.

I guess it was percolating away in the back of my head, along with the production line skank ho I fucked on Friday night (the one previously mention in “Nice Legs”) and the fact I was heading up the road to fuck last night’s production line skank, who has achieved friends with benefits status, so anyway I grabbed the phone and took this pic to remind me to write this piece today.

See, the thing is the State, Secret Family Court, associated parasites, and my psycho skank ho ex all conspired to erase me from my kids lives, they do not even carry my name any more, so there I was age 50 something cruising up an empty road at night, smoking, chilling, listening to and singing along to some old tunes, on my way to party down and fuck some slut, and it struck me.

I dunno if this is just me, or just men, or what, but there I was acting and feeling EXACTLY the same way I acted and felt when I was barely into my 20’s, enjoying hugely the feeling of being alone on the road at night, doing my own thing, AS FREE AS A FUCKING BIRD, and it felt fucking wonderful.

Being cut off from my psycho skank ho ex is like being released from life in prison, like being cured of cancer, like winning the fucking lottery, being purged of parasites and leeches, it is the best thing she could have ever done for me, and being honest with you, freeing me of all responsibility for my kids, since I was only ever going to be offered the responsibility end of the stick, never the quality time end of the stick, is again the best thing she could have done for me.

I know she is still sat there, rather like the cartoon in the Eye of Sauron article, soaking herself in delusions about how miserable her actions have made me, how she has ruined my life, how she has broken me, while in reality my life is better than it has been at any time since that dark day in ’99 when I met the bitch.

I guess on many levels I knew this anyway, but it took the deja vu of an empty road at night, some good tunes and a smoke and me on my way from partying down with one skank ho to partying down with another for the penny to fully drop at all levels of my consciousness simultaneously.

It’s 1981 again, put em all in a field, bomb the bastards, and let God sort em out.


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  2. I would like to celebrate the skank ho’s and keep many wimminz on the production line, but I am afraid of germs. Once I picked up warts on the bottom of my feet from a locker room floor. They were very painful and expensive to get rid of. Is a wimminz any cleaner than a locker room floor?

    Comment by anonymous — November 13, 2011 @ 4:42 pm

    • possibly not, depending on the wimminz you select…….

      Comment by wimminz — November 13, 2011 @ 4:43 pm

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