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October 29, 2011

Eternal shitshine redux

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In the eternal sunshine post a couple of days ago I mentioned the “relatively smart” young wimminz 24 years younger than me.

Commenter Blissex correctly noted that “Your semi-reasonable young skank-ho is just computing her trading leverage with you, and coming to a not so exciting conclusion, even if it is not that favourable to her. I am surprised that she accepts it as it is (not making a question of right or wrong here) and does not take refuge in denial, but then you did say that she is unusually smart. A keeper of sort. Perhaps if she had not corrupted herself with bad choices in the past she might have become a woman, but path dependency happens.

In the interregnum, specifically this morning, the skank blew it, and she blew it by letting slip the fact that she believed that wimminz should have total control over their own womb.

Being a wimminz, even a smart wimminz, she just does not fully grasp the fact that in the current legal environment total control over her womb = total control over a man’s wallet and assets, indeed you can argue that she only gets total control because she is totally exempted from ultimate financial responsibility for her “choices“, either an individual man gets slammed with the bill, or all men via the uber-alpha-mangina partner that all wimminz have, the State.

She knew as soon as she said it, that she had said the wrong thing, and then in attempting to pull back from this statement and rectify this situation, she really buried herself, because she let slip the belief that wimminz are not inferior to men…. but are in fact at least their equal.

Just for shits and giggles I pointed out her own earlier statement that due to the choices she, as an independent ballsy at-least-the-equal-of-a-man skank ho had made to date in her life, “You’re the best man I am ever going to get, no matter what, so I have to do whatever it takes to keep you wanting me.” So it was an interesting trick in BOTH being at least the equal of men, and yet sliding ever further down the snake of ever decreasing quality males the more empowered, independent and ballsy decisions she made… while I cast an eye and waved a hand around at the reality of her life as a single skank ho just to underline the point.

Now again you have to remember this particular skank ho is amongst the top 1% both intellectually and in terms of reality perception, if you were looking to get away as far as possible from your typical skank ho and go out and specifically hunt for that elusive NAWALT exceptional wimminz, you would be hunting in the rare and exalted territories inhabited and colonised by this type of wimminz.

Yet when push comes to shove you find all the admirable things about them were just hot air, when the rubber of the intellectual self appraisal which I found so refreshing met the road of reality, the road of reality was denied and the rubber of intellectual self appraisal was discarded and the old default wimminz delusional crap came to the fore.

In this skank’s case it was a “so long” from me, and back to PoF for her, and boys she was back on PoF within an hour of me walking out the door, no sentiment there, as she determinedly slid down the ladder of ever decreasing quality males.

If you want an alternate proof of this purely wimminz phenomenon of discarding reality and intellect and resorting to delusions every time the rubber really hits the road, ask yourself this, and take some time and think.

When was the last time you heard a story about a wimminz getting trapped alone in some life threatening situation and cutting her own arm or leg off and thus saving her own life?

Take as long as you like.

Nope? Like me, you can probably recall dozens of stories of men finding themselves in such situations facing the reality and doing what it took to survive, but not one single story, ever, in your entire life, anywhere on the entire planet, of one single skank ho wimminz doing the same thing.

And if we cannot recall a single incidence of a skank ho making the pragmatic, difficult and painful decisions when faced with an immediate set of consequences, is it really any wonder that we never see a wimminz making the pragmatic, difficult and painful decisions when faced with a far more nebulous and long term set of consequences, such as giving up some delusions of being better than men, and depending on exporting and outsourcing the consequences and cost of total control of her womb, in exchange for total control, and in exchange gaining immediate and long term access to the best man she is ever going to get for the rest of her life.

To a man, such a choice is a no brainer, men make such self sacrificing choices every day of their lives, after all what is marriage and parenthood except just such a choice (ignoring the fact that the real choice is bait and switch, and not what the man was told it would be on the day he signed up) yet the skank ho wimminz find such choices impossible to make, they are hardwired to retreat into some delusional world where Craptain Save-a-ho will come sweeping in and rescue them at the last moment. Not just rescue them from the situation, but rescue them from actually having to make a fucking choice and bear the consequences themselves.

SO, here were are, the skank-ho in question has been pumped and dumped, I have reaffimed that even in the elusive and distant territories in which the fabled NAWALT wimminz and unicorns and dragons are reputed to roam, there are no unicorns, no dragons, and just more AWALT intellectual pygmies with cunts and tits.

Today I am having a well deserved evening off relaxing after spending much of last night pumping this young bitch in all her holes, and tomorrow it is back to one of the true standby’s, not as young, not as well bred or spoken, not as intelligent, but in a way smarter, in an animal cunning way, because she knows to keep my favourite beer in, should I feel like dropping by, she knows to offer me a proper home cooked meal if I do drop by, and apart from that she knows to keep her mouth shut unless my cock is going into it, and to keep her “opinions” to herself.

Which brings us to the bottom line.

While the “sweet, smart young thang” had by far the greatest long term potential, she also had the greatest self delusions, and the less appealing, older, rode hard and hung up wet skank ho had already had most of her self delusions kicked out of her, so her “longevity” with a man like me was greatly extended.

The older, rode hard and hung up wet skank ho is ten+ years younger than me, so her womb is nearing the end of its useful life, and she already has a couple of kids who have just about left home full time (come home to get laundry done etc) so there is perhaps an interesting intellectual and theoretical question to be discussed regarding the effect the fertile womb has on the younger skanks’ thought processes, or perhaps we should say delusion processes, provided we remember that the discussion is purely theoretical, whatever the conclusions, they are over-ridden by the fact that AWALT.

So feel free to pump and dump the younger skank ho’s out there, but do not for one instant think that the younger flesh means anything other than younger flesh, which only has any significance while you are actually pumping.


  1. delusions is to the wimminz as idealism is to men. Who cares what she says if she is 24 years your junior. Just drive the late model car and enjoy the ride. The wimminz only owns you if you get her pregnant. Pottery Barn rule: you break it, you own it.

    Comment by anonymous — October 30, 2011 @ 12:37 am

  2. I think one of your commentors in a previous thread explains it.
    The reason why wimminz are delusional is because they’ve never had to operate in the real word doing the jobs that keep society running and they’ve been protected/looked after within Marriage or by the Uber/Alpha Mangina State. So is it any wonder that they’ve never let go of their delusions. They’ve never really needed the ability to make reality based decisions like men do as they’ve been largely shielded from the consequences of their actions or in times past those decisions were made by her husband/father.

    Comment by Will — October 30, 2011 @ 12:33 pm

  3. Quite frankly I would trust the older hoe even less, BECAUSE she keeps her mouth shut.
    She is sure as hell is secretly holding on the feminist delusions even harder. But just like a dog that does not bark, she learned to not reveal her hand.
    Only when the neck is bared it will suddenly get torn out.

    In my younger days I rolled my eyes at the old testament´s original sin and apple story, but now I see the allegory in all it´s horrible gory truth all around me.

    “The only winning move is not to play.” (War Games)
    Sadly the main protagonist too learned nothing from the movie he starred in(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHWjlCaIrQo) .
    He married a horse.

    Comment by hans — October 30, 2011 @ 1:26 pm

  4. Your postings are quite an eye opener, can’t wait for the upcoming video blogging.

    Comment by Gerard — October 30, 2011 @ 9:47 pm

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