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October 23, 2011

The unravelling of an attitude.

This post is essentially going to be two things, one of which is the third in the series commenting upon the change in wimminz attitudes as the economy founders, and the other thing is going to be a shotgun or random related stuff.

Clearly, since I am not a wimminz, I do not wake up every morning and believe that I am more beautiful, more sexy, more entitled than I was when I went to sleep the night before.

Being a man (of thankfully good genetic heritage) I wake up every morning, take a piss, light up a cigarette and sup my first coffee of the day, and some days something happens that causes me to remark to myself that I have just learned something new or added one more small piece to a puzzle. I do have people (of both sexes) mistakenly taking me for someone between 10 and 15 years younger than my actual age fairly regularly, but this is still putting me at late thirties as a minimum, an age at which for much of human history you were probably going to be considered “old age“. Of course the other thing that is most unusual about the last century of so of human history, is one of the side effects of science and technology and wealth creation, which is men marrying wimminz of basically the same age.

I have mentioned previously that my PoF production line has been showing a spike in wimminz nearer my own age opening the conversation with a willingness to be my kinky no-holds barred submissive slut, dropping all pretence of ladylike refinement or respectable demeanour, and a spike in the younger wimminz being more interested in a man my age than they were (remember, my PoF profile has no picture, so the first impression the wimminz get is the one they paint in their own head when they see “age 51”) only a season or so ago.

This last week has seen a serious spike in this, sure, it could be no more than a statistical anomaly, but it doesn’t feel like one, it feels much more like negotiating with people who suddenly realise that the balance of power has shifted, ironically towards a more patriarchal society and away from the matriarchal misandric society that all the feminazis are still screechingly claiming is a patriarchy.

It feels like this partly because of subtle shifts in the language used in the dating negotiations, and partly because of the quality and therefore self respect of the wimminz entering the arena lately, and pushing aside all the “rode hard and hung up wet” types that infested PoF as little as 6 months ago.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy this new negotiating language and new proposals and terms as being any more truthful or valuable than the stuff the wimminz were saying six months ago, but I do note the change, and I do note the fact that had these slightly better quality wimminz come to me with this approach and attitude 12 months ago it would have been met with slightly more than mere cynicism by me…. I would have acknowledged that they were at least making an effort to stand out from the herd BEFORE the fucking lions started stalking.

How much of a shift are we talking about?

Well, a 27 year old single mum, with her own home, and no, that doesn’t mean a mortgage she can’t pay, it means her own home, with a classical education and good relations with her traditional nuclear family, in actual fact quite easy on the eye and totally devoid of all the wimminz usual warpaint and accesorising and such, spending the last two weeks ramping up her campaign to convince me, a 51 year old man (albeit a well preserved one) to take her under my wing.

Yeah, she is still a skank ho single mum to bastard kids, she is still by nature of being a wimminz a filthy lying whore, but damn me if she isn’t making a fucking good effort, and I don’t just mean “I’ll be your own personal whore” shit, but the whole 1950’s housewife shebang about honouring and respecting and obeying the older and wiser man in your life.

Yeah, it may have no more meaning or import than an actor reading a script on stage, but fuck me, this is a play that has not been performed since the 80’s, and when the feminazis heckle this bitch (for hanging out with a “viagra daddy”) she certainly plays the part of someone fighting for one of the last seats on one of the last boats off the island before it sinks beneath the waves, with enough aplomb to deserve a very small round of applause.

And then she whips out the world smallest violin and plays a tune on it for these other feminazi skank ho wimminz who are “rode hard and hung up wet” for their self inflicted rapidly vanishing worth on the meat market, and I laugh out loud, because by now the feminazi skank ho wimminz reveal their true demonic nature and pour vile hatred upon the younger, fresher, and more pleasant sounding competition.

What I find fascinating here is that even if this young flesh only 5% believes the script she is reading to me, I have to do nothing, economic events alone will serve to make that script ever more credible to her, which will ensure her sustained and if anything increased effort, it is almost delicious enough to start taking long term bets on.

I mention the bets because the REASON men always tried to make marriages work for their families was the sheer amount of effort that men put into said families, and the REASON the wimminz were so quick to throw the man under the wheels of the nearest Family Court or Police Cell was because they put no effort into it, all they had to do was turn up at the party.

Now if things are, as they seem to be, going the other way, if this young wimminz is the one making all the effort into having a relationship with a man 24 years older than her, while the man does sweet fuck all except turn up to the party, then we have what is known as a role reversal.

Of course what will trump being a 27 year old skank ho single mum with bastard kids and a newly learned 1950’s housewife attitude in say 2013, is being an 18 year old virgin with 1950’s housewife attitudes in 2013….

Were I to take said 27 year old skank mummy on, pump and pump instead of pump and dump, come 2013 she is going to have a full time job, on the one hand convincing me that “a bird in the hand” applies to her versus her competition, and argument that has some merit if she plays the “I saw the writing on the wall first, and I chose you first, to be my lord and protector” argument, and on the other hand against the less competitive skanks, who will offer harem status…. e.g. be lord and master of three of us.

Now, getting back to the older skanks, but the newer to the scene type mentioned above, they no longer have the young flesh or fertile wombs to offer, so they are getting in with an opening bid of submissive kinky sex, and literally stating that their advantage over their peers is that they still get horny and dripping wet at the drop of a hat, or their master’s command.

Meanwhile the “rode hard and put up wet” types seem to be splitting in to two camps, those for whom the anger at whatever finally bursts through, with the realisation that sex is now going to consist of smearing fish paste on their cunts for their cats to lick off, and those for whom the thousand yard stare and stunned oblivion is the response, you can insult the living fuck out of them and tell them to send any fuckable female friends they have your way, and their response is to call you a friend… I shit you not.

Meanwhile back in the real MSM world, expect a massive resurgence of shit like “You gotta have a J O B if you wanna be with me…. ain’t nothing goin on but the rent” (Gwen Guthrie) and such crap… but moreso, because the late 10’s and the early 20’s are going to make the 30’s look like the fucking 80’s.

Now in the seventies I was the bad boy biker with the cash and the flash and the connections, and more cunt than I knew what to do with, and in the eighties I was the rich foreigner with the cash and the flash and the connections, and more cunt than I knew what to do with, the nineties were nowhere near as good cunt wise, I got enough but can’t say I ever had more than I knew what to do with, the noughties frankly I pretty much pissed away and fucked up, I think I fucked a total of 5 wimminz including my FRA psycho skank ho ex, and two of those five were mother and daughter, now the ten’s are here I am back to bad boy, serious bad reputation (rapist wife beater) but being strictly honest about things fuck all money, fuck all flash, and few connections of note, yet I am rapidly getting back to more cunt than I can handle.

What is different is since my FRA I keep detailed electronic records, so I can tell you exactly how many wimminz I have fucked in any given time period, so far in 2011 I have pumped and pumped and pumped and eventually dumped 15, and pumped and dumped (anything from a handjob through a quickie in a parked car to an overnight, but never gone back for more) an astonishing 63… if you’d asked me to guess the number I would have shrugged and said “maybe 20” and not really thought about it.

What is different is the sheer fucking numbers of 35/40+ year old separated skank ho wimminz on the market, it is a fucking epidemic and you can’t attribute my conversion rate to “teh interwebs” and dating sites like PoF coming into existence, at best that probably counters the fact that I am now 51, going bald on top, stony broke and have some shit accusations following me around like a bad smell.

Plus I find myself wondering at the connection, because basically all these skanky ho’s on PoF in their 40’s have been on the pill for 25 years, and smearing themselves with chemicals externally for 25 years (hence the poor skin) and eating processed food for 25 years, and not fucking working physically for 25 years thanks to electronic household labour saving appliances.

Correlation is not causation, but there are a fuck lot of correlations, and now I am starting to wonder if the wheels coming off the wagons of the western economies and 27 year old skanks pursuing 51 year old Men is just another correlation, or maybe there is a connection there somewhere….. because if there is that long term bet I mentioned earlier gets even more interesting.


  1. As you said before cunts are the canary in the coalmine,readily adapting to the circumstances. Yet you don’t see a trend of poindexters getting hitched as it would happen in a protracted economical depression yet, no stampede to take the last nerd with a salary off the shelf. So it makes me wonder if this phenomenon is more a natural response to the internet’s social networking and it’s anonimity/convenience for having a crapshoot at finding a sugar daddy (like you could be in their fantasies) as opposed to a mad dash to form long term parasitical symbiosis. I’d follow more the money before I can say I am getting laid for free no strings attached no hopes and no false expectations created, being that the only free thing in life is the cheese in the mousetrap. You see and discuss with many guys with a better long term provider profile and meek manipulable attitudes to boot, who are still not being taken by the same cunts that you bang for shits and giggles, so this begs for further analysis. Idle pussy is a wasted resource like an empty flat that gets no rent, so I expect you’ll dig deeper into the reasons and let us mgtow buggers know.

    Comment by Anonymous — October 23, 2011 @ 10:33 am

    • Aye, in conversations it is always interesting to listen to what is not said, and the wimminz are expert at this, they can see all the things that are now not being said in the news, in the hairdressers, in the office, and frankly they are getting a little worried.

      Here is an example, in the UK in a bid to cut the legal aid bill, the law was amended to that in family court cases legal aid was only awarded if there were accusation of violence and / or sexual abuse, so lo and behold suddenly every man going to family court finds himself accused of DV and / or rape.

      But the wimminz also talk, and know that the money is drying up, what’s next? Only get legal aid if said accusations are accompanied by doctors reports showing bruising? This means working harder and harder to get every pound / dollar, and competing with the other wimminz who are pulling the same shit.

      Then the office jobs in the state are drying up, bills are going up, interest rates are going up, and suddenly we are at the point where the optional boyfriend to pay for the EXTRAS is life is turning into the boyfriend required to pay the STAPLES in life like the electric bill and putting fuel in the car, and said boyfriends just aren’t into that, what with living in the same economy, and being taken to the cleaners already by the ex.

      And here is the kicker, I talk about the 27 year old chick chasing me the 51 year old man, when you look at the young generation of men, raised entirely by the single wimminz who grew up with the internet, fuck me you think you and I have a low opinion of women??? Young men on the streets today make guys like me look like a pussy worshipping mangina, smack that bitch upside the head then lend her to your mates to fuck in exchange for a can of beer and a smoke.

      Interesting times.

      Comment by wimminz — October 23, 2011 @ 10:48 am

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  5. Damn, I wish I had read this six months or even a couple of years ago! I had TWO such incidents, skank ho’s younger than myself “hitting” on me the way you describe! One was from the US, 25, and the other one from the UK, 35 (I am in the US and very close to your age). No, make it THREE! I also had a 29-year old from the US who was a single mom, but assured me that her son spends most of his time with her ex.

    I cannot say much about the UK since I have never been there, but as far as the US is concerned, the wheels are coming off the daddy-state wagon: The federal, state, and local governments are all broke, so no more make-do jobs for skank ho’s. As if that were not enough, it seems that the next bubble in the US to pop is the so-called higher education. I really can’t wait! (The newsmedia claim that bubble is worse than the real estate bubble has ever been. It is another example of government interventionism gone bad.) Universities, one of the bastions of feminazis, will be actually FORCED by their dismal economic circumstances to shut down all this crap such as women’s studies departments and keep departments which bring in the cash—all male-dominated.

    So, yes, the skank ho’s and the manginas serving them may be losing their grip on society.

    Comment by Tim — November 6, 2011 @ 2:55 pm

    • Always nice to hear from another observer noting the same symptoms….. many thanks

      Comment by wimminz — November 6, 2011 @ 2:56 pm

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