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October 5, 2011

Emotional Illusions.

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I quite like image on the right, instead of the traditional optical illusion with two options, faces / vase, it is redrawn to have three, faces / vase / mexicans.

There is a neat allegory here with wimminz, who are illusory and duplicitous, in that there is often more than two levels of simultaneous bullshit and deceit going on…

I was unexpectedly reminded of this while browsing the MGTOW forums earlier today.

There was a post about a guy who fucked this skank, was lying next to her, and her mobile rang, it was her husband / boyfriend, and of course she lied her tits off about where she was and what she was doing.

Possibly due to my attitude, certainly due in part to the numbers of skank ho’s I have fucked, I can tell you that this poster / post was not even the thin end of the wedge.

I have lost count of the number of wimminz who have wanted nothing more than to have me fucking them WHILE they were on the phone to the husband / boyfriend, some straight talk, some indulging on phone sex.

Now while part of the deal in these circumstances is for me to be quiet, unless there is allegedly some porn playing in the background on the cable channel or internet, this generally means slow fucking, and this generally means listening to what she is saying, and playing games like trying to make her gasp with pleasure or forcing your cock in her mouth when she is supposed to be whispering sweet nothings, and listening to the excuses (I was eating a pizza… lmfao) but the fact is, you do listen to what these skanks say, to their words, and their expressions.

Now, lots of people ask me why I hate speaking to people on the phone, and would much rather email, text, or speak face to face, and the fact is 100% of the reason is these experiences.

I have literally heard every word, phrase, expression of endearment, coo, awww, mmm, and every other sound going, or ever used, by any wimminz, ever, in any phone conversation they ever had…. sounds that the sad fuck at the other end of the phone is limited to, the only thing he has to go on, and boy is he filling in the blanks and painting a different picture from reality.

And boys, web cam sex doesn’t mean a thing unless you can see 100% of her body 100% of the time, which I will bet large sums of money you never did, when you saw her face my cock was up her ass or cunt, when you saw her cunt my cock was in her mouth or rubbing her tits, and if she has an orgasm it sure isn’t the thought of you that rang her bell…

But perhaps the worst of all is when your skank ho slut hangs up on you, turns to me and says “I am naughty aren’t I?

Depending if my balls need further draining or not, I will let them blow me, whip out my phone and start talking to one of my bitches…. perhaps 5% of these stupid skank ho’s the penny drops, they couldn’t see their boyfriend / husband either… lol


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