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September 26, 2011

Hard Tack

Over at The Spearhead Bill is off to another country to see his kids. That is his decision and I make no comment on that.

Back here in blighty I just got questioned again about me and my kids, this time by a guy with one kid, a boy, with a psycho skank ho.

For the purposes of this discussion I’m therefore going to talk as though there are only three individuals involved, which is almost never the case, me, the skank ho ex, and one boy child.

By the way, hard tack was a form of biscuit that was issued and eaten by the old sailing ship english royal navy, and you eat it when there was nothing left but that and salted pork, traditionally you rapped it hard on the table to knock the weevils out.

The analogy here is you eat hard tack when there is a choice between that and sweet fuck all.

The fact is that once the secret family courts get involved you have as much real power in your former family and former son’s life as the proverbial tramp wandering past the traditional family home, exactly zero authority and anything you do get will only be granted if you prostrate yourself, accept the blame for shit that either you did not do or never happened, and panhandle like the aforesaid tramp.

This is what slave owners used to do to buck niggers, kick the living shit out of them in front of their wives and children and the rest of the community, to break them to the authority of the slave owner.

There is no way to participate in this without being seen by your son as the beaten and broken nigger slave.

While I will respect people like Bill above who decide to put up with this shit “for the kids”, this is the essential difference between us, when it came to that particular fork in the road he chose one way, for the kids, and I chose the other, for the kids.

It isn’t an easy decision to make, it is literally fucking agonising, and whatever choice you make you are stuck with for anything up to 16 years, and having gone through the choice there is no way I will either criticise or think less of men like Bill for making the other choice than I did. Either way, we have both passed that particular fork in the road and there is no going back now.

What this piece is about is those of you for whom that fork in the road is ahead of you, or upon you.

That shit ahead, that breaking of the nigger slave, that is the offer of the plea bargain sexual assault six months easy time, versus 20 years hard time, to the man falsely accused of rape, and seeing as I was falsely accused of rape by my ex as part and parcel of the whole child custody / separation shit, I am in a fucking position to know how both feel, and how they feel relative to each other.

They are not just equally hard and equally painful and difficult decisions, where the enemy depend upon the man doing what is wrong and endorsing that shit, for the sake of the children, but they are exactly analagous.

Just as the plea bargain is the threat of something awful  as punishment for something you didn’t do, but here is an easier alternative, lie and say you did some other lesser awful thing and have a lesser punishment, and in doing so endorse the entire process as being just, while throwing away your own ability to ever claim your total innocence….

The secret family court is the threat of something awful for something you didn’t do, but here is an easier alternative, just say “Yes Massa, No Massa, Three bags full Massa” and in doing so endorse the entire process as being just, while throwing away your own future ability to ever claim your total lack of complicity in the corruption…

Both of these choices are a bit like the joke about Irish road directions, if I was going there I wouldn’t start from here, but here is where we find ourselves, in a world of pain, with a choice to make and the only two options available are losing options.

So back to the guy I was talking to, and me in his place with myself, my skank ho and and my son, what to do?

None of you need me to itemise the arguments to go and submit to the beating in the family courts and be the broken niggerz for the wimminz, so these are the bullet points for not submitting to the beating;

  1. Your kids never ever see their dad take it up the ass like a good wimminz houseboy niggerz.
  2. You aren’t endorsing and legitimising and sanctioning every fucking parasite in the system, from judges through lawyers through child welfare and social workers all the way down.
  3. Your kids can never ever be shown physical proof that dad took it up the ass like a bitch x years in the past.
  4. You have already lost all authority and rights over them, you are never going to get the “kids growing up under my wing” thing… all that is on offer is smoke and mirrors bait and switch, and will actively harm your children.
  5. You have already lost all authority and rights over them, this is just about convincing you to keep picking up the ongoing and never ending bills.
  6. Your children’s future does not matter a fuck to anyone involved, least of all skank ho mummy, your only possible role in their future lives is to be whipping boy, scapegoat and cause of everything bad. This point alone in my mind negates the whole “for the kids” argument in totality.
  7. You PERMANENTLY and IRREVOCABLY debase your own status as a Man, the value of your Word, and the value of your Approval, in effect you render yourself debased down to the level of these filth, and thus unable to ever say to your kids in the future, “look to my example my son.
  8. Your kids will probably live on average 70+ years, so 55+ years as adults, away from skank ho mummy and the courts and parasites, and at this point you can simply walk up to them on their 16th birthday and say “Happy Birthday Son” and hand him a copy of every last piece of paper and letter in the court case, and let them make their own mind up, this is entering the period of their life when they will be having their own kids, so think very fucking carefully about what example you set, especially if you hope to one day see your own fucking grandchildren.
  9. Arguably it is as young adults that kids need their dad the most to guide them, at least my way they will have a dad who they can respect enough to fucking listen to, and to go to for help and advice.
  10. Children are fucking resilient. It is amazing what they can endure.
  11. Wimminz are fucking psycho skank ho’s, their main agenda is to win, by walking away you take away their ability to fight you constantly, and arguably this will make your kids lives a lot better.
  12. By walking away you can have a good life, freed from the chains of being the beaten and broken niggerz, you will live longer and happier and this is itself the best revenge you can have on the psycho skank ho ex.
  13. By walking away and being a man you become very attractive sexually to the other wimminz on the planet,
    my own case involved 9 separate (some more than one day) court hearings, and at seven of those I turned up with a younger and hotter woman on my arm, five different younger and hotter skank ho’s, and remember I was accused of raping my skank ho ex and her skank ho adult daughter and wanting to fuck my own kids up the ass, so this doesn’t just rub it in the skank ho ex’s face, it rubs it in the wimminz and mangina niggerz judge, lawyers, child welfare types, the fucking lot… here is a man who is still sexually attractive to wimminz, and nothing we can do to him hurts him or makes him less sexually attractive to the wimminz, in fact you can see them all wondering if the bad boy reputation as a thug, and wife beater, and wife and her daughter raper, created by these false accusations has actually made him even more attractive to wimminz… and that really, really, really burns their piss.


  1. I don’t know how it works in the UK, but in the US there is no walking away. Quit your job … go to jail … again and again and again. They don’t care, they are faceless, cruel, and have all the time in the world. Refuse to see the kids, fine, up the “support” amount. Can’t pay the higher amount … see above. Flee … you have to flee for the rest of your life.

    How do you arrive at this:

    “By walking away you can have a good life, freed from the chains of being the beaten and broken niggerz, you will live longer and happier and this is itself the best revenge you can have on the psycho skank ho ex.”

    All I can see is if you lift your head it just sets you apart for them to make an example of for the other slaves.

    You are right about the relationship with the kids though. I’m a chauffer bitch who lives in an apartment … and no … they don’t respect me. Maybe thats why I’m so angry.

    Comment by J — September 26, 2011 @ 1:38 pm

    • If those are the rules in the USA then do what they force you to do, move 1,000 miles and pick a new identity just like all the illegals, or better still get the fuck out, or better still play the system at itself and get yourself registered disabled, something conveniently hard to disprove like ME, and sponge everything going off the very same state.

      “They” are very careful about the example they set other slaves, it has to be the kind of example they want the other slaves to see, if you don’t play ball with that and make it plain you will either be the wrong kind of example, or they can accidentally deliberately not notice you walk out of the building and lose your files……

      Comment by wimminz — September 26, 2011 @ 1:58 pm

  2. A fellow I knew took the third way. When he came back from deployment to be greeted by divorce papers and a protection order, he framed her good and solid. She was found guilty of selling drugs, went to prison and he got the kids. That took balls and luck, though.

    Comment by tweell — September 28, 2011 @ 7:12 am

    • As you say, balls *and* luck, still, kudos to him….. lol

      Comment by wimminz — September 28, 2011 @ 8:40 am

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