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August 6, 2011

Respect begins at home, before dating…

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If a person has no self respect, then by definition they are unable to respect anyone else.

If a person indulges in anything to excess, then they have no self respect, whether that be eating, drinking, drugs, sloth, and the key words there are in red, all these things are fine or even good in moderation, but when taken to excess they are a sure sign of a lack of self respect.

If some skank weighs 200lbs, or drinks like a fish, or smokes like a chimney, or is always stoned, or never cleans the house or her body, etc etc etc, then she has no self respect, and is therefore incapable of showing you any respect.

But beware, excesses can be a lot milder, e.g. drinking nothing but coke all day long, dressing like a goth all day long, wearing lipstick all day long… they are still excesses.

This is fucking crucial for you to get, because you can’t even safely pump and dump these kind of skanks without it incurring unexpected and unplanned for and sometimes very unpleasant costs.

Having a fucking relationship with them, however transient and shallow, is about as possible as flying by flapping your fucking arms.

You also need to beware of the fact that all these cunts come from somewhere, e.g. behind them they have accrued a pool of people such as relatives and associates who condone their excesses, and suddenly you can get your obese cunt, her obese cunt mother, obese cunt sister and two obese cunt friends, all on your case.

What did you do to deserve it? Who the fuck knows, be a man, be something worthwhile, be slimmer than them, be fitter than them, have more friends than them, be more sexually attractive than them, or it could be just because it’s Friday, because you breathe, because Howdy Doody has wooden balls.

But the fat cunts are the worst, always.

Let me tell you about fat cunts, because all those internet porn pictures do not tell you the story.

The fattest cunt I ever fucked was 300+ lbs, I did it for the same reason I once got a blowjob off a transsexual, to find out for sure… I wish I could say now it was for a bet or some shit.

I’m half that weight, and fairly well hung, and I have to tell you the only hole I could get more than the end of my cock into was the skank’s mouth, because all the rolls of fat prevented it… think about that.

Around the cunt and ass is smelly unwashed and unwashable flesh, spotty, and chafed so it is off colour. The cunt and ass itself looks red and raw, not healthy, and the pong is unreal, I had to smoke a cigar while fucking this fat cunt from behind just so I could get some clean air, and I am not fucking joking here.

When these obese fuckers cum it is like watching a fucking waterbed that you have just thrown a brick on to, I shit you not, bizarre it is, sexy is it not.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that their mouth / breath actually does smell like a dumpster, which is exactly what you would expect if you think about it, because that is exactly what they treat their body as.

I mentioned the transsexual up there because yeah, admitting getting a blowjob from an ex man is a lot easier than admitting fucking a fat cunt, once you have fucked a fat cunt, before you have fucked a fat cunt it don’t seem that way.

The other thing that changes once you fuck a fat cunt is your upper limit of acceptable blubber on a wimminz drops down a couple of dress sizes overnight, and your “what you will pass as cuddly and acceptable” tightens up one hell of a lot. So say if before a dress size 16 was your upper limit (possible if you are a tit man) suddenly it drops to 14, and nothing with any kind of gut at all.

If you think that I am suggesting every man fuck at least one fat cunt once, maybe I am, in the same way that slipping on a branch as a boy and landing on your balls can be a learning experience that changes your attitudes forever… and the other thing you will then learn is that fat cunts have some of the highest sexual partner counts of just about anyone, because actually fucking them is repulsive enough you will never ever ever go back for a second helping (unless you are a truly sick puppy) so the only way fat cunts can get sex is a series of one hour stands, not even one night, because they sweat and smell and snore too.

Think of it as aversion therapy..lol

In some ways it is like spending a night in an alleyway with a wino, lying their in your own piss overnight, sharing fleas and lice, you kinda got to experience it first hand to understand self respect, and lack of it, and truly understand for the first time that you need to be within 30 feet of anyone with no self respect about as much as, say, a fish needs a bicycle.


  1. Very thin/anorexic girls also tend to have large psychological problems, also coming from control issue and lack of self respect. They are somewhat more pleasing to look at, even if stick figures are not usually sexually appealing.

    Comment by Blissex — August 11, 2011 @ 10:46 am

    • agreed, again it is taking something to EXCESS that defines whether it is good or bad.

      Comment by wimminz — August 11, 2011 @ 10:55 am

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