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May 19, 2011

The Preferred Narrative

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In my journey, during which I have been falsely accused of multiple counts of rape, extreme domestic violence, paedophilia (with my own kids) bestiality, child pornography, animal pornography, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, all as part and parcel of a child custody battle, there is something that I have become intimately acquainted with, and that is “The Preferred Narrative.

Now, anyone with a functioning brain and the merest shred of integrity will realise that when someone makes extraordinary accusations such as those above about someone else, and there is a thorough police investigation, and NOTHING is found, and in fact, as the accused points out, the accusers’ statements are full of mutually exclusive claims, outright contradictions and indeed admissions of her own criminal acts, then there is something deeply suspicious about the accuser.

However, as all men who have been through the Family Court system will attest, mere facts, and intellect, and integrity are mere illusory will-o-the-wisps when confronted with The Preferred Narrative.

The Preferred Narrative is always essentially a house of cards, and once it has been built, on the fundamental starting principle that the skank ho is the fucking Oracle of Delphi and you, having a penis, frankly give Goebbels a bad name and are obviously guilty of everything, then an irreversible chain reaction has been initiated.

The Preferred Narrative snowballs, but instead of accumulating snow, it accumulates “experts” all of whom charge by the hour and of course all of whom indulge in rent seeking behaviour.. to quote Buffet, you don’t ask a barber if you need a haircut, and the show goes on.

Grandparents want access to their grand-kids, no problem, the “experts” want to know all about where the grandparents went to school in 1928 (quite how this reflects on the well being and safety of a child born in 2005 is anyone’s guess) and as anyone who knows anything about where all these “experts” were themselves programmed with their bogus claptrap (see link on the right, Robert Whiston, and read the Anna Freud stuff in entirety) basically they have a lists of “indicators” and all they are interested in doing is finding as many as possible, in order to vouchsafe and further The Preferred Narrative.

These people do no speak English, they use English words, but the gap is far wider than the gap between a Yank and a Brit talking about picking up some fags and a joint, the gap is the gap between intellect and fantasy.

Just as no amount of scientific evidence is sufficient to even dent the armour and beliefs of a Creationist, not amount of fact, logic or integrity is sufficient to dent the armour and beliefs of The Preferred Narrative.

Show an Ammonite fossil embedded in the cliffs of the Jurassic Coast to a Creationist and they will see further proof of the Creators cunning tests of faith of the merely mortal, show completely inexplicable (if the accusers account is true) factual evidence, and a complete and utter lack of any actual supporting evidence, to The Preferred Narrative, and they will merely see further proof of your extreme cunning and evil, and take everything as further proof and support of your accusers’ fantasies.

Meanwhile, The Preferred Narrative is constantly intoning the catechism, which is always the same, “The welfare of the child comes first” and “I have been doing this for 25 years” and “Why would women lie” (Nota Bene, there is no question mark after that last one, rather like why would God lie) and of course the usual ploy “You are clearly an intelligent man” which is designed to disarm you and give advantage to the far more intelligent skank ho or niggerz interrogating you.

No principle is too ridiculous or puerile to be added to The Preferred Narrative, no matter how preposterous and moronic, no matter how nebulous and unstable it renders the house of cards that is The Preferred Narrative, nothing is ever allowed to question the validity of anything about the house of cards, it is a sacred thing, and none, least of all falsely accused innocent men, may taint it in any way.

Should you be heathen enough to act as I and my extended family have acted throughout, which is to flatly refuse to endorse The Preferred Narrative at any time by being complicit in silence, then you will be treated with all the hate that a Creationist fundy zealot reserves for the scientist.

The Preferred Narrative cannot be educated, cannot be convinced, cannot be reasoned with, cannot be engaged with honour, cannot be met with dignity, cannot be rebuffed with fact or logic.

The Preferred Narrative is immutable, and sufficient unto itself.

The Preferred Narrative is incredibly strong, resilient, powerful and vengeful simply because its very nature and existence is at stake at every moment of every day… every stone in The Preferred Narrative is a keystone… destroy any single stone and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down, which is why you as a man and a father can destroy every single stone in the arch, and The Preferred Narrative will still be worshipping the stunning beautiful and elegant bridge, which grows exponentially in size and grandeur in an exact inverse relationship to actual fact.

The Preferred Narrative can, with ease, studiously ignore and gloss over mutually exclusive accusations, such as you being both a Heroin Addict with no history of any kind of medical intervention or criminal activity, and a raging alcoholic who consumed 50 pints of beer a day, with no history of any kind of medical intervention or criminal activity.

The Preferred Narrative can, with ease, studiously ignore and gloss over mutually exclusive disorders, such as you being both a predatory paedophile interested in buggering your own pre-school age kids, and a mass rapist of adult females, and addicted to fetishes such as BDSM, and addicted to wildly deviant sexual acts such as bestiality… as some sort of Renaissance Man of deviancy.

The Preferred Narrative can, with ease, studiously ignore the vast amounts of time and resources that the police high tech computer forensic unit spent poring through all your computers, without even being able to find an illegal mp3 of Metallica (reason alone enough for seizure and destruction) and then being forced to hand back 100% of your seized IT equipment intact, and still turn around and say that your skank ho ex’s allegations that your computers were full of child and animal pornography are in fact true.

The Preferred Narrative can, and does, with ease, brand every single thing that does not support and enhance The Preferred Narrative as a filthy lie, and further proof of the man’s evil nature and unsuitability to ever be allowed any contact with his children.

The Preferred Narrative is, quite aptly, The Queen from Alice in Wonderland, well versed and practised in believing at least six impossible things before breakfast every day… including the verity of all your skank ho ex’s accusations.

Nay, in fact, the very act of believing six impossible things about the falsely accused men before breakfast every day is the fundamental requirement and core tenet of The Preferred Narrative, and the greatest unspoken secret of all is that while men may be vile and evil, the greatest of all evils is the apostate, bad enough that an unbeliever dare ridicule The Preferred Narrative, should one of their own fail to demonstrate in every word of every report an unfailing belief in The Preferred Narrative, then they are made a non-person… they simply cease to exist.

Follow the fucking money.


  1. Did you inform your “Ex” about this blog? Do you think she would even comprehend the ideas within? It begs the question whether those who propogate the “narative”, are conscious that they do so?

    Comment by Zilchy — May 19, 2011 @ 10:39 pm

    • I think they are, in a deep unreasoning fearful way…. like being afraid of the monsters coming out at night

      Comment by wimminz — May 19, 2011 @ 10:44 pm

  2. Ooops – naRRative! GRRRRRReat!

    Comment by Zilchy — May 19, 2011 @ 10:40 pm

  3. motherfucking motherfucking AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

    Sorry, this is after getting off the spearhead blog and the crap the wimminz are posting under that Izzey crap. Pardon me.

    Comment by Legion — May 20, 2011 @ 10:02 pm

    • LOl, feel free to vent….

      Comment by wimminz — May 20, 2011 @ 10:03 pm

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